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Amazing shows and I loved the narratives, especially Paul Huntington! I have played many of saves with SWF and have, on several occasions, tried to push Paul to the ME scene and he just never could keep up. His ratings just were never good enough. So I am interested in seeing what you do.
North American Heavyweight Championship: Ranger vs. Spencer Spade (c)
Spencer just won the title so I don't see him losing it yet, plus I don't think Ranger is at his level.
Grudge Match: Matty Faith vs. Ash Campbell
Matty needs the win more
Tag Team Match: Ross Henry & Primus Allen vs. Cameron Vessey & Jeffery Aroma
Primus just debuted and I'm assuming is very over. He needs the win to re-establish himself as a dominant force.
Six Man Tag: The Stone Foundation vs. Money Talks
Money Talks needs a win so I think Paul Huntington will interfere
North American Women's Championship: Alicia Strong vs. Jaime Quine (c)
I could see this going either way and as much as I like Alicia Strong, I think Jaime will hold the title a little longer.
United States Championship: Brandon Smith vs. Cali Slick (c)
Cali just won the title, and while I like Brandon Smith I think Cali will win by any means necessary, including Brother G.
North American Tag Team Championship: The Georgia Bulldogs vs. Gangsta Nation (c)
I really think Gangsta Nation will cheat to win, but I hate going against the Bulldogs, KC needs more gold to provide more for his baby!!!!
World Six Man Championship: Westybrook, Brody, & Ferrera vs. The Diaz Family (c)
They are an established unit,

What will be match of the night? Alicia Strong vs Jaime Quine
Who will get defeated in the Stone/Talks match? Dan Stone III
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