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Default BCW First show announced

Morgan Penny stares up at the poster on the wall outside the Velvet Lounge.

"I have to say boss, not sure how but this looks like a fun show you have assembled here from nothing"

"Thanks Menace, you sure you don't want to give this wrestling a go?"

"not this time boss, but maybe next month"

"Just let me know and I'll find you a spot"

Morgan turns back to the poster, 14 wrestlers, 4 new belts, and six matches over two and a half hours of bloody violence mixed in with some sultry sex appeal and some anti establishment themes.

By putting this on in his club there will be a number of usual customers bulking the numbers, but I have already decided to only count the new Wrestling fans in the attendance to give a true view on our popularity.

Shaking his head Morgan thinks, if I break 100 in the first two months I will be suprised, but give me six months and I think more than 300 is a fair target, and as for the free Youtube video replays, this should drive thousands around the world, even if it doesn't make me any money.

Thinking of Youtube reminds him of the refusal to let him share more than one show a month until he can prove a viable audience, plus keeping the adult material low to placate the advertisers on the Velvet Lounge feed at least for now.

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