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WCW Canadian Invasion

Saturday Week 3, March, 1998 PEPS Stadium; Quebec City, Quebec - Sold Out

*The Steiners def Russ & Charlie Haas in a WCW World Tag Team Title match when Scott forces Charlie to tap out to the Steiner Recliner

*Rey Mysterio def Guido in a WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Curt Hennig gets on the mic and promises that in seven days he will regain his United States Title

*Goldberg def local worker Nelson Veilleux (very big man)

Nash and Syxxx come out and run down Hart and put over Hall. This leads to an impromptu challenge that has been accepted with Diamond Dallas Page against Syxxx.

*Syxxx def DDP when Nash interferes

*The Hardys def Devon Storm & Cibernetico

Right after their win, Ric Flair's theme is heard and the crowd comes to life as The Nature Boy makes a unannounced return. He tells Quebec that he wanted to be here to watch Bret Hart beat the crap out of Scott Hall and he wanted to tell the great Canadian fans that, though he is still injured, he is recovering every single day. And one day, soon, he will return and make Shane Douglas pay. Douglas thought he got the best of Ric Flair but, Flair will take him to school. Wooooooo.

*Bret Hart def Scott Hall by submission

After the win, some members of the extended Hart family as well as Bret's kids come into the ring. Some WCW babyfaces come down as well and the Canadian crowd salutes Bret while he thanks them for welcoming him back to Canada with open arms. He asks them to make the trek to Calgary in about one month for Spring Stampede because, in his hometown, The Excellence of Execution will be come the World Heavyweight Champion because he is The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and the Best That There Ever Will Be.

WCW thanks the fans for this show and says good night.

Show Grade: 82
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