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I am not an expert, but in my MSU Dynasty (Started at Mississippi State and then got hired by Michigan State after 4 years), after 25 years I have about 15% 5 Star and 40% 4 Star recruits. I am sure there are lots of folks with better recruiting ideas, but I select the best 4 and 5 Stars that are passing (2.0), and have a 7 or better interest. I only go to a 3 Star recruit at a position when I can't get one of the above to sign. I always use "Chance to Win". Usually TE and FB are the toughest for me to recruit.

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Has anyone had difficulty recruiting? I am still getting the hang of this game in general, but I am really struggling with recruiting. I almost never land the recruits that are interested in my program, even when I have selected the pitch that is very important...
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