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Default BCW Sucker Punch announced Feb 16 Live at the Velvet Lounge

Morgan leans back in his office chair a cloud of cigar smoke billowing up to the ceiling.

closing his eyes he thinks to himself
That actually went well for our first show, lots to build upon but if I can keep some momentum going I could smash my two year target to become profitable.

Of course TV and PPV revenue will be key to that so whilst it is going to look great as the Youtube numbers tick up under the current model it is giving me no revenue!

My initial thoughts on hosting it all from here at the Lounge may have to change as I wonder if we can build some UK wide fans?

Also to showcase the violence and sex appeal I am going to have to switch soon to a new Youtube channel as I can't have the Velvet Lounge channel sponsors vetoing those key match types much longer.

Opening his eyes he places the latest poster down on the table and leans back with a smile on his face, yes this show should be a good one

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