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Default November 1938

November 1938


  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/11/38    Grand Canyon                    1-6   81       L  54-43     0-1
  11/15/38    at Maryland-Eastern Shore       1-5  133       L  62-46     0-2
  11/19/38    at SIU-Edwardsville             1-3  258       W  43-41     1-2
  11/22/38    at North Carolina Central       0-5  251       W  55-45     2-2
  11/25/38    Omaha                           0-5  193       W  49-42     3-2
  11/29/38    at Northern Kentucky            0-5  140       W  56-52     4-2
November 11, 1938

Grand Canyon (0-0) vs. Abilene Christian (0-0)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 54, Abilene Christian - 43. We were down by 20 in the first half and made it a single digit game late in the 2nd half but couldn't make a full comeback. The fouls hurt us as in the second half we committed 8 and they committed 0. Michael Martinez and Michael Rodriguez both had 8 points and Rodriguez also had 8 rebounds. We didn't play great in this one but after scoring only 2 points in the opening 8 minutes things got a lot better as the game went on.

Injury News:

Michael Martinez broke his finger and will be out for 7 days.

November 15, 1938

Abilene Christian (0-1) vs. Maryland Eastern Shore (0-0)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 46, Maryland Eastern Shore - 62. We were thoroughly beaten again as we couldn't stop any sustained run by the opponent. So far this season we have made a total of one 3 pointer on 17 attempts and it was by our center (whose 3 point rating is a 4 out of 100). Hopefully we stop taking the 3 as any of those shots have turned into wasted possessions. There were certainly positives from this game but foul trouble did us in again. Michael Martinez had 10 points and 7 rebounds while Michael Rodriguez had 8 points and 10 rebounds. Jonathan Philip tacked on 10 points of his own. Nickolas Toy has been a disappointment through 2 games so far and we need to see more from him.

November 19, 1938

Abilene Christian (0-2) vs. SIU-Edwardsville (0-0)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 43, SIU-Edwardsville - 41. We get our first win in program history! Jonathan Philip was the player of the game with 16 points and 3 rebounds. Nobody else had more than 6 as he carried the team on the offensive side of the ball. Michael Rodriguez helped out with 14 boards including 6 on the offensive glass. Our lead stretched to 14 at one point but we were unable to keep it large but never trailed in the entire game.

November 22, 1938

Abilene Christian (1-2) vs. North Carolina Central (0-2)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 55, North Carolina Central - 45. This team may not be the most skilled but they play with a lot of heart. In this one we committed 14 turnovers while NC Central committed only 6. We out-rebounded them 45-21 though, including an astounding 17 offensive rebounds - and those offensive rebounds were the reason we came back and won this game. Michael Rodriguez recorded the first double-double in program history with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Michael Martinez had 7 points and 11 rebounds while James Reuter and Jonathan Philip both had 10 points. This was a true team effort as it also included 12 points off the bench. We were down throughout most of this game but I was proud of the team because of how hard they played, I didn't expect it to turn into a win but am ecstatic that it did.

November 25, 1938

Omaha (0-3) vs. Abilene Christian (2-2)

Final Score: Omaha - 42, Abilene Christian - 49. James Reuter led the way with 16 points and 6 rebounds and Michael Rodriguez added on 8 points to go along with 8 boards. We didn't play our best game in this one, evidenced by the 17 turnovers but thankfully Omaha committed 17 as well. This one gets us to a winning record and although all our opponents have been awful it at least feels good to get some wins strung together.

November 29, 1938

Abilene Christian (3-2) vs. Northern Kentucky (0-4)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 56, Northern Kentucky - 52. Michael Martinez led the way with 14 points while Jonathan Philip had 12. Michael Rodriguez pulled down 8 rebounds and we were able to secure the win and overcome 14 turnovers. This 4 game win streak has been great for team morale.

Overall Record: 4-2
Home Record: 1-1
Away Record: 3-1
Ranking: NR
RPI: 349

Season Stats


SG Jonathan Philip - 10.0
SF James Reuter - 8.2
C Michael Martinez - 8.0


PF Michael Rodriguez - 10.0
C Michael Martinez - 5.3
SF James Reuter - 3.5


SG Jonathan Philip - 2.3
PG Nickolas Toy - 1.8
C Michael Martinez - 1.3

Recruiting News

Our Top two targets spurned us for other schools. Arthur Evans decided to attend Texas Tech and Joseph Walsh decided to attend UTEP. Right now our biggest focus is on PG Douglas Arguello who is a good shooter and even better defender. Getting him would be a huge boost.
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