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Default Match Aim's

I'm confused about match aim's... I feel its quite complicated and would like clarification.

Let's take TCW for example. You are required to have one "storytelling" match aim per show. In previous versions of the game is was are very bad idea to use "keep strong, protect, or dominate" in a main event spot. It could seriously hurt the entire show.

I have Marat Khokluv signed to TCW. He sucks pretty much but can have a good match when paired with the right person and using "protect", would it be a wise move to make all of his matches "storytelling" as well?

What are the perks and negatives to "storytelling", does this make for a good main event? What are the literal in game changes that occur when using "storytelling"?

Also, "Technical Masterclass" ... I used this in a main event with workers that fit the criteria and got a shitty rating saying that this type of match was a bad idea for hot crowd. I used it in the main event. So before running this match aim, should I have a "calm the crowd" match? Are there any other match aims that "calm the crowd"? Does "calm the crowd" mean you are going to get a lesser match rating? Should I use "work the crowd" right after a "Technical Masterclass"?

"Mayhem", does this make for a poor main event? The note says this is good to get the crowd hot for matches later on the card.

"Steal the show", are these matches still best around the 15 minute mark, unless the worker has like 85+ stamina?

"Spectacle" what are the perks of using this very "regular" or any other match aim.

Anyone have insight here?
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