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The Ienari Theatre @ Chubu, Japan
1789 Fans (No Vacancy)

Keisuke Arashi, Kyuichi Matsumoto & Kazuhiko Nakao def. Shuzo Utagawa, Logan Wolfsbaine & Haruhiro Tsumemasa (8m38s) when Nakao used a Diving Foot Stomp on Utagawa [47]

Kiyotaka, Kuemon Hotta & Tiger Fuyuki def. Pavel Vanzycha, Nigel Svensson & Nariaki Hitomi (11m59s) when Hotta used a Sprint Palm Thrust on Svensson [54]

Yuki Horigoshi, Ieshige Nishio & Takeshi Yamanaka def. Gidayu Katou, Omezo Shikitei & Hirokichi Yoemon (11m42s) when Horigoshi used a Yuki Rush Lariat on Katou [44]

B.T.U. (Rokuemon Matsushita & Taheiji Konoe) def. Motoyuki Miyake & Hidekazu Ozawa (12m30s) when Matsushita used a Choke Slam on Miyake [58]

- Motoyuki Miyake fought like a lion against the vicious B.T.U. dou, but he wasn't able to finish them off. Miyake nailed a good amount of attacks, but his accuracy wasn't on point. B.T.U. isolated Miyake by throwing Ozawa through the ropes and finished the young boy off with a devastating Choke Slam.

B.T.U. (Nobuharu Yokokawa, Bunrakuken Torii & Funakoshi) def. Masutaro Koyama, Kazuchika Nagai & Hitomaro Suzuki (14m53s) when Torii used a Spinning Forearm Smash on Koyama [71]

- Early disputes in the Unit? Attentive fans noticed that Funakoshis antics wasn't liked by BCG World Champion Bunrakuken Torii. After his Spinning Forearm victory over Koyama,
Yokokawa and Funakoshi attacked Koyama and Nagai, what leads to a brawl.

Suzuki and Torii stood outside the ring, unimpressed regarding the fresh started brawl, and the enemies shook their hands. The two will fight over the BCG championship in Saitama in nine days.

The Dreamcatcher is coming to Saitama! 2016/06/15!

Special Singles Match

Bulldozer Brandon Smith def. Morimasa Kato (17m43) with a Tombstone Piledriver [66]

- Kato and the Bulldozer threw each other everything they've got at their faces. They brawled outside the ring and Smith nearly managed to get a countout victory,
but to a loud applause Kato got back into the ring. In the closing stretch Morimasa hits a knee strike, followed by a Lariat but Smith kicked out and immediately turned it into an Lariat on his own. After a Tombstone Piledriver Smith got the victory.

WCG World Tag Team Championship

Kimitada Yanagita & Sotatsu Sarumara def. OWARI (Azumamaro Kita & Fujio Narahashi) (20m23) when Sarumara used a Mounted Arm Lock on Kita (1st Defense) [61]

- It was on the first tour where the OWARI team (Narahashi) pinned Kimitada Yanagita in a tag team bout, however "The Dog Of War" got his win back a fews days later.
On this tour (at the Ibaraki Community Hall on the opening night) Kita has submitted Sarumara in the middle of the ring with his Cross Armbreaker.

Sarumara and Kita tried to submit each other with various holds, while Yanagita and Narahashi beat the living hell out of each other numerous times. Both teams had a bunch of tag team stuff going on, Yanagita delivered a German Suplex on Kita and Sarumara grabbed Kitas arm to lock in his Mounted Arm Lock for the defense.

Backstage Comments

Sarumara & Yanagita: "This is was pro-wrestling is all about. Four guys hitting each other with all kind of moves. OWARI are a good team, strong and fast, but we're better at the moment."

OWARI: "Such a close match. So close...They're both , we beat them two times and they got their wins back faster than we can say . "

Bulldozer Brandon Smith: "When i came over to Japan, i heard that they have the best and toughes wrestlers in the world, and you know what? It's true. Kato was tough, but i was even tougher."

Morimasa Kato: "What a beast he is, huh? I'm not booked at the Saitama show, so i'm going to train like a beast to get better for our next dance, big guy."

Funakoshi: "What was that all about, Torii? You need to refocus again, don't get fooled by Suzuki."

Koyama, Nagai & Suzuki: S: "Today you could see in Torii's eyes, that he loves to fight one on one. He shook my hand, he wants to fight fair and clean."
N: "Not like the others. B.T.U. are bad for our sport! Yokokawa you kicked me in the face last time and now you attacked us from behind? Allright, let the games begin!"

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