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Default Whole Roster/Roster writeup as of 1994 preseason

Currently we have too many Guards and too many players. Look for some moves to be made once we identify issues.

Roster Writeup


A bench player and a terrible on at that. His attributes speak for itself. Gonna be cut most likely.

Average bench Center, but has a purpose and can be useful for us down the line. Not likely more than the Bench man. Has a job with us.

Good potential, but has some concerning attributes, most likely trade fodder for us in the season to gain Garnett.

Same as Martin. Most likely going to be cut.

Decent overall, not the best but serves bench role and happy to give that to him.

Power Forwards:

Release Fodder

A keeper at PF and someone we might need going forward if Garnett doesn't work out for us. Not top thrilled with his stats, but if he improves for us there is zero reason for complaints. Gonna see how he works as not a focal point of our offense as we will rely on our Guards hitting jumpers.

Defensive stopper off the bench, could be very useful in long playoff series, granted if we get there. Has a place on this team.

Small Forwards:

A good Small Forward with great potential, athleticism is in question, but we can work on it. Needs to be a beast on Offense for us to win games or even in the future. Hopefully his mediocre stats elsewhere is hidden by his Offense.

Hardly anything special here for the offense I would run and has to earn that spot on the team, will come off the bench for us compared to our other Guards. Playing with our second unit would help him make small bursts off the bench.

Someone to build off, young and has the ability to shape our offense. Could be a vital part of our team down the line. Should improve and we should be having ourselves a franchise type Shooting Guard if it all works out.

Bench player, but with his skills on the offensive side of the ball, will most likely end up cut from the roster before the season starts.

Terry has real potential as a backup and unfortunately we are so loaded at Guard, he may have to leave. It depends on how our first season turns out and the stats of certain guards, but Terry might be trade fodder.

Point Guards:

A bench player at most with potential for more, but most likely a bench player who we will use for his steals and quickness.

We don't got the best of Pooh, but still great handles and can pass, so the offense can be run off him for sure, just not a primary scorer.

Bench Player, most likely getting cut.

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