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Default Chapter 5: The MotherLoad

July 5th, 1980
11:45 a.m.

''Hello, Is this Kenneth Peterson?''
There was a small second of silence before a more feminine voice spoke, confirming that Kenneth wasn't home and I was instead hitting the jackpot, his own mother. She told me of Kenneth being out with some friends playing hoops and asked me if she should take the message.

I tell her of course and let her know this is the head coach of the Chicago State Men's Basketball team as she goes onto talk about how many calls she receives. That isn't good as I try to switch the subject to our school and the importance of a education in today's changing world. She agrees and asks me about myself and we spend the next hour or so chatting as she tells me stories about Kenneth as a child and her family's history of attending Chicago State. I finally let her know to rely my call to her son and she agrees as she hangs up. We are in, this was the key to the heart of a three star prospect from the area who hasn't received any other offers.
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