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Default 1994 Preseason Results

Preseason Game 1
Dallas Mavericks 105 Vs. LA Clippers 108

We beat the Mavericks in a surprising win. Murray scored but was sloppy from Three and maybe we should tone down the three shots by bit. Happy with the guard play off the bench and it seemed to work as our guards played quite well and even with limited minutes we did good. Lots to be proud here. Sealy ends up with a concussion and is listed as Day To Day.

Preseason Game 2:
Cleveland Cavaliers 100 LA Clippers 92

We drop a game to The Cavs as we just don't put in the time nor effort to do much of anything. We did a lot better from three, but made turnovers and couldn't put the ball into the net as well as the Cavs were, plus funky rotations here and there.

Preseason Game 3:
Orlando Magic 120 LA Clippers 101

A terrible game from long range from us, we are highly inconsistent from the arc and Shaq and company torched us for an easy win. Quite disappointed in the team right now and the rotation funkiness needs to be sorted out. I get we are a lottery team, but our stats were just awful. We are not this bad. Eric Riley is also day 2 day with a brusied jaw as soon as Sealy comes back. Phoenix offered us a trade for Piatkowski in exchange we get Perry, I will consider it as I would like to get better at Guard down the line, but I don't know if Perry is the answer to that.

Preseason Game 4:
Milwaukee Bucks 107 Vs LA Clippers 78

Embarrassed to say I run this team right now. We got torched again and man does that score look ugly.
We missed all four shots, nothing else to say about this except we suck at getting that ball into the net. God we need some help for this upcoming season. San Antonio wanted Gary Grant and offered Willie Anderson. Rejected it outright as we don't need another Shooting Guard on this team.

Preseason Game 5
Minnesota Timberwolves 115 LA Clippers 126

We beat our biggest rival in the hunt for Garnett so it doesn't mean much, but still good performances all around and some real improvements from the team. Murray took over and we need him to do that for the rest of the season, become the mini average LBJ that we need to maybe win and lose some games on time for the draft. KG we will get you.

Preseason Game 6
Chicago Bulls 120 LA Clippers 119

We almost beat a title contender in the Bulls here, forced MJ to put up 50(No idea why he was playing this game like it is the regular season, but sure). I'll take this result seeing as how we expect Mike and Scottie to make a run at the NBA title down the line, I'll be here posing in secret for the Draft Lottery and watching the Playoffs. This ends the preseason, lets get into the transactions.
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