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Default Overdrive Wrestling: Where's the Wrestling? [C-Verse 2005]


I am in August 2012 in my C-Verse 2005 game. I had recently gotten to Cult level and just got a Commercial TV deal. I am about to make my US TV debut. I've done PPVs and shows on Free TV, but I'm treating this as my TV debut.

Instead of giving a big spiel about who the main players are, what the history of the show is, who is feuding with who, important factions, characters etc... I'm just gonna jump right in and treat this diary as the actual start of OWE's (Overdrive Wrestling Entertainment) journey to national domination

I was thinking of how I would market this. I wanted to make a series of "video packages" and post it on OWE's webpage (in this world) to describe the landscape and big factions and history of the world, but I think I'd rather jump right in and leave you (the readers) just as confused as a TV watcher would if they flipped to my channel and watched Overdrive Wrestling for the first time.

The only thing the "IWC" would know about my company would be that:
- I bought YEPW, ACPW and QAW
- I'm in the South West

One thing to note is that the C-Verse 2005 mod has super inflated stats for everybody. You have rookies with stats that a 10 year vet should have. So if the scores in my game seem inflated, that's because they are.

So let's get right into it!

Overdrive Wrestling - August Week 1

Segment 1:

The show opens up with a video recap of my main feud. It shows Emma Vamp sucking people in the neck and absorbing their powers. Krissy Angelle has angel wings. Dawn telling Jack Avatar and Joanne Rodriguez that they must stop Krissy "at all costs" as they make their way toward a giant staircase leading to clouds in the sky.

Krissy is standing over a defeated Jack Avatar, smiling at him. She tells him to watch as she obliterates all that he loves. She holds out her palm. A ball of light starts to emanate from her hand. The camera zooms out. You see a giant city in the clouds. Then a giant beam of light shoots down from the cloud to the Earth.

The camera pans to a jungle looking village area with people walking around. Text shows up saying “Avatar Village.” The villagers look up and say "What is that?" The light engulfs them and the entire village gets eviscerated. "NOOOOOO!!" Jack is screaming as he helplessly watches his village get destroyed. He cries, and his tears materialize into a Captain America shield...

"At that point... I realized what's important to me. I realized what I must protect."

The camera pans to a dark throne-room area. Krissy is sitting on the throne, panting, sweating, fatigued from firing off her ray of death. Joanne Rodriguez walks into the throne room (holding the championship belt. I made sure to get my production guys to emphasize that she's the champion. Gotta make J-Ro look strong). Then we see highlights of their match, where Joanne Rodriguez defeats a fatigued Krissy.

End of recap, start of the actual episode:

J-Ro is standing tall over Krissy. Krissy is slamming her fists against the ground. “No fair... I was so... close...”

Jack Avatar and Queen Dawn run in and congratulate J-Ro. “You've done it. We always had trust in you.”

“NOOO! KRISSY” Emma Vamp runs in. “NO! This can't be!” She extends her palm, aiming it at Queen Dawn. Suddenly, a beam of light comes from her hand. Slow-mo cam zooms into J-Ro's face as her jaw widens in shock.

“Noooooo,” Jack says in slo-mo, running toward Dawn.

Dawn is engulfed in light. “This is it...” The camera turns white. Dawn closes her eyes and sad music starts playing.

BOOOOOM. “DAWN!!!” Jack is standing in front of her, shield in hand, blocking the energy beam from eviscerating her. Finally, the charge beam stops firing, steam coming out of Jack's shield.

Emma is standing there, panting, tired from firing off her death ray. “Hehe, good job Emma.” A booming voice. J-Ro, Jack and Dawn turn around, and Brute Kikuchi is holding Krissy in his arms. He walks into the shadows and the two of them disappear.

Segment 2: Alicia Strong beats Lucky Lexie Littlefeather. The first impression of OWE when it comes to wrestling is that Alicia wins, because of course.

Segment 3: Video Package about the Serpent Clan and how dangerous they are.

Epic announcer voice: In a world of Goddesses, Angels, and Monsters... There was one thing that the OWE was not prepared for...

Purple Viper is kneeling, praying in front of a boiling pot. She then looks up into the sky and starts laughing maniacally. Ouroboros' face appears in the sky, and the word DEMON shows up on screen.

Epic announcer voice: The Serpent Clan. Lead by the God of the Serpents, Ouroboros...

Video footage of Kate Avatar collapsing in front of Ouroboros, who is holding a weapon of some kind. Some more footage of Ouroboros stabbing a 6 year old little girl in some sort of burning village.

Epic announcer voice: The Agent of Chaos, Purple Viper...

Video footage of Purple Viper standing behind Freya Fish (a character that audiences don't know yet), Freya Fish holding her head in agony.

Epic announcer voice: The Agent of Destruction, Howlin Hell Henry...

Video footage of Howlin Hell Henry (HHH) no selling attacks, choke slamming, power slamming etc...

Epic announcer voice: and the loyal servant, Taku

Video footage of Taku getting abused by Ouroboros, pushing Ouroboros out of the way to take hits

Epic announcer voice: Watch as these four bring OWE into a state of carnage. Watch as these four bring the rest of OWE DOWN TO HELL.

Segment 4: Serpent Clan win a tag match decisively, because why would I have a hype video package only to have them lose?

Segment 5: The classic “watching TV screen sideways” scene.

King Remmy Skye, the Inkredible Tetsu, Findlay Farraday and Hombre (which you guys may know, but to the audience at home, they just know them as “guy with green hair” and three random dudes) put over how scary and dangerous the Serpent Clan are. Remmy Skye goes over to Findlay and Hombre and tell them that this is not their fight. He tells them that the Serpent Clan are too dangerous, and that declaring war on them would put the Coastal Village in danger.

The two of them protest. Remmy just walks off, saying to Tetsu “Come on... we have a war to win.” Tetsu gets up and follows Remmy.

The camera shows a front view of Remmy and Tetsu walking, then a freeze frame and the words TEAM SPLATTER show up in a font that looks like paint.

Segment 6: Recap segment: Monster summoning performance

Jeremy Jazz and Keith Vegas are demanding Anna Ki to “dance for us. We have a demon to summon.”

Steph Blake is beating the crap out of Lindsay Sugar, coercing Anna to dance. Anna begs them to stop. She starts dancing.

As she's dancing, Jeremy Jazz and Keith Vegas are playing some string instruments. A portal forms and Bear Bekowski walks through it.

Anna Ki looks him in the eye. “This is it... I've summoned you here to put an end to you. Once and for all.”

Segment 7: Anna Ki beats Bear in a short match by DQ

Bear tosses Anna Ki around for two minutes. As Anna Ki mounts her come-back offense, some big dude that noone has ever seen interferes and attacks Anna Ki. I guess the real question here is, what is a ref doing here? This is an actual, sanctioned wrestling match?

Segment 8: Colossal failure

Keith Vegas, Jeremy Jazz and Colossus are standing tall over Anna Ki. Anna Ki tries to get up, but falls back to the ground. Colossus picks her up and delivers a series of devastating moves.

Vegas and Jazz do what any villain would do: give a detailed explanation of their plan to a fallen hero.

They explain that summoning Bear was a ruse. The REAL performance was the match between Anna Ki and Bear. This “dance” was what started the ritual to summon Colossus. “If you thought that Bear was a threat to the world, imagine how much THIS beast can do. And remember, YOU were the one responsible for bringing him into this world. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Segment 9: Video package. Broken History

Jaime Quine is the narrator, reciting her life story.

“My name is Jaime Quine. And this is my history. To be honest, there is no history to tell. I don't come from royal bloodline, [camera shot of Alicia Strong] I am not destined for greatness, [camera shot of J-Ro]. History will not remember me.

I was merely sold into slavery. [as she tells her story, we see a dingy club area and sexy women on stage dancing, men making unwanted advances on women, a bunch of shady things like drug dealing etc...] Human trafficking... prostitution... I was nothing. Not a person. My emotions, my feelings... they simply did not matter. I was just me... attraction at Club DESIRE.

I was fine with that lifestyle. It was all I ever knew. Until I saw something that would forever change me.” [a scene with her friend getting stabbed and dying]

Jaime Quine is now in a dark room, looking broken. Angel Eater appears from the shadows and starts choking her out.

“I was on the brink of death. And I was glad. Glad to leave this pathetic life behind. Until I realized...”

Jaime stirs, her hands grabbing onto Angel Eater's. Camera zooms in on her face and there are tears in her eyes.

“You realize it too, right Angel Eater? We are kindred spirits. Neither of us are human. Neither of us matter. We were born into this world as tools. Nothing more. Me, as a tool of pleasure. You as a weapon of war. We were born to break.

“I am Jaime Quine. I have no history. But I intend to end it. This is the end. The end of history as we know it.”

We see a shot of Jaime and Angel Eater standing side by side, then the frame breaks (like glass breaking).

Segment 10: Back to our heroes

Queen Dawn thanks J-Ro and Jack. She gives a very inspirational speech about how they, as a team, were able to accomplish a lot more than anything she could do alone. “We were able to protect those we loved. And we were able to do it together, as friends.”

The three of them walk towards the empty throne. J-Ro and Jack bow down, presenting the throne to Queen Dawn. J-Ro says that when she lost her way [footage of her attacking people, standing on their hands and doing generally heelish things], Dawn was the one to show her the light. Jack says that when he was feeling lonely [footage of Jack visiting a cemetery, the names saying KP Avatar and Kate Avatar, Dawn appears and comforts Jack], Dawn was the one to show him warmth.

The two agree to protect Celestia, protect the world. They wish to do so as knights, serving under Queen Dawn.

Queen Dawn is hesitant and is unsure if the people of Celestia will accept them. She says that she doesn't want to force her will onto the people. She will consult the people of Celestia.

Segment 11: Steph Blake is bored (obviously not because she's watching this show, this show is awesome)

We see a shot of a club with a sign saying DESIRE in neon lights. We pan in and it looks a lot like the club in the Jaime Quine segment. Charity Sweet is on stage, in skimpy clothing dancing.

Steph Blake tells Honey Golightly that she's bored. It's been a slow day and that there's nothing for her to do as the chief security officer of Club DESIRE. She mentions that the Anna Ki situation is under control, Alina has not shown up and there's nothing for her to do. Honey Golightly, wanting to keep Steph Blake entertained, books her in the main event of the night.

Segment 12: Steph Blake beats Nadia Snow

Some good wrestling, which is saying something considering the rest of the show. In this match, we see Steph's arrogance, toying around with Nadia. There's a spot where she has a chance to finish the match after hitting Nadia with a brutal move, but she just picks Nadia up and continues to beat her up. Nadia uses that to her advantage to mount her comeback, but eventually Steph is just too violent. She hits Nadia multiple times in the back of the head, knocking her out and pinning her.

Segment 13: Back to Celestia

Dawn is outside, by a Roman colosseum looking building. There's a huge crowd watching her. She makes an inspirational speech about Krissy's plot to destroy the world. She recounts events such as Krissy Ascending to Godhood by sucking Freya's blood, firing a death beam at Celestia to bring them to their knees, destroying Avatar Village. She then says that J-Ro and Jack were vital to thwarting Krissy's plans for universal domination.

Jack and J-Ro pledge their loyalty to Queen Dawn and say that as long as they are alive, Celestia will be kept safe.

Dawn explains that she wishes to protect the world that she loves so much, and has put herself in a position to do so. But she doesn't want to force a new ruler on Celestia if they don't want it. She asks if there are any objections to her rule.

From the sound of it, the Celestians want her as leader. “ALL HAIL QUEEN DAWN!!”

“Well, I guess it is decided. The three of us... no... ALL of us... will work hard to protect the world from destruction. I will work hard to be a Queen, worthy of your admira...”


Freya Fish comes flying into the scene (she has angel wings). She crashes into the ground before Queen Dawn. “OBJECTION!!! I CAN'T ALLOW THIS.” She looks up at Queen Dawn. Queen Dawn looks back down at her with a confused expression.

Epic announcer voice: With the Dawn Knights deposing the evil tyrant Krissy, it looks like Celestia is headed in a new direction. But what is this? Freya Fish, Goddess, and former leader of Celestia is objecting to Dawn's rule. What will Dawn's response be? What is Freya intending to do?


End episode.

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