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WWE Brand Show - 80

AJ Styles defeated Shelton Benjamin in 11:47 by pinfall with a Styles Clash. AJ Styles wins the WWE European title. 71

Road Dogg, Mark Briscoe and Shane McMahon defeated Sean O'Haire, Garrison Cade and Chuck Palumbo in 8:05 when Shane McMahon defeated Sean O'Haire by pinfall. 57

Ultimo Dragon defeated Billy Kidman in 17:39 by pinfall with an Asai DDT. Ultimo Dragon wins the WWE Hardcore title. 64

Akio defeated Jay Briscoe in 11:38 by pinfall with a Yang Time. Akio wins the WWE Light Heavyweight title. 54

A-Train and Matt Morgan defeated Orlando Jordan and Spike Dudley in 13:43 when A-Train defeated Spike Dudley by pinfall with a Derailer. A-Train and Matt Morgan win the WWF United States Tag Team titles. 55

The Hurricane and Booker T defeated Kanyon and Christian in 15:57 when The Hurricane defeated Christian by pinfall with an Eye of the Hurricane. 69

Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Bradshaw in 14:34 by pinfall with a Cutter. Bubba Ray Dudley wins the WWF King's Crown title. 63

Ric Flair defeated Kurt Angle in 21:42 by submission with a Figure Four Leglock. 82

Sting defeated Chris Benoit and Hernandez in 21:47 when Sting defeated Hernandez by submission with a Scorpion Deathlock. Sting wins the World Heavyweight title. 81
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