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Default 1995 Draft Preview

The 1995 Mock Draft has us third behind the 76ers and The Timberwolves at 1. Hopefully we can land Garnett, but without him there is still other hope.

While overall Garnett is a rough package, he has amazing potential and surrounding him with a hungry, young backcourt to build around him would be the long goal of This draft year. It really depends on how the year is going and I'll look into getting some trades done to get some others in here.

Sabonis already has his skills maxed out for him and while he would be great for a Frontcourt nightmare in The West, he is still a 29 year old Center that is only going to decline from right now. If I can angle with the 1st pick, Garnett is the pick. I'll pass over Sabonis if needed.

Finley could be a franchise player on draft for us, but we are full at Guard. We have too many guards to count and Finley adds to a loaded position. Still, we could pick him up if he falls to us and trade him away for a pick or another young piece(Named Garnett) with a pick package.
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