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January 2000, Week 1
South East, Jacksonville Memorial Center (10,952)


In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Armstrong in 7:54 by pinfall with a Bulldog. 46/100

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Parka & Kaz defeated Lane & Lodi in 7:56 when La Parka defeated Lodi by pinfall with a Sky Twister Press. 37/100

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Evan Karagias defeated Tony Marinara in 8:25 by submission. 34/100

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Brian Knobbs defeated Crowbar in 8:21 by pinfall. 38/100

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Hugh Morrus defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. in 7:59 by submission. 50/100

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, The Blue Bloods defeated The Mamalukes in 7:47 when Steven Regal defeated Johnny The Bull by pinfall with an Exploder Suplex. 45/100

One hour of pre-show, that is a lot. I did that to please the locker room, which morale is somewhere near 40-50 %. Everybody was booked this week, so no complains expected. What else I can say? Brian Knobbs is absolutely horrific! I wanted to fire him, but Hogan popped out and said smth like "Think again, brother". Lenni and Lodi are awful too, plus they were drunk. I was surprised by the last dark match though, it went OK. Also i felt bad after booking two good teams (Blue Bloods and La Parka and Hayashi) with two of the worst. Next time I will have only 3 dark matches, I promise.
Main Show

Roddy Piper comes out to officially announce that Diamond Dalas Page will face Bret Hart at Souled Out for the title, that Steiner gets a punishment for beating an innocent man on the parking lot last Monday, and that we have two tournament matches left. No signs of NWO, the segment went quietly. 59/100

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, The Revolution (Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn) defeated Jim Duggan and Filthy Animals (Rey & Kidman) in 10:26 when Shane Douglas defeated Jim Duggan by pinfall with a Franchiser. 66/100
After the match Shane Douglas approached the limp body of Jim Duggan, and asked him how long it would take Jim to pack his bags and leave WCW? No answer... Malenko then grabbed Jim's log and started to choke the veteran with it. American soul won't quit, it would suffer instead. 53/100

Norman Smiley has an interview with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. He says that he avoided contacts with criminals all his life, and he won't let Bam Bam to manipulate him! Norman says that a couple of guys in the locker room could defend him from a potential beating, because they're superior fighters with lots of experience! Norman says he is not afraid. 64/100

In an extremely short match, Ice Train and Tank Abbott defeated Lash LeRoux and Jungle Jim in 1:08 when Tank Abbott defeated Jungle Jim by KO. 31/100
After a block of commercails, Madusa gets in the ring to deliver a message to Berlyn. "I won't give up that quick!". After another couple of courageous words, The Creative Control in the face of Gerald and Patrick surround the ring, and soon eliminate the cruiserweight champion with a double chokeslam! It looks like a neck injury, folks, medical staff puts a neckbrace on unconscious Madusa. Why did they attack her? 50/100

Buff jumps around Lex Luger, tries to be funny. He even jokes around with Elizabeth, but Lex is not in the mood. He could be a number one contender now, but instead he has to compete in some stupid tournament for tag titles he doesn't want to hold! Bugwell agrees, but only to please "The Total Package"... all three head to the ring, that match is next! 57/100

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Eddie & Benoit defeated Buff Bugwell and Lex Luger in 10:15 when Chris Benoit defeated Buff Bagwell by Crippler Crossface. 70/100
Norman Smiley enters the locker room, and screams immediately after opening the door. Bam Bam Bigelow sips juice on the bench, with bodies of Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan beign knocked out cold.

"Your protection needs a little more protection."

Norman runs away, screaming in fear. 53/100

Ric Flair cut a promo about the upcoming singles match between his good buddy Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash. DDP thanks "The Naitch" in the process, they compliment each other and bump into Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner.

No words dropped, but you can cut the air with knife in that area. 82/100

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Scott Steiner defeated Vampiro in 11:06 by pinfall after a distraction from Jeff Jarrett. 70/100
Vampiro got screwed by Double J, what an unpleasant feeling that must be! The gagging US champion and "The Biggest Arms in the World" leave the arena victorious. 48/100

Meng and Sid Vicious are standing near the catering, chewing some food. Meng eats from his hands, Sid looks at him in disgust and gives him a forků


As soon as Meng grabbed the fork, he stabbed Sid with it! Bon Appetit! 72/100

Bret Hart and Kevin Nash are in the back, talking. "Hitman" is unhappy with Kev's recent actions. Kev says it was a coincidence, and it looks like Hart doesn't believe his patner in crime. "If you came here to blame me, do it!"

Hart is silent, Nash says "Fine" and leaves the locker room. 73/100

In a match that had some good action and a good crowd, Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kevin Nash in 13:22 by pinfall. 75/100

Diamond Dallas Page made "Big Sexy" lose again... He quickly gets out of the ring to walk up the ramp, clapping hands with fans. Bret Hart comes out, Diamond points at the big gold belt and nods in approval... but Bret is out not for mind games, he wants to help his friend! He gets in the ring and offers Nash a hand, but Kev slams it away, leaving the ring pissed off. Hart is confused, NWO 2000 has group conflicts on the first week of it's existence! 74/100

Final rating: 75/100 (2.71 on TBS)

Lost popularity in 1 region.

That was a pretty good show comparing to Nitro, but still bad if comparing to WWF's Raw or SmackDown! First of all, Piper drops the ratings down, he has every damn minus in the dirt sheet. Fork skit and Flair's promo lifted the show quality up, also we had a good main event and 2 decent matches in the undercard. It's also funny that I booked Thunder better than Nitro, my mistake. DDP now sits on the first place in the "Who's Hot" rank, so we do well. Our champ, however, is not even in the top 5, and that is understandable.
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