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Tales from the Infinityverse #7: The Knights of Avalon Part 4

Immortal Swordsman_________________________The Flashing Blade_________________________Lancelot the First Knight

Three heroes, all from different countries, backgrounds, and traditions yet gathered in Spain to face a common foe. The Immortal Swordsman, a primitive man whose blade was bestowed upon his tribe by G'Lorn the Savior, has wandered the Earth studying every style of sword fighting invented. He came to Spain to study Destreza under Felipe Villarreal, the inventor of the style and current Flashing Blade, when tragedy struck. Lancelot the First Knight, who has since dropped the Lancelot name, was sent to Spain by Prester John himself to track down the Rambaldi Talisman, an ancient medallion that protects it's wearer from demonic powers. Ironically the Rambaldi Talisman was in the possesion of the Immortal Swordsman. Lastly, the Flashing Blade lived in Spain as both a nobleman and night time vigalante. Yes, he was the basis for the legend of Zorro but that is a story for another day. For right now we must discuss the evil that gathered these three men together, the nefarious troll king HaemoGoblin and his servants Krundell the Grim and Urlac the Mighty!

Urlac the Mighty_________________________HaemoGoblin the Troll King_________________________Krundell the Grim

HaemoGoblin was once again trying to extend his rule from the underground Troll kingdom to the entire Earth. Urlac and Krundell, two trolls given increased size and strength from a magic spell cast by none other than Balthor, were rampaging through the area that would become Portugal when all three heroes decided to put a stop to the troll king's machinations. Not surprising the troll king cast a spell upon the trio so that each one believed the other two were troll warriors causing the three to fight amonst themselves as Urlac and Krundell headed toward the site of demonic power, the key to HaemoGoblin's plan. Despite the power of the spell Immortal Swordsman was able to resist it thanks to the Rambaldi Talisman. This kept Immortal Swordsman's mind free and clear and allowwed him to subdue both the Flashing Blade and Lancelot the First Knight. As the duo lay unconcious the Immortal Swordsman headed to the site of demonic power, guided by the Rambaldi Talisman. Unknown to him HaemoGoblin had planned this as the Rambaldi Talisman would allow Immortal Swordsman to break the seal on the demonic site of power and allow HaemoGoblin to gain enough power to rule the Earth. And that is where we will take our break, with a hero valiently, yet wrongly, heading into a situation that could cause more trouble than it could prevent...

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