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Default the Lounge with Helga Svensson - Guest Menace

"Welcome to the Lounge with me your host Helga, tonight I am joined by Menace the up and coming heavyweight of BCW"

"Thanks Helga its a pleasure to be here"

"So how is life treating you here at BCW? and how are you finding the switch from bouncer to heavy hitter in the ring?"

deep rumbling laugh "funny you should ask, I was worried at first but you know what? cracking heads is much the same either way, as I settle in here at BCW these other bastards better step warily around me less they meet these two here weapons" as he shakes his bunched fists

"So should we expect to see you push the recent confrontations with Hugh, Ryse and John Hook? especially now Hugh has captured the Heavyweight title?"

"Damn right, I deserve as much as any of these fools, and as for those who like to talk, you might have the words to tie me in knots but I have the fists to beat you to a pulp, so save your breath and meet me in the ring like true men"

"How about your relationship with Morgan himself?"

"Mr Penny? we get on fine, hes the boss man and I'm his right fist... you getme!"

"Well thank you Menace, enlightening as always, thanks for joining us and watching the Lounge live with Helga".

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