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#36: Stables

This entry will cover how stables have been upgraded for TEW2020.

Starting with the editor, here is how stables are broken down.

Firstly, there are the basics: their name, the company they are assigned to, their status (active / inactive), and their biography-style description.

Secondly, there are the following in the details / settings section.

Type: This can either be Faction, Brotherhood, Cult, Gang or Alliance; this controls how they act and are rated.

Formed: This is text to show when they were created.

Important: Yes or No. This simply says whether they get made inactive or get removed entirely when they are closed.

Min / Max Members: This controls the number of people in the stable.

Must Involve: This can link the stable to a specific worker; the stable can only operate as long as that worker is a member, otherwise it is shut down.

Disposition: This controls whether the stable is Babyface, Heel, or can be either.

Genders: This controls whether the stable is Male Only, Female Only, or Mixed.

No New Members: This says whether the stable is "closed" or not, i.e. whether new members can be added after the stable is established.

Thirdly, there is the members section, which lists who is in the stable. This has been reduced from 20 members to 18 in TEW2020 because when viewing stables you no longer see a list but get the entire stable pictured, but I could only fit 18 people on screen. As I think most people would prefer the much nicer visual presentation, and that hardly anyone actually ever used slots 19 and 20 anyway, I think this is a minor drawback. Each of the members has the following potential roles (replacing Major / Minor):

Leader: As it sounds.

Deputy: The worker (or workers) who are second in command and will likely take over if the leader leaves.

Heir: A (usually younger) worker who is being groomed to eventually take leadership.

Member: This is the generic role that just means a worker is part of the stable.

Muscle: This is for workers who are members to act as enforcers or bruisers.

Lackey: This is for members who play a minor, servile role.

Fodder: This is for the bottom-rung members who exists basically to get beaten up and do run-ins.

Support: This is for non-wrestlers, such as managers, valets, etc.

These roles inform the game how that worker's performance, status, etc, affects the stable's rating.

On top of this, there is now a Stable Names section of the editor. This workers just like Team Names, TV names, etc, in that it lists a bunch of potential names that can be applied to stables. These are subdivided by gender, disposition, stale type, stable size, and company location.

As you can probably tell from some of the features I've just announced, the really big change in stables is that they are now fully integrated for AI use. That means that the AI can open its own stables, add new members, remove members, change stable roles, close stables, and incorporate all of this into its booking. That means that stable members will team with each other, not outsiders, they'll band together in tournaments, avoid fighting each other, etc. In conjunction with this, there's a new Stables section (located next to Tag Teams) when viewing AI companies so that you can see what their current groups are, who is in them, and what their roles are.

As a minor addition, stable names are now also fully incorporated into match reports, both human and AI. So you'll see things like "The Infernal Horde (Snap Dragon, El Rey, and Soul Taker) beat ....." when viewing results, which looks nicer and means that you can better see why people are teaming together.
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