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#40: Worker styles

With the game being rebuilt, it seemed like a good opportunity to redo the worker style classifications, so today we will go through the new selection.

The eleven styles that were in TEW2016 have been replaced with the following sixteen:











High Flyer


Technician Flyer

Technician Striker


MMA Crossover

I think they are pretty self explanatory, but for those who are not sure: Impactful refers to the more modern hard-hitting style of mixing strikes, suplexes and submissions - Samoa Joe being one real world example; Striker and Brawler differs in that the former involves more finesse; Luchador refers to the stereotypical fast-paced mix of technique and high flying that is best exemplified in Mexican wrestling; a Technician Striker would be someone who mixes technical wrestling with a lot of (probably MMA influenced) striking.

There's intentionally quite a blurring of the lines between the categories to allow for leeway; for example, Luchador, High Flyer, and Technical Flyer are all closely related and there isn't going to be a huge amount of difference between them, although obviously lucha libre companies are going to have a mild preference for the former, whilst companies with a high degree of emphasis on technical expertise are likely to favour Technical Flyers over High Flyers. Similarly, Striker, Brawler, and Technical Striker aren't radically different but offer a degree of subtlety that the game can use.

As before, styles don't affect in-ring work, they're simply a handy "tag" that the game can use to make sure that it's making the best / most realistic use of someone and to allow for a more intuitive game play experience. Styles can still organically change during game play.

As you'd expect, all the features of the game that involve styles - such as owner goals - have been updated to reflect the new groupings.

Overall, these new styles not only give more choices and cover the real world better, but they can better tie in to the way products work, which is what we'll be covering next Tuesday.
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