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Default [RELEASE] 2006 — Times Of Infamy RW mod

2006 — Times Of Infamy is a real world mod I've created from scratch for TEW2016. It is set in January 2006, in a time where WWE is yet to go PG, CMLL is the proverbial house on fire and NOAH is in the last days of it's golden days. TNA has been on national television for some months now following their deal with Spike TV. Shimmer has held their first two shows at the end of 2005, in the hopes of providing quality women's wrestling. ROH is championed by none other than Bryan Danielson. In WWE, John Cena and Batista are on their first world reigns, respectively. NOAH has been trying to push Rikio Takeshi to replace Kobashi Kenta and Misawa Mitsuharu, though their brightest young talent reside in the junior division with KENTA and Marufuji Naomichi. NJPW have Nakamura Shinsuke and Tanahashi Hiroshi to guide them to a new era.

...As WWE, are you able to succesfully hold on to two self-sufficient brands?
...As TNA, are you able to become the powerhouse the national television deal enables you to be?
...As ROH, are you able to grow beyond a 'super indy'?
...As AAA, who can step up to dethrone the hype train of CMLL's Místico?
...As CMLL, can you hold on to the top spot?
...As AJPW, can you make the masses invest in Japanese sports entertainment?
...As NOAH, can you push young hungry wrestlers to replace the deteriorating old guard?
...As NJPW, can you turn around years of Inoki booking to become a giant of puroresu?


The 0.09 version of the mod is live now. Added Full Impact Pro (USA). Fixed all reported errors. More wrestlers, more workers as usual.

[VERSION: 2006 — Times Of Infamy 0.09]
Active companies: 22 (+1 from v0.08)
Workers: 1120 (+91 from v0.08)
Debuted active wrestlers: 825 (+68 from v0.08)
Semi-active wrestlers: 26 (+2 from v0.08)
Yet to debut wrestlers: 95 (+8 from v0.08)

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