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Default the Lounge with Helga Svensson - Guest Morgan Penny

Welcome to The Lounge with me Helga Svensson

Tonight I am delighted to welcome our esteemed founder Morgan Penny to the Couch

Thank you Helga, itís a pleasure to be here, and I hope to see your show go from strength to strength.

So Morgan what led you to move into the Professional Wrestling business?

Well you see Helga, I think I have found a lucrative gap in the market, with the collapse of the Thunderverse network there are a lot of free agents out there looking for new jobs, Wrestling is on the up as an industry and whilst Britain and the UK are ranking some of the top wrestlers in the world right now, there is only the 21C here with any real standing.

If you ask me there is a prime opportunity for another competitor at the national level.

Now I am not looking to go broke trying this, but I am willing to spend two years and gamble £2m on BCW to prove I can make this a success.

Some would say that is a lot of money to spend on a punt into the unknown?

I know right, I have a successful large Lounge bar here in London as you know, the Velvet Lounge, I have other business stakes and investments. But so what?

What is money if you donít take a gamble with it now and then?

Now I suspect I will make a loss for at least the first year of operation, however if I am not being profitable by year two I will sell up and cut my losses, but I am that confident this will succeed I am already looking to the next stage.

Weíre a small Local company right now, but I see us reaching small and then Reginal by 12-15months and knocking on Cult status by 30 months of trading.

Some might say thatís a rather optimistic or bullish forecast to make, but I started with nothing and I rate our chances of making this a success, the trick is to roll with the flow and adapt to what the popular trends are over time to keep relevant.

Let me leave you with this thought, tune into BCW Blood Drive this week and judge our chances for yourself.

Thank you for your time Morgan Penny, and thank you all for watching.

I am Helga Svensson and this has been the inaugural Lounge session.

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