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Rey Mysterio Jr - Punk isn't ready for the World title, but this will be a great benchmark for how close he may be.
The Jung Dragons - Dragons will continue getting their chance! It's the chance I am not giving them (collectively) in my own 2001, and I have a bad chemistry note to blame for it. But you can make up for my failure!
AJ Styles - Not figuring on a title change here either, as Styles shows that potential isn't all he has in his tank.
Sean O'Haire - O'Haire may be the one who goes the 10 defenses.
Christopher Daniels - He's going to slip a win out as the Japanese contingent fight amongst themselves.
The Destroyer - While I don't think it would be good for Bryan to lose very often, as he could be your new Rey Mysterio of the midcard, a few losses can definitely give him some extra fan sympathy.
Bobby Roode - Whether he is or isn't still Booker's second, he is still very much a diamond in the rough that you can mold something great out of.
Unnatural - With the way Dustin has impressed in the past few months, he deserves it.
Jamie Knoble - I really doubt I'll be correct here, but this match is just made for Jamie to pick up a win with a quick roll-up or something. Something that doesn't make Corino look bad, but puts Jamie over big.
Steiners - When you debuted them, I mentioned how I found it funny that you took Mamaluke and Swinger; the reason I found it funny was because at the same time in my game, I was signing up Simon and CW. What I found funny was just that in our games, Simon and Swinger are split off into new teams at (roughly) the same time. It's almost like we were on the same book but on different pages.

MOTN: Rey vs. Punk
Titles: 0
Austin: Punk seems like too fan fiction-y in a way, save that for a little later when Punk is ready for it. I'm gonna say it'll be Flair, since they've already kinda gotten something started.
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