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Originally Posted by w4lru5 View Post
Yeah, I'll probably do that. Kanyon's new gimmick got a 100, so he's sitting on low-90s popularity (don't know what his cap is yet, but I think 94-ish), 100 momentum and a 100 rated gimmick. He's an awesome guy to have as my champ.

I don't think Booker will ever be the same, and it's a shame. His head condition is at orange, the rest of his body is at yellow, and he got dinged a lot in the two matches I had him in. He'll have the problem for a year, but he still wants to be used (he's "working through the pain"). Do I give him the year off? Make him a manager? He's my second-most-popular face (85-86 nationwide, behind Ric Flair) and is currently in a promo-only feud with Sean O'Haire that I want to continue if possible.

On that note, one more question. Ric Flair and his New Horsemen (AJ Styles, Lance Storm and Bryan Daniels (Daniel Bryan)) have been feuding with the Natural Born Thrillers (Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak and Chuck Palumbo. The feud has really petered out in recent weeks, but I'm not sure what to do with the Horsemen now. I'm thinking of having Arn Anderson start a competing stable, but I'm not sure... any thoughts?
To your first question, I would job Booker down the card to low Upper Midcard/high Midcard just to get some other lesser guys over. Until he's back to full fitness. Only have him wrestle occasionally and have a lot of angles, focussing on how he's losing and getting frustrated by it or something. Then when he's back to full fitness, make him charge back up the card (just make sure you don't bash his recent fortunes around too much) to the Main Event, maybe even make him the heel who takes the title off the rejuvenated Kevin Nash??.

As for the second question, no real idea. I never really watched WCW.
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