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March 1998 Week 2

Nitro: 21.66 (16,247,300 viewers)

Raw: 19.70 (14,778,720 viewers)

*There is considerable thought to having Kane go over the Undertaker at WrestleMania and set up a rematch perhaps for Summerslam. It’s worth noting that the Undertaker has never lost at WrestleMania but that winning streak is said to not factor into any creative plans.

*Sunny’s contract will be coming up soon and there is real debate inside WWF if her good looks and sex appeal are worth the trouble she seems to cause. No word on how a possible departure would affect the Impact Players who seem to be floundering at the moment.

*WWF has brought in several veterans in recent weeks as seen this week with the return of the Quebecers with the intent of having current talent learn in the ring. Paul Diamond, Tatanka, and others will let the next generation learn from some of the best in ring talents of a generation according to company officials. Other than random spots on B-shows, it’s unlikely any of these veterans will be on RAW or pay per views.

*WWF is considering creating a new title perhaps as early as this summer which reportedly will be centered around hardcore wrestling.

*While WrestleMania 14’s lineup is set, sources high up in WWF say WrestleMania 15’s possible main event is “startling,” “a game changer,” and as one McMahon confidant described it, “no joke, the biggest match of all time.”

*WWF executives had a long meeting with USA network executives related to a segment on this upcoming week’s RAW. No word on details at this time but they apparently felt it best to give the network a heads up.

*While most media analysts and wrestling dirtsheets are chalking up Tyson’s involvement in WrestleMania 14 as a standard one-off ala Lawrence Taylor, some say there is a chance that with Tyson’s boxing future in limbo especially in the mecca of Las Vegas that he may have a longer tenure in the WWF. Certainly not full time but a multiple event contract is not out of the realm of possibility.

*WCW is gearing up for the Spring Break Out show this Monday in a big way. WCW personalities have been on MTV promoting the show with Hall, Nash & Syxxx appearing on "MTV's Springer Break" as part of their spring break programming. Other WCW stars including Booker T, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero have appeared on MTV programming that was pretaped prior to this weekend.

*WCW has a special house show in Canada titled "Canadian Invasion" that will happen on Saturday. The show is expected to be headlined by Bret Hart. Following the show, the entire crew will then fly directly to Panama City Beach for this Monday's show.

*The plan is for the Bret Hart vs Diamond Dallas Page #1 contender match to open Nitro.

*WCW sources have said that Hollywood Hulk Hogan is NOT the expected surprise return that has been promised by Eric Bischoff. But, Hogan has been spotted in and around town this week and is expected to meet with Eric Bischoff on Sunday.

*Speaking of Eric Bischoff, he and Scott Steiner got into a loud argument following Nitro last week. Apparently Rick Steiner was injured in a minor injury to his ankle during the tag team title match with The Hardys. Scott reportedly blew a gasket backstage and screamed at Bischoff to fire the young team. Bischoff refused and reminded Scott Steiner that he injured Booker T at SuperBrawl in the course of the match where Harlem Heat had to retire. Booker's injury was also minor and no heat was placed on Scott and from WCW's perspective, Scott completely overreacted. He stormed out of the show and we are told a meeting is planned between Bischoff and Scott Steiner before Nitro this week in Panama City Beach.

*The Nasty Boys have recently come to terms on a new deal with WCW as part of the new push to revitalize the tag team division.

*Bunkhouse Buck impressed WCW enough that the expectation is that they will offer him a contract to return full time to the company.

*The recent talent swap between WCW and New Japan has been cooled for a bit before WCW has the Japan Supershow in April.


WWF Shotgun Saturday Night

A video package hyping the actions of Goldust in injuring Ahmed Johnson was shown.

Ahmed Johnson defeated Paul Diamond by pinfall.

A video package of the trouble between the NWA and ECW factions was shown.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Billy Smalls by pinfall.

A video package about DX kidnapping Owen Hart was shown.

The New Age Outlaws defended the WWF Tag Team Championship against Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore by pinfall.

Overall: 79

WWF Heat

A video package hyping the WWF championship match between Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart was shown.

The Quebecers defeated Taka Michinoku and Funaki via pinfall

A video package hyping the attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin by Mike Tyson to end RAW was shown.

Vader defeated El Dandy via pinfall.

A highlight package of the feud between the New Age Outlaws and the Godwinns was shown.

Marc Mero defeated Steve Blackman via pinfall

Overall: 80

WCW Saturday Night

Saturday Week 2, March, 1998 – Winthrop Coliseum – Rock Hill, North Carolina

*Blitzkrieg def Cibernetico

Shane Douglas w/Elizabeth cut a promo backstage on Chris Benoit

*The Faces of Fear def Chavo Guerrero & Devon Storm
Interview with Bobby Heenan counting down the days until he reveals his new client

Promo vid on Rey Mysterio

*Malia Hosaka def Debbie Combs in a Women's match

*Diamond Dallas Page def Silver King

Saturday Night goes off the air with an nWo commercial where Kevin Nash is in a car on his way to Panama City Beach and he mocks Page and Bret Hart's match on Nitro and says that they don't have their facts straight. Because it won't be Sting that the winner of that match will fight at Spring Stampede it will be Big Sexy. "Because, Stinger, this Monday on Nitro LIVE from Panama City Beach - if you've got the stones - you'll put that title on the line against me. I'll be there ghost face, lets see if you can man up. See you on the beach!" The show ends with Nash, Hall and Syxxx throwing some beer cans out the window and driving off.

Show Grade: 67


WCW World Wide

Sunday Week 2, March, 1998 – Winthrop Coliseum – Rock Hill, North Carolina

*Kidman def Barry Horowitz

*Juventud Guerrero def Psychosis

Post match, Guido attacks Juventud and says he will dominate at the Cruisweight Battle Royal at Uncensored

*Jeff Hardy def Richards

An interview with Eddie Guerrero says he doesnt care that he has to face 2 men at Uncensored, hes the champ and tonight he shows why

*Eddie Guerrero def Dave Taylor in a United States title match

Show Grade: 71

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