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Overdrive Wrestling - August Week 2

Segment 1: Freya's objection

Last time, on Overdrive Wrestling.

Snippets of last episode, with Joanne Rodriguez and Jack Avatar presenting Queen Dawn with the throne. Dawn being hesitant about taking the throne. Bits of her truly inspirational speech to the people of Celestia. Finally Freya flying into the scene and objecting to Dawn's rule.

The show starts with Dawn, J-Ro and Jack in the middle of the ring and Freya's music hitting. Freya enters the ring. As she enters the ring, J-Ro and Jack form a wall in front of Dawn to make sure Freya doesn't do anything to her.

“I object! I object to your rule, Dawn!” Freya goes on to say that she's the Goddess, the rightful ruler of Celestia. Noone knows her people better than she does. She turns to the people and asks for their forgiveness. “In a time of need, I disappeared. When Celestia needed a strong ruler, I was nowhere to be seen. But I swear, I did not abandon you! I was lost, but now I've found my resolve. I know exactly what I need to do to restore Celestia to its former glory. My people! Please believe in me once again, as you did before. A great crisis looms over our heads. I can't sit idly by and watch as our world is consumed by darkness!”

Joanne turns to Dawn and says that this situation is hurting her head. “I'll leave this to you. I trust you'll make the best decision. Right now, I have personally matters to attend to.” Dawn nods. As she leaves the ring, she turns to Freya. “Freya, don't underestimate Dawn... Dawn, don't underestimate Freya...”

“Joanne!” Freya has an outburst. “You understand, don't you?! We've done battle in the ring. We've had our ups and downs. Through are battles, our hearts have gotten closer. You understand how much I love my people. You understand...” J-Ro is just ignoring her and walking to the back. Meanwhile Jack is getting pissed off.

“Monster! After all you've done, you have the nerve to say all that? Invading Avatar Village. Invading the Coastal Kingdom. Bringing us to our knees! Everything you do, you do for Celestia. Where does that leave the rest of us?! Dawn! Dawn, isn't a cold blooded killer. Dawn is kind, caring. She will protect Celestia, OWE, the entire world! Unlike you, you self-serving bi...”

Dawn steps in front of Jack and stops him. “Freya. If this is truly what Celestia desire, I will not go against it. I will survey the land. Talk to the people. See what they really want. Feel what their heart really feels.”

She starts walking away. Jack follows her, protesting. “You can't be serious. You can't really be intending to give Celestia to her.” Basically... saying “you can't be serious” 800 times while walking to the exit.

Segment 2: Wrestling match between Tetsu and Viper

Viper beats Tetsu and has fun doing it.

Segment 3: Ink Sprinkler

After defeating Tetsu, Viper drags Tetsu to the middle of the ring. The Serpent Clan enter the ring.

"Where is your king?" Ouroboros is yelling at Tetsu. “I SAID, WHEEERE IS HE?!” Tetsu simply smiles back at him. Ouroboros slaps him around. “WHERE IS HE?!”

“Lalalalalala.” On the titantron, we see Remmy Skye walking around a cabin. The sky is a reddish colour, as though it was on fire. He's placing sprinklers on the ground. “Hmmm... I've knocked on the door several times, but noone's been answering. Guess noone lives here. This is a perfect base of operations. A perfect place to start my Kingdom.” He snaps his fingers. The sprinklers turn on. They are shooting multi-coloured ink all over the yard.

During the whole thing, Viper is looking amused. She's pointing to the titantron, constantly saying “Hey, that's our house isn't it?”

Ouroboros is pissed and starts screaming. His screaming is so loud that the lights go out.

Segment 4: Wrestling match between Coastal Guard and Secret Society

The Coastal Guard (Findlay Farraday and Hombre) win.

Segment 5: Return to the Coast

Findlay and Hombre are walking back home, to the Coastal Village. They are in a beach area with huts everywhere.

The two of them are disappointed. After so long, they finally had a chance to reunite with their beloved king, Remmy Skye. However, they come to terms with the fact that they need to protect the Coastal Village. With all that has happened in OWE, there's no telling what kind of evil is waiting around the corner.

Findlay gasps and points to the distance. “It looks like King Skye was right.”

Off in the distance, Jaime Quine and Angel Eater, Tag Team Titles around their wastes, are sitting on the beach. Jaime turns over to them and waves.

Segment 6: Freya's apology (and acting skills, obviously)

Cozelle and Crusher are hospitalized. They are unconscious, in two beds. Freya walks into the room. She kneels down beside them. She's questioning whether she's fit to rule. On one hand, she can't turn her back on Celestia. On the other hand, she's unsure if she has the power and strength to defeat the Serpent Clan. “I couldn't even protect you two. If I couldn't do that, how can I even hope to protect all of Celestia? In your greatest time of need, I abandoned you.” She buries her face in her hands and starts crying.

Segment 7: Cloud Ascension Video Package

The camera pans over to Cozelle's face. Then a video package begins to play (with that blurry effect on the edges to make it look like a dream sequence)

Cozelle and Crusher are bowing down to Freya, who is wearing royal garb.

Cozelle, with Crusher by her side, is yelling commands at an army of angelic soldiers. The camera zooms out and it shows armies from two sides clashing into each other.

In the next shot, it shows Cozelle on the ground, defeated. (I told my video editing crew very specifically not to show who it was that defeated her because he's a terrible wrestler and is now working for this terrible company called Supreme something something. But if you really need to know, this is how he looks like)

A hole appears on the ground and she falls through.

In the next shot, she and Crusher are hugging each other. We then see a series of clips of them winning matches and winning the Tag Team Championships.

In the next several shots, Jaime Quine and Angel Eater are violently destroying them.

The scene shifts back to Freya. She turns to leave, but suddenly Cozelle's hand springs up and holds Freya's hand.

Segment 8: Wrestling match between Krissy Angelle and Jake Idol

Remember Krissy Angelle from episode 1? She's kinda strong! Please don't forget that. Here's a match to remind you. Krissy Angelle beats Jake Idol.

Segment 9: Escape from DESIRE

Lindsay and Anna Ki are in a jail cell. Lindsay says that she's tired of all the fighting and wished that things could go back to the way they were. “I'm just a waitress! All these demons, these rituals! They are beyond me. I just want a new job. I just want to live a normal life.”

Anna Ki explains that they can't just go back. They can't let DESIRE do whatever they want. “If they can just impose their will without any resistance, what would happen to the next restaurant that wanted to do business in this area? More people would lose their jobs! And... that Steph Blake... There is something truly evil about her.”

The camera pans to the outside. Alina is standing with a rose in her hand. “Song. Dance. Ritual. Demons. Anna Ki. Who exactly are you? You hold a very dangerous power. You've fallen into the wrong hands.” She tosses the rose toward the jail cell wall and it explodes! Anna Ki and Lindsay come running out.

“The hell was that?” Steph Blake appears.

Alina holds onto her chest. “UNGGH! Such... demonic powers.” Alina tries to get away, but Steph chases her. She gets chased all the way into a wrestling ring.

Segment 10: Wrestling match between Steph Blake and Alina

Steph Blake and Alina have a match. Every time Alina has a counter and seems to be gaining momentum, Steph Blake turns the match around. Late into the match, Colossus comes in. Alina, realizing she's outmatched, decides to retreat.

Segment 11: Alicia and Huey prove themselves?

Alicia Strong is pumped up. She says that she's the strongest and that if her parents could see her, they would be proud. She turns to her friend, Huey Cannonball and says that the two of them are the strongest duo in the history of everything. Huey shrugs. “I guess?”

“That's why I agreed to compete in the tag match that's happening NEXT”

“WHAAAA?” Huey seems very unprepared.

Segment 12: The Strongest Team vs Emma Vamp and Brute Kikuchi

Late into the match, Brute and Alicia are legal in the match. Both of them are down, trying to pull themselves back up. Alicia crawls to her corner and tries to go for the tag, but Emma is there and bites Huey in the neck!

Alicia is surprised, which gives Brute the time he needs to defeat her. Emma and Brute defeat The Strongest Team by weirdness.

Segment 13: Personal business

Honey and Steph Blake are just outside Club DESIRE, talking. “Well, with all that's happened tonight, you can't complain about things being boring.”

“Hmph.” Steph looks annoyed. “We didn't need those two anyway. You already did your ritual thing anyway.”

“Hey, don't need to get all defensive. Just because you weren't able to do your job. I know it hurts, losing to Ali...”

“I DIDN'T LOSE! I had her. If that doofus Colossus had just stayed home like a good little boy...”

“Hey, what's that?” Steph and Honey look off in the distance. Someone is coming toward them...

It's Joanne Rodriguez!

Steph Blake has a huge grin on her face.

Epic announcer voice: What exactly is Club DESIRE trying to do? What hidden power does Steph Blake carry? What business does Joanne Rodriguez have with DESIRE? Find out next time on Overdrive Wrestling.
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