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Unread 11-12-2006, 11:05 PM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
GDS Developer
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Default BBCF version 1.50

Here's the full version 1.51 update:

We will be updating the site this week and I will try and get a new demo out by next week. Still, feel free to update to this version. Just make sure that you have the latest version from the site (1.11) before running this update. This should work with current saves as well.

Updated for 1.5:

1. Tightening up play by play - this involves adding the missing plays in the game log, updating some grammar/sp issues and cleaning up other aspects of it.

2. Fixed taking a knee, spiking, and AI timeout usage.

3. Adjusted the engine to reward better defensive teams. Now, teams with more talented defenses should allow fewer points on average.

4. Improve the transfer logic - if an effort is made to play the player in the prior season, it now means more. Also, you get an email in the final week of camp giving feedback on potential transfer risks when redshirting players.

5. Improved the polls - Strength of schedule has been made more of a factor. The main emphasis here has been trying to improve the poll logic in the middle weeks since that's where most of the remaining problems still remain. Usually, things work themselves out by the end of the season, but you sometimes see teams ride out some generous slotting in the middle of the season.

6. Improving the recruit pitch process - Now, you will get an email after you scout a recruit that gives some additional insight on his pitch. It's still going to be handled the same (ie, you only get 1 chance to get the bonus - no partial credit). But, now atleast you have more information to work with. It also adds another reason to scout players early.

7. Added inseason player development. Players will now develop during the season and you can check this on the roster (the checkbox for changes).

8. Added inseason recruiting options. You get an email every week with a game from three potential recruits that would like to visit. You can only choose one and if you win, the player’s interest may go up. If you lose, it may go down. Interest levels get updated every 4-5 weeks. Also, when a player visits, you automatically get the full color scale view for that player’s interest. That, combined with players that visit getting shaded yellow, will help you track who has visited. AI will handle this for you if you select AI to handle recruiting.

9. Fixed around 15 different penalty/AI issues in the engine.

10. Fixed the issue with turnover margin not being displayed properly.

11. Adjusted overall recruiting logic to mimic regional/state numbers found on recruiting sites.

12. Tweaked the player pool to better reflect the college game.

13. Fixed some MP issues including instances where recruits might not commit to human teams late in the process.

14. Fixed an instance of incorrect stat tracking (for QB sacks).

15. Added comments to gamelogs on things like bad passes, great catches, missed tackles, dropped passes…

16. Fixed PBP issues involving QB keepers and other issues.

17. Changed MP import notifications.

18. Adjusted award criteria.

19. Fixed Scheduling issues ranging from inproper number of home games to having the same rival scheduled twice.

20. Some Hotkey support. You can now use ‘ and / to move up and down most grids. Also, if you mouse over a button, it may tell you a hotkey you can use instead. The ‘Yes’/’No’ message box has this as do some of the offseason screens.

21. Major overhaul on the option offense. Updated all AI gameplans to favor more runs, changed the engine logic to include more QB keepers. You will need to advance to camp in your game to see the changes though.

22. Improved AI use of offensive gameplan. Going into each camp the AI will setup specific gameplans based on their offense type. Then, at each matchup during the season, the AI will do a better job at choosing its gameplan based on injuries, opponent, opponent's tendencies and its own play success rate. The AI also does more with the play information data collected for every team on every play.

23. IMPORTANT USER NOTE - The 4 stock gameplans will be changed before camp and when you change your offense in camp to reflect the team's new offense. If you want a specific gameplan that will never change, make sure to create a new gameplan outside of the 4 stock ones. User created gameplans will not be changed.

24. Added an "oldschool bowl" method. If you go into the "bowlGames" table in the pstats.dat and set the GDCS field to 0 for all bowl games, the AI will not use the GDCS to set any games. Instead, it will rely exclusively on the conference matchups specified in the table. If you wish to use this, make sure to fill in the proper conference matchups for the current GDCS games or it may not work. After the bowl games are played without the GDCS fields, the national champion will be the team rated number 1 by the Coaches Poll. In this setup, the GDCS controls nothing and is only a guide.

25. Improved the multiplayer import process. it should be more informative for commishes and not skip teams when a failed import occurs.

26. IMPORTANT MP ADDITION - Starting in version 1.47, when a user exports his file for use in an MP league, all of his AI settings are also passed in the file. So, if Team1 has Academics set to "CPU run", his exported team file will have that information. This will allow each MP owner to tailor the AI useage much like a SP game without any help from the commish. Also, when a user loads the main save from the commish, his options will still be there meaning no need to change them after the first time for future exports. The commish will still have the ability to set the team to be "AI run" for a certain period like normal (ie, an owner goes out of town or leaves). But, this should help both the commish and individual owners manage their tasks.

27. Improved special teams selection involving injured players. Now, the AI will be less likely to recommend a questionable player that you may be sitting for health reasons.

28. Improved SOS impact on prestige for lower teams. Now, if you are a lower team that schedules tougher opponents, you will get treated differently when it comes to the impact of your record on prestige than someone who just schedules a bunch of patsies for an extra win. This is based on the logic that more marquee opponents means more national exposure (which helps prestige). It's not an enormous impact, but it's enough to make people consider scheduling atleast one good team when you are a smaller school.

29. Fixed turnover margin on Team Overview report.

30. "Team Recovery Report" sent via email each week where atleast one injured player is now 100%. Should help remind people to put these guys back in the lineup.

31. Fixed CPU "Suggest All" button sometimes assigning a negative number for adaptability in training.

32. Fixed the blocked kick name gamelog.

33. Fixed YPG issue on player stats report.

34. Fixed the MP import skipping teams.

35. Fixed bowl games to now have bowl game attendence (not home team attendence).

36. Conference movement. You can set it up in the game options – the choices are None, Low, Average, High. The basic algorithm is that the game goes through at the start of each offseason and checks to see if any teams should be swapped. All conferences are broken up into 4 layers – GDCS (top 8), tier 1, tier 2 and independents. Movement occurs between each grouping and there’s always a “swapping” of teams. For instance, in my testing, I had Utah replace Stanford in the Pac 10 after three seasons. Stanford then went to Utah’s conference and took its place. There’s also some region protection meaning a team in the West can only go to the Midlands and West, Midlands can go West, Midlands and Midwest, Midwest can go Midlands and Midwest, SE can go SE and AE, AE can go AE and SE. I had to setup a couple regions for each team otherwise you could hit situations where movement was deadlocked because of regions. However, you shouldn’t see teams like Fresno State going into the SEC.

One final comment for conference movement: The choice levels dictate the chance movement will occur and the qualifications for a movement to occur. The highest level needs atleast 2 positive seasons for the moving up team (at a certain level) and 2 negative for the teams moving down. Those change to 3 and 4 for the average and low levels. There are also prestige restrictions meaning a team like Auburn or USC won’t get demoted if they have a couple bad seasons. Finally, make sure you turn it on in the game options if you want to use it. It defaults to “None” for saves and new games (it does work with old saves).

Last edited by Arlie Rahn : 11-24-2006 at 04:10 PM.
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