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WCW Brand Show - 81

Umaga defeated D'Lo Brown in 13:53 by pinfall with a Samoan Drop. Umaga makes defence number 1 of his Intercontinental title. 57

Shannon Moore and Maven defeated Jamie Noble and Nunzio in 9:46 when Shannon Moore defeated Nunzio by pinfall with a Halo. Shannon Moore and Maven win the WCW World Tag Team titles. 55

Edge defeated Ron Simmons, Rene Dupree and Charlie Haas in 14:22 when Edge defeated Rene Dupree by pinfall with an Edgecution. 62

Jacqueline defeated Victoria in 14:18 by pinfall with a Tornado DDT. Jacqueline wins the WCW Women's title. 51

Ernest Miller defeated Funaki in 13:44 by pinfall with a Feliner. Ernest Miller wins the WCW Hardcore Trophy title. 47

Doug Basham defeated Jon Heidenreich and James Storm in 17:47 when Doug Basham defeated Jon Heidenreich by pinfall with a Spike Piledriver. Doug Basham wins the WCW World Television title. 46

Kane defeated Eddie Guerrero in 21:45 by pinfall with a Chokeslam. Kane wins the Million Dollar title. 79

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry and Scott Steiner in 14:33 when The Undertaker defeated Scott Steiner by submission with a Hell's Gates. 77

Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam in 21:54 by pinfall with a Pedigree. Triple H wins the WCW World Heavyweight title. 85
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