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January 2000, Week 1
Mid South, River Center Arena (7,613)

NWO 2000 comes out to the ring to hype themselves, taunt Goldberg, complain about injuries and yada-yada-yada. Roddy Piper quickly comes out to send all of them home, they're not booked. If they are not leaving the ring by themselves, all those ten guys that will main event tonight's show could train "throwing over the top rope" on so-called New World Order. Scott Steiner has a stare down with a commissioner, Nash says something to his gang, and all four men leave the squared circle. Now Piper hypes his card and joins the announce team as well! 67/100

Piper was on drugs during this segment, nice commissioner!
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Berlyn defeated Juventud Guerrera in 8:20 by pinfall by using underhanded tactics. 43/100

Both are inconsistent, that influenced the grade. Add poor gimmicks, low momentum and general lack of overness, charisma and star quality... 43 is a lot!
NWO members grab their bags and throw them in the limo… Steiner yells at the driver, making him a courier now. Jarrett joins the bullying, while Nash looks confused.

- "Anything wrong, Kev?"- Hart asks.
- "I think I forgot my god damn wallet in the locker room, shit…" - Nash replied.
- "Hurry up then, Scotty hates waiting."
- "Eh, go to the nearest strip club, I will join you later…"

Nash stumbles down the parking lot, Bret looks for a second at Kev's silhouette, but then switches his attention on the limo driver, who is screaming because Steiner stretches him! Jarrett laughs as an idiot he is, "Hitman" gets into his seat and Scotty pushes the pedal to the floor… 74/100

Fans loved it! Steiner is amazing at bullying, A*
"Above Average" Mike Sanders and "Champagne" Chris Kanyon talk about their tag team debut with one and only "Mean" Gene. Those two taunt the dancing team of The Cat and Disco Inferno and promise to grab the gold in the end. 33/100

What was I expecting? All of them are abysmally low in momentum, Kanyon is bland on interviews compared two those wo left, and it came after Scott Steiner. Bad booking.
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, The Cat and Disco Inferno defeated Kanyon and Mike Sanders in 6:28 when Disco Inferno defeated Mike Sanders by pinfall with a Chartbuster. 43/100

Well, could you ask for more from these four?
Booker T and Stevie Ray insult each other at the back, talking about "weak links" and "suckas". Stevie Ray accuses Booker in "selling out", while T defends himself, calling Stevie Ray a dead weight! Konnan and Big T hold both of them, so they could save the energy for the tournament match! 61/100

That's almost the grade of the opening segment with NWO and Piper! Niiice.
In an extremely short match, Norman Smiley defeated Brian Adams in 4:44 by pinfall. Norman Smiley makes defence number 1 of his WCW Hardcore title. 46/100

Limited match hits 46, not bad. Norman is pleased with booking, way to go!
After the match, Bam Bam Bigelow comes out to talk with Smiley. Bigelow offers Norman his services, and if the hardcore champion doesn't need them, he better go find a bodyguard that he likes, because Bam Bam is gonna "Wham Wham" his ass! After that words Bigelow smirks at the champ, who nearly shat himself… 52/100

Guys, just wait until this story unfolds!
Kevin Nash enters the locker room, where Mike Rotunda counts his money.
- "Hey, you SOB, give it back!"
Mike turns into a Big Boot from "Big Sexy", and then falls on the ground unconscious.
- "Shiiiiitt" 64/100

Rotunda's professional habit did well, almost B-...
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Booker T and Konnan defeated Stevie Ray and Big T in 13:21 when Booker T defeated Big T by pinfall with a Missile Dropkick. 47/100

Konnan and Booker have no chemistry whatsoever. A lot of teams in Joker Wild tag tournament do.
Roddy Piper welcomes all the main eventers in the ring, and to hype the battle, he asks guys to tell the fans why they think they're gonna win.

"Because I'm Buff, and I'm The Stuff"

Right after that phrase, Sid throwed Buff over the top rope! Match didn't started yet, so Buff can get back. All boys are ready to rumble, yet Mike Rotunda is nowhere to be seen. Piper can't start a match with nine people!

Wait a minute! It's Nash again! Piper is livid, he tells Kev to go away. "Looks like you have one place left, Roddy". Staff from the back tells Piper that they have only 20 minutes left, and no one is ready to sub Rotunda. What a twist… 58/100

I guess to much Nash for one episode?
In a match that had some good action and average heat, Diamond Dallas Page won a battle royal in 14:42. The other members of the 'final four' were Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious and Chris Benoit, with Kevin Nash being the final elimination. Lex Luger got the most eliminations over the course of the match. 72/100

After beign eliminated, Nash grabs a steal chair and smacks DDP right across the face! That was brutal. Another shot, and one more! Somebody, stop this!

WOOO! IT'S RIC FLAIR!!! The Naich runs in and chops Nash till his chest turns red! DDP stands up and gives Big Kev a Diamond Cutter! Flair and DDP celebrate after that for the fans, so we have a challenger for Souled Out and a legend who made a return… 77/100

Nice way to end the show, fans go home happy!
Final rating: 69/100 (3.78 on TNN)

Lost popularity in 11 regions, increased in 18.

It was an OK show, we had some good moments. Decent main event, a bunch of entertaining skits. We now have a lot of title matches setted up. On the other hand, undercard matches were expectably mediocre and we did some booking mistakes.

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