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Ranger vs. Spencer Spade (c)
- I think Spade holds the belt until Henry or Allen is ready to take it

Matty Faith vs. Ash Campbell
- You can have Faith in tha... actually no, I'm not confident about this pick.

Ross Henry & Primus Allen vs. Cameron Vessey & Jeffery Aroma
- Still building momentum for the new team-up

The Stone Foundation vs. Money Talks
- Okay, you get a win Paul... but not because you whined about it!

Alicia Strong vs. Jaime Quine (c)
- Let Jaime have a good run with the belt

Brandon Smith vs. Cali Slick (c)
- Gangsta Nation interferes to save the belt, then we get a cage match next month

The Georgia Bulldogs vs. Gangsta Nation (c)
- Nation got to hold the belt as a reward for good work, but they're not really championship level talent in CWL

Westybrook, Brody, & Ferrera vs. The Diaz Family (c)
- Remember when Logan and James were top guys in RMW/CWL? Are either of them ever going to get back to the main event?

What will be match of the night? Strong vs Quine
Who will get defeated in the Stone/Talks match? Dan Sr
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