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Post Arsonide's Marvel Mod

So let me start off by thanking Wudu, wherever he is, for his excellent work on the 90's Marvel mod. Over the past four years or so I've been collecting dialogue for each of the 464 characters in that mod - authentic dialogue gleaned from comics, movies, games, and even cartoons so that each character generally sounds like they should. Even the most obscure characters that only appeared once or twice now have dialogue and speak during combat.

Now that all of the characters are talking, I'm taking on a new initiative, and that is adding entirely new characters, starting with the missing Guardians of the Galaxy. I have added Rocket Raccoon in this release. Note that for every hero that I add, I have to add a villain to counterbalance them, to keep the ratio roughly the same as the original mod, so it may take some time to do the proper research and add these characters properly.

Anyway, here is the mod. Please enjoy.
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