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Originally Posted by Oyaji View Post
Converting is going to be a very long process because of the new contract features alone. Finding out recent turns and gimmick freshness could be a pain in the butt. Do you plan on tackling those for the bigger promotions? Leaving it all random?
It'll depend on the circumstances. Most of the ones in companies I'm not as familiar with will most likely be set to random. Ones I'm more familiar with will most likely have theirs all set. Keep in mind I didn't even touch employment histories as I felt that wasn't as big of a priority as making sure I had everyone's pop set correctly.

Originally Posted by Kijar View Post
I want to play all of these right now.

It's a shame I know how busy you are, or I would complain.
As long as it's in the form of a haiku or set to music.

Originally Posted by niall2015 View Post
2008, is that you?
2007/2008 was pretty rough with everyone wanting to dog wrestling fans because they continued to watch after the tragic events of 2007. But wall to wall coverage of psychopaths who shoot up schools and businesses and making them into superstars, that's perfectly fine.

Originally Posted by Fleisch View Post
Glad to see Risky Business will be out. Still one of my favourite mods on TEW 2013.
And now with one night contracts for local workers and TV specials being possible, it'll make old school mods all the more fun to play!
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