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Originally Posted by Liger!Liger! View Post
I'm pretty sure by this point New Japan had been sold to Yuke's so Inoki Jr. wasn't running them(I might be wrong though, can't remember for certain if the sellout was in November 2005 or November 2006).
It happened in November 2005, but as far as I can gather Simon was still the president of NJ for some time after.

I've added all the (49) missing active wrestler pictures for now. Here's a link to an updated pic pack, in case someone wants to download:

As described earlier, my next goal is to add more unemployed wrestlers (and hopefully some add some non-wrestlers). Meanwhile, feel free to report errors or discuss stats.

Randy Orton still has time to grow his performance row, IMO he only started showing improvement in that when he found his groove as 'The Viper'. As for Tanahashi, I knew he was one whose stats would get a thorough once over from puro fans. When I originally added him to the data, his stats were the slightest bit lower, but I think Tanahashi is fairly rated at the moment.
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