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Work with Companies and Wreslers almost done i added FIP to complete World Wresling Network , edited smash wresling and about all other companies , added ROH to simulate PCO and Brody king reing as Tag champs and Crockett cup now ROH have new Tourament , and lastly Major Revamps done to WWE and NJPW who will do about same in show ratings and matches that is pretty coold because on my old mod NJPW always had really good shows and matches who had 90+ ratings that is too good and unrealistic now only really good matches on big stages like Wresle Kingdom and other shows and only best of the best will do that 5 star matches same in WWE the WWE also is not that bad but not that good too ( about same like in real life ) they have really good talent who can doo same like NJPW in match ratings .I really enjoyed PCO strory so i think he really needed better stats in game he always looking very well in his 51 years age but not only him but many other wreslers who i think needed a help in abilly and others stats. .Lastly companies now is all really behind WWE who is International company as size and only second and only one in game national sized NJPW ( i dont think they anytime soon will be bigger than this) who is restricted to National size other companies like ROH ,AAA, Impact Dragon Gate and few more companies are restricted to Regional to simulate real life( there no sings that any company going bigger than that),if anyone wanna know AEW starts with Regional size but are not restricted so they in year time i thin can catch up to WWE and be like national sized company .And like in my last mod Womens in ring are really equall to man that the thing i never see any other mods sadly

p.s if you have questions about mod or any other information that would improve my mod is really welcome here.

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