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(Nitro is the bottom of the previous page)

A recap video from Saturday Night’s Main Event opens the show, specifically spotlighting the contract signing between Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart and of course the main event cage match which saw Triple H become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion when outside enforcer Iron Mike Tyson inexplicably interfered, slamming the cage door into the head of Stone Cold Steve Austin just as he was about to leave the cage and retain his title.

Grade: 100

D-Generation X comes down to the ring….sans Chyna. Michaels and Triple H get in the ring and tell the audience that first off, it’s pretty clear now that DX rules the world because you’re looking at the two highest ranking champions in the business. Second, that won’t be changing after WrestleMania because he has it on very very good authority that Owen Hart won’t be making it to Boston. He motions to the Titantron and we see a pre recorded video of Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna, all looking down at something. When the camera pans down we see Owen Hart who is unconscious. They taunt him for a few moments before Chyna opens the trunk to a nearby car and they all pick up Hart and put him in before slamming the trunk. Triple H hands Chyna the keys and Michaels hands her a bag full of energy drinks, snacks, a road map and other goodies. They wish her well on her trip and she gets in and drives off as Michaels and Triple H fake crying and waving goodbye. When we cut back to the ring they’re laughing hysterically as JR shames them as kidnapers and cowards as Lawler says Owen is getting an all expense paid trip to see the country. Triple H says that nobody gets in the way of DX. They do what they want, when they want, and that will never ever change!

Grade: 97


Henry’s power goes unsaid but it was heard loud and clear in this one as he punishes D’Lo Brown with power move after power move. From military press slams to shoulder blocks to a huge avalanche in the corner. D’Lo is basically out on his feet when Henry slaps on the side headlock submission but suddenly Kama jumps in the ring and attacks Henry. When the referee calls for the bell the two members of the Nation put the boots to Henry before escaping.

Winner by Disqualification: Mark Henry
Grade: 56

Following the commercial break the WWF Tag Team Champions are in their locker room. In the background an angry Billy Gunn is pacing and the Road Dogg addresses the camera. He asks if the Godwinns thought it was funny to humiliate them and almost kill them on Saturday. Well the Outlaws aren’t laughing. It’s time to show those hillbillies what happens when you step up to the champs. At WrestleMania their hog slopping, chicken feeding, sister kissing asses belong to the Outlaws and if you didn’t know that, your ass better call someone!

Grade: 64

Cameras catch Stone Cold Steve Austin entering the building and he looks ready for war. Anyone in his path becomes a victim of his anger as he throws officials, crew, and even the Headbangers who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally security is able to wrangle him before he can make it to Vince McMahon. McMahon says if Austin is so upset about Saturday he can take it out in the ring against someone who’s just as mad as he is…Vader! Austin goes wild again but is restrained, telling McMahon that he wants Mike Tyson’s ass when he’s done.

Grade: 64


The Rock seems more focused than we’ve ever seen him as he makes a quick line to the ring and immediately goes after Funk. The Rock is all over him, busting him in the corner with punches and kicks and smothering the smaller guy. Rock whips him to the other corner but Funk jumps up on the turnbuckles and soars with a cross body block but the Rock catches him and drops him down across his knee. For a moment the Rock begins to smirk but it fades as he measures Funk for a running knee drop. He finally delivers a Rock Bottom but picks up Funk’s head at the two count. He delivers another Rock Bottom and makes the cover for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Rock
Grade: 80

We see a pre taped sit down interview Jim Ross does with Mike Tyson. JR starts with a simple question….why? Tyson says that he’s loved wrestling since he was a kid and he was excited to be a part of the WWF but Steve Austin showed him nothing but disrespect. Well where Tyson is from if someone disrespects you, you do something about it. So he did what he had to do on Saturday Night in order to get where he needs to be. JR asks him what that means. Tyson says that he’ll be at RAW next week in person and he’s going to tell Steve Austin that if he wants to settle it, they can do it in the ring….at WrestleMania. JR says that it might be the biggest matchup in WrestleMania history but Tyson says it’ll also be the quickest because he’s going to knock Austin out faster than Michael Spinks.

Grade: 85

Backstage, Vader is approached by Michael Cole. Before Cole can even finish asking him about losing to Simon Landry, Vader grabs him by the neck and shoves him after ripping the microphone away. Vader says that it was a fluke but tonight he’s going to show the world who the man is because he gets Stone Cold in that ring and he’s going to finish what Tyson started because tonight’s it’s Vader Time. He throws the mic at Cole and stomps away.

Grade: 58


A quicker match than usual as the LOD appear as dominant as they ever have in their career. Animal works over Skull, who makes a tag to 8-Ball. 8-Ball gets the same treatment, Hawk makes a blind tag and when Animal delivers a powerslam and puts 8-Ball on his shoulders with amazing strength, Hawk nails the Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Legion of Doom
Grade: 70

As the LOD get their hands raised, Ravishing Rick Rude comes out onto the stage. He says everyone makes mistakes and for old time’s sake he’s going to give his friends one more chance. He wants to take them back to the level they deserve. They just need to give him a chance. Hawk and Animal are shaking their heads watching him up on the stage. Rude begins to get angry and says he knows what they need. They need a wakeup call. They need a slap in their face. They need…..a rude Awakening. From the crowd two huge men jump the barrier and slip into the ring.

When Hawk and Animal turn around each of them are floored by a huge running boot to the face. As Rude smirks at the scene, Hawk is powerbombed by one of the men while Animal is manhandled by the other and thrown over the top rope. Both men return to Hawk and pick him up for another powerbomb but he’s not driven down, instead he’s held up and the second man positions the back of his head on his shoulder. They drive him down together in a combination neck breaker/sit down powerbomb. Both of these big men leave the ring and walk up the ramp to Rude and they exchange hi-fives and return to the back.

Grade: 61

We see a replay of the attack on the Legion of Doom by the men Rick Rude referenced as the Awakening. JR tells us that Hawk and Animal were both helped to the back and are receiving medical attention.

Grade: 53

Elsewhere backstage the members of the NWA are searching for someone who we find out is Wildfire Tommy Rich. Cornette says he hasn’t seen him for hours but he knows he’s at the arena. We hear someone yelling for help and they all barge into a room where we see Tommy Rich laying on the floor wrapped up in barbed wire. They try to help him but he howls out in pain as Windham says he’s going to go get help and leaves. As Cornette and Bradshaw attend to Rich, Jarrett stands back with a horrified look as it dawns on him what he may be in for in a few weeks.

Grade: 52


Goldust and the Undertaker go face to face in the middle of the ring and Goldust begins running his hands across Undertaker’s chest. For his provocative actions he gets a solid right hand in the mouth. From that point the Undertaker is in firm control of the match but when he goes to walk the ropes, Goldust yanks down to the mat. Goldust spends the next several minutes working the deadman over, going for a few two count pinfalls, before finally hitting the Curtain Call. He blows kisses to Marlena but behind him the Undertaker sits up and snaps his head to him. When Goldust turns, Undertaker scoops him up and delivers a Tombstone for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Undertaker
Grade: 83

As the Undertaker walks back up the ramp the lights go out, and Kane appears on the Titantron. He tilts his head to the side, as if studying his brother when suddenly a wall of fire shoots up through the floor in front of the Undertaker. Then another wall of flame behind him. Then we see Paul Bearer appear on the screen. He tells the Undertaker that at WrestleMania he’ll won’t rest in peace….he’ll burn in hell!

Grade: 90

In the back we see Marc Mero exit his locker room before stopping and turning back. He tells someone that if they wanted to embarrass him on Saturday now fair is fair. We see Sable exiut the room and she’s wearing a black garbage bag with her arms and legs sticking out. She looks ashamed. Mero belittles her as they walk, telling her how terrible she looks, eventually she begins to sob when Mero comes face to face with Simon Landry.

Landry tells him that he shouldn’t treat her like that. Mero says for Landry to get out of his face because he’s already beaten him. Landry says why don’t you try and do it again….at WrestleMania. Mero smirks and says he’ll gladly treat Landry like his new bitch. Mero walks off, yanking Sable behind him by the wrist.

Grade: 66

JR says they just got word that Owen Hart has been found and he’s safe. JR says that it appears Owen is not going to press charges against DX because he doesn’t want to allow Michaels to weasel out of their title match at WrestleMania

Grade: 88

Backstage in his office we see Vince McMahon when someone knocks on his door and a messenger brings a package in. McMahon takes it from the guy and opens it. It’s a bottle of scotch wrapped in a plaid ribbon and a note that says ‘See you next week.’ McMahon scowls, having an idea who this is from.

Grade: 76

JR and the King then hype the upcoming WrestleMania 14 card.

Buried Alive Match

Grade: 100


Austin hits the ring and Vader is all over him, battering him around the ring but Austin makes a comeback, ducking a clothesline off an Irish Whip and coming back with a Thesz Press, raining down right hands on Vader. Austin keeps Vader on his back with an elbow drop from the second rope and gets a two count. Vader gets back to his feet and floors Austin with a thudding clothesline but Austin rolls out when he tries to do a splash and Vader crashes with a thud. Vader struggles to get up to his feet and when he does he turns and catches a boot to the gut followed by a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin makes the cover and gets the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Grade: 78

Austin is standing up on the second rope, arms in the air as he celebrates his win but he doesn’t see Mike Tyson jump the barrier behind the announcers and climb into the ring. When Austin hops down he turns directly into a right hand that floors Austin. Tyson stands over Austin, pointing down at him and talking trash as the show goes off the air.

Grade: 92

Overall: 89

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