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So, here it is again, this time re-tooled for TEW2013, the ThunderVerse alternative universe, the LotharioVerse!

And this time the Marty McFly set up fits, as we are still at the start of 2012

The landscape of wrestling in the United States, and to a lesser extent, the rest of the world, is quite different to the ThunderVerse. But to reiterate what has been said all the other ThunderVerse threads, this mod still only features the US, Japan & Mexico

The majority of the mod was decided on via brainstorming and the sharing/mixing of ideas between myself, jhd1 & sebsplex with jhd1 setting up the majority of the game world. Yours truly then took on the task of rebio-ing and final roster balancing, title reigns, that kind of thing (so any bios, etc that are missed, its me you'll want, not jhd1 )

For the TEW13 version I converted the data over, and jhd1 did some testing runs for me before I got the game for Christmas (shout-out to my wife on that one ) and did some final testing and re-shuffling.

I'd personally like to thank:
sebsplex for his off the wall ideas and the genius that is his 'baby' promotion of the project
schmoe for his part in the creation of the original, his blessing and all his awesome bios that I got to base things on
TheEnforcer who has provided me a render for a new user character at pretty short notice
and, of course,
jhd1 for not only the entire thing, but for letting me run things to completion and testing the data while I waited for my Christmas present

The following links have info on promotions and worker spotlights from the 2010 thread:

So now, without futher ado:



First of all, if you don't have it you need to download the ThunderVerse's Graphics & Picture files (available in this thread) and copy it into the Picture folder for the mod. Then there are five image folders in the zip that should just be able to be dragged into the pictures folder of the mod, if it says anything about copying over the top of any files it's fine to do so.

Before beginning make sure the database is set to look at the right picture folder and you should be good to go

Please feel free to let me know if I've missed anything, I'll update the download as those come in

So, enjoy folks, and Happy New Year

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