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Tales from the Infinityverse #1: Battle on Ancient Earth

Urfas the Recorder

Welcome, I am Urfas the Recorder. You have been summoned to my base so you may learn all there is to know about your planet. It is my hope that this knowledge will be enough for you to prevent what is sure to be the destruction of your universe. You see, despite my vast power I am honor bound to not interfere on the Universe's behalf as I am not of this universe. You however, born of Earth's own bosom, shall be the last and greatest champion this planet has ever known. Now then...


Since the dawn of time their have been heroes in the Universe, but never have so many been attracted to one place as they are pulled to Earth. The first such incident of a “super” hero saving the world from the brink of destruction occurred in 10,000 B.C. When the space faring G'Lorn, master of G'aart wrestling, came upon Earth looking to test his might. The primitive humans living on the Earth at the time proved no challenge for G'Lorn, but before he could leave the planet a new challenger appeared...the demon monster Manaconda!


Manaconda was a low level demon from hell, but he was worshipped by the tribe of primitive humans who were defeated by G'Lorn. Due to G'Lorn's victory the humans began to worship G'Lorn instead of Manaconda, which angered the demon greatly. The two engaged in a fight that lasted several days and nights with neither combatant able to emerge victorious. The tribe of humans who once worshipped Manaconda began chanting for G'Lorn, giving him a sense of power he never felt before. With his last ounce of strength G'Lorn was able to trap Manaconda under a pile of rubble.

G'Lorn thanked the primitive humans for their assistance and bestowed upon the leader of the tribe a mystical blade, yes the very same blade wielded by the Immortal Swordsman, as a sign of G'Lorn's protection and respect for the people of Earth. G'Lorn departed Earth, vowing to return when mankind reached a more advanced stage of evolution. Manaconda, angered over his loss vowed revenge, but despite this he was called back to hell to assist the hell lord Beliel in his battle against Beliel's demonic rivals Pruflas the Demonic and The King of Pain.

This battle, millions of years in our past, planted the seeds for the oblivion facing the planet today. But it also left the Earth with the power to prevent such a fate. Yet, the planet would suffer far more that it would gain for quite a long time as demons ruled the planet spreading fear and hate across the globe. It was not until the day the first Earth born superhero took his place in the histories that the planet was able to have some semblance of peace. I hope you return again so I might tell you the tale of that man...that godling known as Heracles!

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