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Unread 03-08-2012, 05:21 AM
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Default WCW - A Shot at Redemption

So I've decided to go for a WCW dynasty starting immediately after Starrcade 1997. I'll try to keep it as realistic as possible which means that there'll be no major roster overhauls, eventual signings will be based on how wrestlers perform on the indy circuit as well as whether anyone of use can be poached from WWF. I'll also try to stick to not using WWF trademarked names if I should end up signing someone from them, although that will only be the case with WWF wrestlers, not ECW or other indy companies. I will take liberties when it comes to who I push, I see no point in not building up younger wrestlers just because WCW themselves had a hard time doing so. On the other hand, I won't de-push the older wrestlers just for the sake of doing so either. Finally, I will tweak the product slightly to fit my booking style more, although it won't result in 90 percent Match to Angle ratios or brutal hardcore matches. I'll still try to be fairly respectful towards the style WCW had, after all it was WCW that got me into wrestling when I was a kid. Finally, I just want to say that I hope that people will read and enjoy it. I know it's quite weird to be doing a TEW 2008 dynasty these days, but just because it's an older version shouldn't change too much in how good (or shit) a dynasty I can write. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Happy New Year! After a truly extraordinary 1997, we go into 1998 expecting even more as the war between WCW and WWF seems to escalate every day at the moment. WWF suffered a huge blow just a few months ago after the controversy at Survivor Series that resulted in Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith all jumping ship to their rivals. Bret Hart's departure does seem to have opened up some room at the top and with wrestlers like Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley looking to be on the rise, 1998 could end up being a very good year for WWF if they play their cards right and it will have to after WCW seems to have taken a firm lead. WCW had an incredible 1997 as the nWo storyline kept everybody in suspense throughout the year. With the nWo losing both the World and US titles at their final show of 97, Starrcade, the interest in what's going to happen next is extremely high. Are the nWo's days of reigning supreme finally over? Or will they rise again to reclaim the throne as the most dominant group in wrestling? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure. We'll have all the news right here for you.

WCW are just 24 hours removed from what could arguably be called the biggest show of their existence, Starrcade 97. Starrcade has always been regarded as their flagship pay-per-view, but this time around it was gigantic as Sting, having not wrestled in a match since Fall Brawl 96 would finally step into the ring to challenge Hollywood Hogan for his World Heavyweight Title, and of course the match did result in some controversy. Hogan looked to have sneaked another victory home with the aid of referee Nick Patrick when Bret Hart interjected and restarted the match claiming to want a clean finish. Sting ended up winning the title afterwards, but word from the nWo camp is that they will file a complaint to WCW commisioner, JJ Dillon, as they feel that Bret Hart had no authority to restart anything. We expect to learn more of this situation tonight on WCW Nitro. Truth be told, it was a night to forget for the nWo as they also lost the United States title when Diamond Dallas Page, substituting for an injured Ric Flair, defeated Curt Hennig cleanly. On top of that, the nWo also lost their bid to control Monday Nitro as Larry Zbyszko defeated Eric Bischoff by DQ when special referee Bret Hart spotted Bischoff using a steel plate to knock Zbyszko down.

The question is how the nWo will react to losing almost everything in one night. With only the Tag Team Titles in their possession, what will the group do as they scramble to retain power? And in the other camp, with WCW gaining the upper hand, will they be organized and strong enough to go for the killing blow? Tune in tonight for the first Nitro of 1998 to find out!

(OOC: I'll be posting news bulletins like this in between shows. I will be aiming to post the scheduled matches for Nitro later today...along with maybe some layout changes, I'm writing this from my phone so I'll keep it basic for now)
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Monday Nitro! January 1998, Week 1:

Eddy Guerrero (c) Vs Kidman, WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match
Goldberg Vs Michael Wallstreet
Psychosis Vs Chris Jericho
The Steiner Brothers Vs Glacier & Ernest Miller
Curt Hennig Vs Mortis
Diamond Dallas Page Vs Dave Taylor
Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Juventud Guerrera Vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
Lex Luger Vs Buff Bagwell
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WCW Monday Nitro! January, Week 1:

LIVE! Hofheinz Pavillion, Houston, TX

Tony Schiavone: Hello and welcome to another edition of Nitro! We are just one day removed from Starrcade and a VERY controversial end to the pay-per-view. We understand that the New World Order have filed a complaint to the WCW board of directors claiming that Bret Hart had no authority to restart the match and that the result that stands should be the one made by Nick Patrick.

Bobby Heenan: The nWo may actually have a point in this situation. Bret Hart has been signed as a wrestler, not as a commissioner. He had no right to question and attack Nick Patrick not to mention give Sting the win.

Tony: Well tonight we'll have Lex Luger facing Buff Bagwell in a rematch from last night, we'll have Diamond Dallas Page taking on Dave Taylor and much, much more. But first we understand that JJ Dillon will address the World Title situation right away, so let's take it to the ring and “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

*“Mean” Gene Okerlund and JJ Dillon are already in the ring, JJ has the World Title in his hands*

Okerlund: Thank you Tony & Bobby! Mr. Dillon, I think we would all like to know what the WCW board of directors have decided to do about the World Title situation.

JJ: Well Gene, after much back and forth discussing, we have come to the decision that Bret Hart indeed had no right to interfere, and so his decision to hand Sting the victory is void.

*The crowd boos incessantly at this, but before JJ Dillon can continue the nWo music hits and Eric Bischoff makes his way out to the ring, his face beaming at this latest development*

Bischoff: Well, well, well. I must admit JJ old man. You have definitely shown more character tonight than I could ever have thought! You have done the right thing brother, now if you can just hand me the...

JJ: Not so fast Eric. The fact of the matter is that we have decided that Nick Patrick's count doesn't count either.

*Bischoff looks like he just got slapped in the face, and then starts swearing off mic*

Bischoff: I knew you couldn't keep unbiased! The facts are right there JJ! Hogan should by all rights still be the nWo World Heavyweight Champion!

JJ: Well the fact of the matter is that he isn't! In fact, no one is...we have decided to vacate the World Title until Souled Out at the end of this month.

Bischoff: Okay...okay, then I propose this. We're going to have a 16 man tournament and the final will be for the title! How about that JJ! You're just as interested in ratings and buy-rates as I am...we're all in the same boat here.

JJ: Are we Eric? Because the way I see it, you don't have anything to bargain with. Last year, you felt that the nWo was strong enough to warrant their own Pay-per-view, WCW yielded and you got Souled Out. Last year, you felt that the nWo was strong enough for you to call shots and book matches, and again WCW yielded. But guess what Eric...this is now 1998, and what do you have left to bargain with? You have no control over Nitro, you have no World Title, hell you don't even have a US what? Are you going to take the Tag Team Titles and go on strike with them? No, let me tell you what's going to happen. This year, it will be WCW Souled Out NOT nWo. The matches will be made by WCW, and will be both refereed and announced by WCW employees. But more importantly, we already know who's going to be in that World Title match! You say that we should give the fans what they want and I agree! I don't want you to give Hogan the opportunity an opportunity to manipulate his way into a title match against an opponent of his choosing. The fans already know who they want to see. They want Hollywood Hogan against Sting!

*The crowd roars in approval as Bischoff looks disgustedly at JJ*

JJ: And one more thing try and keep the match as level as will be inside a Steel...CAGE!

*Bischoff starts yelling at Dillon as he calmly steps out of the ring and walks up the ramp amid huge cheers from the crowd*

Okerlund: There you have it guys! Sting Vs Hollywood Hogan at Souled Out for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! I can't wait! Tony, Bobby, back to you guys.

Tony: WOW! What an announcement by WCW commissioner, JJ Dillon.

Heenan: You can say that again Tony! Hogan will not like this! He doesn't want to face Sting, he tried to weasel his way out of defending it at Starrcade and he must've thought that he had dodged a bullet, but instead he will be in front of the firing squad at Souled Out.

Tony: We're about ready for our first match of the night, so let's get down to the ring!

Eddy Guerrero © Vs Kidman w/Raven, WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match

Eddy & Kidman have a decent match with each other. Eddy is strutting with confidence as he walks down with his title around his waist. Kidman on the other hand does not look confident at all, shifting and scratching his arms as he walks down the aisle, he does have one thing going for him though as Raven accompanies him to the ring. Kidman does his best throughout the match, but Eddy's superior strength gets him in control. Finish comes when Raven unties one of the turnbuckle pads which the referee eventually spots and decides to tie up. Raven then enter the ring with a pair of brass knuckles and swings to try and hit Guerrero, only for him to duck and Kidman to catch it square on the jaw. The referee turns around and sees Eddy making the pin and counts the three count as Raven looks on with a look of indifference across his face.

WINNER: Eddy Guerrero

*After the match, Raven slides into the ring and slumps in the corner until Kidman finally gets up. Raven stands up, calmly walks over to his minion and plants him with an Evenflow DDT. He slaps Kidman a few times before walking finally walking off *

Tony: What in the world was that about!?

Heenan: Well obviously Raven was disappointed that Kidman couldn't get the job done tonight, as he should be! Huge opportunity to Kidman that he just blew big time!

Tony: Are you kidding me!? Raven cost him the match! That's ridiculous!

Goldberg Vs Michael Wallstreet

Goldberg absolutely dominates this match. Wallstreet tries to get some offence in by attacking hi opponent right when he gets in the ring, but Goldberg explodes with a massive Shoulder Block. Goldberg then follows up with absolutely trashing Wallstreet for a few minutes before finally showing mercy and finishing him with a Spear & a Jackhammer.

WINNER: Goldberg
*After a commercial break, we come back with Bret Hart making his way out to the ring. The crowd is ecstatic to see Hart in a WCW ring and he looks excited to be here. He enters the ring with a microphone and looks set to speak*

Tony: Here he is! The man that was the centre of so much controversy last night, Bret “The Hitman” Hart!

Bret Hart: First of all I'm absolutely thrilled to be here in Houston, Texas! Second of all, I'm absolutely thrilled to be here, in WCW! I came here because I've done it all up north, I've won it all, I've defeated them all, and I want an opportunity to test myself which is what I'm looking to do. I'm looking at this roster and I see some of the best talent there is in the business today. Flair, Benoit, DDP, Sting, I'm looking forward to stepping into the ring with them all and I'm ready to face whoever wants to face the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!

*The nWo music hits and Randy Savage walks out on the stage with Miss Elizabeth in tow*

Randy Savage: OOOOH YEEEEAH! Bret Hart! Welcome to where the big boys play. I like how you say that you came here to test yourself, when we all know that you're only here because you got thrown out from up north. Now I find it funny, ohh yeaah, I find it funny that you didn't mention what you did last night at all. Do you really think that the now have forgotten? Because let me tell you, we haven't...and you need to watch your back brother. Dig it!

Hart: Well, Macho Man, I did what I did last night because the nWo needs to be taken care of. No one wants to see Hogan, or Hall, or Nash...or you...running over WCW like a pack of wild animals...and I'll make sure that your time is over. You tell me to watch my back? I'm telling you to watch yours.

*Savage & Hart stares each other down from either end of the arena*

Tony: Sounds like the war is on again, and after months and months of the now having the upper hand on us, are WCW starting to gain control again?

Heenan: Bret Hart needs to be careful. A whole bunch of wrestlers have talked the talk about destroying the now, and so far everyone seems to have failed. Bret Hart DOES need to watch his back, because he's only one guy against a whole group of thugs.

Psychosis Vs Chris Jericho

A nice open match that showcases both men's talent and offensive qualities. Chris Jericho manages to get the win at the end with a Liontamer.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) w/ Ted DiBiase Vs Glacier & Ernest Miller

The Steiner Brothers are in control for most of this match. They look ferocious as they systematically takes Glacier & Ernest Miller apart. Scott Steiner finally gets the pin off of a Frankensteiner to the delight of the crowd.

WINNERS: The Steiner Brothers
*After the match, “Mean” Gene Okerlund comes out to the ring to talk to the Steiners*

Okerlund: Ladies & Gentlemen. I'd like to talk to these two guys right here, Scott, Rick, phenomenal match you guys.

Scott Steiner: Well Gene, this was all fine and dandy. We got a match, we showed up and we destroyed our opponents. That's what we do. However, there is one team that we want to destroy more than any other. We're sick and tired of people saying that we can't get the job done. That we can't win the Tag Team Titles, so what we want is one last shot. If we can't beat The Outsiders, we'll walk away and not get another shot during their title reign. It's as simple as that.

Okerlund: Whoa guys, just one more shot! What if you lose?

Rick Steiner: You know what Gene. We only need one more shot. We've got Mr. DiBiase in our corner, and there's no way we're going to lose. The Tag Team Titles are all that the now has left, and we want to be the team to take them.

Okerlund: Well you heard it here folks, the challenge has been given. It's just a question of what The Outsiders will say to all of this. Tony, Bobby, back to you guys.

Tony: The gauntlet has been thrown now! The Steiner Brothers want a piece of the nWo, and boy am I hoping that they're going to get it.

Heenan: They won't though. They said it themselves, the tag team titles are all that the nWo have left, and they're going to cling on to it as hard as they can.

Curt Hennig Vs Mortis

Curt Hennig has an air of menace surrounding him tonight, his usual cloud of arrogance seems to have been swapped for anger as he tears into Mortis with every fibre of his being. Mortis tries to get some offence in and succeeds for a short period of time but in the end it's not enough and Hennig nails him with a Perfect-Plex for the three count.

WINNER: Curt Hennig
*After a commercial break, the New World Order makes an appearance as Eric Bischoff leads the 3 founding members Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash to the ring. Surprisingly enough, they're all smiles despite the sudden rush of adversity that they've been through. They enter the ring to the hisses from the crowd.*

Hogan: We feel like we need to come out to address the rumours and the lies that have been said about us these past 24 hours. The New World Order isn't dying, brother! It's not going anywhere, dudes! We're still standing tall and we haven't lost anything! Last night was a minor setback...just a small tiny setback, but everything is on it's way to being rectified. At nWo Souled Out, I'll luckily get another chance to wring the head off of that little rodent, Sting. He eluded me last night, but WCW's head office has graciously handed me a second opportunity to take care of that little menace once and for all...AND at the same time, show the world that there is only one true!

Nash: Me and Scotty were hanging out in the back, when we suddenly heard this extremely loud whining sound...then we looked at the TV and we realised that it was just the Steiner Brothers wanting a title shot...again...

Hall: Yeah, I'm sorry guys but this is really becoming pathetic. I think you should probably just pack it up and go home. We can't in any right mind give you a Tag Team Title shot, we've simply beaten you up too many times.

Bischoff: As Hogan said, the nWo won't be going anywhere, and as god is my Souled Out, the nWo will have taken back all that is rightfully ours!

*With that, the New World Order members make their way to the back*

Tony: I don't like the sound of that. Considering what these guys have managed to do in the past, lord knows what they can get up to from now until Souled Out.

Heenan: I've got no idea what they have planned. But judging from previous experiences, it can't be any good.

Diamond Dallas Page Vs Dave Taylor

DDP comes out and holds his US Title up high, the crowd going nuts for one of their favourite wrestlers. Dave Taylor is a ring veteran though and poses quite the challenge for DDP throughout the match. Page however isn't a champion for nothing and he manages to nail the Diamond Cutter out of an attempted Vertical Suplex to pick up the victory.

WINNER: Diamond Dallas Page
*After the match as DDP is celebrating. Curt Hennig suddenly comes out from the crowd and attacks him from behind with a chair. If nails him a couple of times before angrily throwing it down on top of his fallen adversary and leaving*

Tony: What the hell was that all about!? Another cowardly attack from the nWo!

Heenan: But didn't you hear what Bischoff was saying earlier? The nWo are planning on getting back what they think is rightfully theirs, and I think in Curt Hennig's mind, the United States Title is definitely rightfully his.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Juventud Guerrera Vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko

Both teams did very well and tried their best to edge out a win, but in the end Benoit & Malenko's experience just proved too much as Benoit managed to catch Juventud in the Crossface for the tap out win.

WINNER: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
*We go backstage where a weary “Mean” Gene is standing by with Curt Hennig*

Okerlund: Mr. Hennig, what is the matter with you? Why did you attack Diamond Dallas Page the way you did?

Hennig: Look here, scumbag! I don't care for your stupid interviews and I'm gonna do this short and sweet. Page! You didn't even have any right to be in that match at Starrcade and your win was nothing but a fluke, and I'm willing to prove it. At Souled Out, you put your US Title on the line and I'll take it from you so fast you won't even know what hit you.

Lex Luger Vs Buff Bagwell

Lex Luger lays into Bagwell furiously in the beginning of the match, with Bagwell begging off his opponent. A cheap shot to the groin after the referee was accidentally pushed away however gives the nWo member the upper hand and he is in control for a long stretch of the match. Luger does get his second wind and looks set to win the match but Konnan runs out and hands Bagwell a can of mace and distracts the referee long enough for Buff to mace Lex in his face and hit a Yellow Jacket Suplex for the win.

WINNER: Buff Bagwell
*Lex Luger takes a few moments before he realizes what just happened, he looks on dejected as Bagwell & Konnan escapes the scene of the crime, the frustration clearly etched into his face.*

Tony: I cannot believe that Buff Bagwell has stolen another victory of Lex Luger. I can't imagine what must be running through his mind right now.

Heenan: Well, probably not a lot since he's a bit of a dummy, but this is another huge win for Bagwell. Luger on the other hand, really needs to pick up some momentum. But he does not look happy, and he shouldn't be.

Tony: Well folks, there's certainly been a lot happening tonight, and I can't wait to see what will transpire next week. Will Sting show up to share his thoughts about the board's decision concerning the World Title? Will DDP answer Curt Hennig's challenge? And what will the nWo do to “gain back what is rightfully theirs”? Tune in next week to find out. We'll see you then!

OOC: Please let me know if you think the format is readable. I'm trying to keep it from being a wall of text, but I don't know what y'all think. I don't see the point in going to much into detail with the matches, although I might make them longer for Pay-Per-Views, I don't know. I hope you'll like it and keep reading.
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Wrestling News!

WCW have announced a partnership with independent fed, Ohio Valley Wrestling. WCW will be able to send wrestlers down to OVW to help develop their skills and they have seemingly already chosen to do so. WCW have decided to send Evan Karagias, Kaz Hayashi, Super Calo, Sick Boy, Lodi & Stevie Richards down there along with Arn Anderson who will aid in the training.

Ohio Valley Wrestling has made a lot of different changes. Apart from a working relationship with WCW, they have also appointed Jimmy Snuka as their new head booker.

ECW have decided to release Vito LaGrasso. The decision was apparently made as a cost cutting measure.

WCW have also decided to let one of their wrestlers go as El Dandy will no longer appear for the company. El Dandy was on a pay-per-appearance deal and it was apparently felt that the company would rather focus on their contracted luchadores.

WCW and Johnny Swinger has come to terms on a new written contract. Swinger was previously on a pay-per-appearance deal with the company, but with the signing of the deal he will immediately go to OVW to work on his skills.
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WCW Monday Nitro! January 1998, Week 2:

Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs Silver King
Goldberg Vs Brad Armstrong
The Giant Vs Riggs
Dean Malenko Vs Steven Regal
Eddy Guerrero (c) Vs La Parka, WCW World Cruiserweight Title
Konnan Vs Lex Luger
The Outsiders Vs John Tenta & Rick Martel
Bret Hart Vs Chris Jericho

OOC: Ammended a mistake, and booked The Giant to face Riggs instead of Alex Wright

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Monday Night Nitro! January 1998, Week 2:

LIVE! From American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL.

Tony: Welcome to another spectacular edition of Monday Nitro. I'm Tony Schiavone, alongside Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and what a show we have for you tonight! Tonight, Bret Hart will make his in-ring debut as he takes on Chris Jericho in our main event, and Lex Luger will get a chance at revenge against Konnan as they go 1 on 1 tonight as well.

Heenan: Bret Hart needs to be careful. The nWo have a lot to prove and Hart has certainly made them very angry. I think we might see an upset tonight as he has to watch both Jericho and his back at the same time. As for Luger, he lost out last week to the numbers game, I think he might just do that again.

Tony: and with that, ladies and gentlemen, let's get this show on the road!

Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs Silver King

Silver King shows off some of his moves in the early stages, but it quickly becomes clear that Rey Mysterio is just in another league as he begins to turn up the pace of the match. Silver King tries his best to match Rey move for move, but an upset isn't in the cards today as Rey Mysterio springboards into a Hurricanrana for the 3 count.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio Jr.

Tony: Rey Mysterio Jr. really is something truly special. He can do moves that I'd venture to say no one else can!

Heenan: This fella can jump, he can twist in mid air, he can catch you from any angle, AND he can win wrestling matches. He might be small, but you're right, I actually think this little guy can make it.

Tony: I understand that Gene Okerlund is standing by backstage with The Steiner Brothers. Take it away, "Mean" Gene.

*We cut to backstage where The Steiner Brothers are ready to be interviewed, and they are not looking happy.*

Gene: Thank you Tony. Rick and Scott Steiner, you guys laid out a challenge last week on Nitro to The Outsiders, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, but as we saw later on in that show, your challenge was refused.

Scott Steiner: I'm not really surprised to be honest, Gene. The Outsiders have been acting like cowards the entire time they've been in WCW. We've been around this business long enough to know that it's hard dealing with people like that.

Rick Steiner: We feel like this is our destiny, Gene. We want this more than anything. The Outsiders have been on the top for too long, and we're ready to finally knock them down.

Scott: Our challenge still stands and we're not quitting until we take those titles back to where they belong.

Gene: Thank you guys. Tony, Bobby, back to you.

Goldberg Vs Brad Armstrong

Another week and another victim for Goldberg as he tears through another opponent like nothing we normally seen. Brad Armstrong tries ffebly to get in some offence, but he's just no match for the pure brute force of Goldberg. A massive Spear and a crunching Jackhammer later, and Armstrong is history.

WINNER: Goldberg

Tony: This man could be very dangerous. When he gets in that ring, he's like a man possessed.

Heenan: He IS like a man possessed, a man possessed by a violent rhinoceros that is.

Tony: We have to go to a few commercials, but when we come back we've got The Giant in action, stay tuned!

*We go to a commercial break and when we come back we find ourselves backstage where Raven and Saturn are engaged in an argument*

Saturn: What the hell is wrong with you man?

Raven: I don't know what you're talking about Perry.

Saturn: The way you assaulted Kidman last week? And Hammer last saturday? What is your problem!?

Raven: I don't know what you're talking about. I only showed that I love them, that I care, just like the way my dad showed me that he loved me. I care for each member of my flock, and I'll show that again tonight.

*Raven leaves Saturn who is not looking pleased at all. He scowls at his supposed leader before walking off screen himself*

Tony: Looks like it not only the nWo who have got issues.

Heenan: I think Raven's got as many issues as there are people in this arena here. But Saturn needs to be careful with what he says. Raven may be crazier than a nudist in a beehive, but he's as dangerous as they come.

The Giant Vs Riggs

Raven accompanies his follower out to the ring, looking bored as he does so. Riggs however looks nervous as he steps in to the ring with the biggest wrestler in WCW and rightfully so. Riggs tries to chop the big man down like a tree as he keeps going after The Giant's legs, but unfortunately for him, the Giant is in a foul mood and is having none of it. He toys a bit with his opponent, hitting a massive Backbreaker and a Side Slam before finally ending it with a HUGE Chokeslam for the win

WINNER: The Giant

*After the match, Raven mirrors his actions from last week as he slides into the ring, sits down in the corner and waits for Riggs to get up on his own. As he does, Raven spins him around and nails him with a Clothesline. He then proceeds to pummel him a few times before lifting him up and planting him with an Evenflow DDT. He looks up towards the ramp and sees Saturn looking back at him. A look of disgust clearly etched into his face.*

Tony: What the heck is Raven doing!? He's systematically taking out his own followers!

Heenan: It's called tough love Tony. He needs to punish them when they do wrong, but I'm not sure Saturn agrees with this method. Look at that scowl!

Dean Malenko Vs Steven Regal

Both of these two competitors want to show the world and the WCW brass that they can cut it at the top of the pyramid and we get a very even, competitive encounter because of it. Malenko might have a size disadvantage, but no one is as ferocious as him. He lays it into his Blue Blood opponent, but Regal eventually manages to turn the tide and after countering a Double Underhook Powerbomb, he manages to get a roll-up for the 3 count via a handful of tights.

WINNER: Steven Regal

*We return from a commercial break with Diamond Dallas Page coming out to the ring. He's got his US title around his waist and a serious look on his face, the events from last week clearly still on his mind*

Tony: Well, here's a man who's had a lot to think about over the last week. Curt Hennig jumped Diamond Dallas Page after Page's match last monday night and then challenged DDP to a rematch for the US title.

Heenan: It's a classic psychological move from Hennig. He knows that if he pisses DDP off enough, he'll agree to just about anything in order to get his hands on Hennig. Curt Hennig has Diamond Dallas Page EXACTLY where he wants him.

DDP: Curt, Curt, Curt! Bro! You could've just asked me! You didn't have to go through all the trouble of jumping me from behind, of sucker punching me like that. If you want a rematch for the US've got it...but since you absolutely did have to make it personal and attack me...if you expect to simply waltz in and take it back, you've got another thing coming.
At Souled Out, I will...

*DDP doesn't get to say anymore before he's interrupted by Curt Hennig's voice coming from the entrance*

Hennig: Hey! Page! Over here! You say that I made it personal? Please! Last Monday Nitro was pure business. You have something that belongs to me and by god I will take it back. It was nothing more, pure business. Just like this is...

*From out of nowhere, Rick Rude jumps DDP and starts stomping him down. Hennig grins as he runs down the ramp and joins in on the beatdown when all of a sudden a familiar bit of music hits and Ric Flair sprints down the aisle as the crowd goes crazy. Hennig and Rude escape the ring and backs up the ramp as they stare Flair down in disbelief*

Tony: It's Flair! Flair is back!

Ric Flair: You're right Curt! Wooo! You and DDP, that's all business! But me and you, brother? THAT'S personal! Wooo!

Eddy Guerrero, Jr. (C) Vs La Parka, WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match

La Parka relishes this huge opportunity by going on the offence from the get go. Eddy seems rattled at first, but soon manages to gain the upper hand with a classic poke in the eye. Eddy slowly starts to wear the challenger down with a few grating submission holds, but La Parka isn't getting a title shot for nothing as he fights back and again gains the upper hand. Just as La Parka seems to be putting Eddy away, the champion uses his trickery to hit a low blow with a mule kick after "accidentally" pushing the referee out of the line of sight. Guerrero follows it up with a big Frog Splash, and that's all she wrote.

WINNER: Eddy Guerrero

Tony: I can't believe it, Eddy Guerrero steals another one!

Heenan: You better believe it! Eddy Guerrero is as ruthless as they come! You can't be a champion without showing that mean streak!

Tony: Well, "Mean" Gene is standing by to talk to the Cruiserweight champion, take it away Gene!

Gene: Thank you, Tony. Eddy Guerrero, what do you have to say for yourself after another showing like that!?

Eddy: I don't know what you mean, ese? I'm a fighting champion and why shouldn't I be? There's clearly not anyone who can beat me.

Gene: What about Rey Mysterio who a lot of people have said deserves a shot? Or Ultimo Dragon?

Eddy: Please Gene, don't insult me. I defeated Ultimo Dragon at Starrcade, and Rey Mysterio just can't measure, really, have you seen how short he is?

Gene: That is really disrespectful...

Eddy: I am simply speaking the truth, ese. For Souled Out, I am issuing an open challenge. In the next two weeks, anyone who wishes to put their name in the hat can do so. I will face whoever wants to face me, and I will beat them.

Gene: Well folks there you have it, the Cruiserweight Title scene is really hotting up. I personally can't wait to see who will respond to this challenge. Tony, Bobby, back to you.

Konnan Vs Lex Luger

Luger is absolutely fuming as he enters the ring, obviously upset at losing once again to Buff Bagwell last week. Konnan on the other hand is all smiles as he confidently strides out to the ring unaccompanied. His smile quickly disappears though as Lex Luger absolutely tears into him. Luger beats down Konnan as if his life depends on it, but he occasionally does glance up towards the entrance, waiting for the nWo cavalry to arrive. This enables Konnan to momentarily take advantage and even lock in the Tequila Sunrise submission hold, but Luger manages to get to the ropes with a feat of pure strength. Konnan tries to lift Luger to his feet, but Lex doesn't waste any time in putting Konnan on his shoulders and lock in the Torture Rack for the tapout victory.

WINNER: Lex Luger

*Lex Luger doesn't immediately let go of his opponent, but eventually he does toss him violently to the canvas. He then motions to get a microphone*

Tony: What a display of strength that was! Amazing!

Heenan: Luger might not be the smartest, but he must be one of the strongest. Speaking of which, it looks like he's gonna try and talk!

Luger: THIS is just the beginning, nWo!...for a year and a half, you have attacked me, you have pushed me around, you have mocked me and tormented me...and I am DONE! I am done playing your stupid games! I am done losing matches because you jump me from behind! I am furious, and you are about to feel my wrath. Konnan was just a warning. Whoever I face next of you guys, he won't get up. I will break him! Consider this your warning, and mark my word. The time of the done!

*With that message, he drops the mic and walks off. The crowd cheering*

Tony: Have we not seen Luger at his finest yet? In that case, I wouldn't want to be the nWo.

Heenan: Even a juggernaut like the nWo has to take this seriously. Luger is just one of a number of WCW stars who looks to be done playing their games. Are their time on the top really done? We'll have to wait to find out.

The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) Vs Rick Martel and John Tenta

The Outsiders come out with the air of two people without a care in the world as they strut to the ring with their titles slung over their shoulders. Tenta and Martel tries their best to take the offence to the Tag Team Champs, but Nash and Hall proves to be too much for the two veteran wrestlers. Ultimately, Kevin Nash ends John Tenta with a Jacknife Powerbomb.

WINNERS: The Outsiders

Tony: There may be turmoil in the nWo, but you wouldn't know it from looking at this tag team.

Heenan: The Outsiders have gone from strength to strength ever since they came into the WCW, but it's going to be interesting to see what happens now that WCW seems to be more organized.

Tony: Wait a minute, it looks like "Mean" Gene is going to try and get an interview with them.

*Gene Okerlund cautiously makes his way to the ring, but The Outsiders seem almost happy to see him*

Gene: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall. Earlier tonight, The Steiner Brothers re-iterated that they want a title shot against you at Souled Out before basically calling you cowards.

Nash: Hey hey hey, Gene! There's no need for that language! It's hurtful man...anyway, those Steiner Brothers crack me up. They've lost time and time and time and time...

Hall:...and time and time...

Nash:...and time again against us...but we've had the week to think about this, and you know what? We accept the challenge!

Gene: Whoa! You're gonna face The Steiner Brothers at Souled Out?

Hall: Whoa whoa whoa, Chico! Relax! We accept the challenge on TWO conditions! We will face The Steiner Brothers, IF they can defeat Vicious & Delicious, Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell at Souled Out...

Nash: BUT if you lose against them, you will NEVER get a Tag Team Title shot against us ever again!...let us know what your decision is Steiners

Hall: Call us, man!

Tony: Wow! The Outsiders might've given The Steiner Brothers a small opening to get a Tag Team Title shot...but is the risks too great?

Heenan: It's a really smart move of the nWo. If they can keep The Steiner Brothers away from the Tag Team Titles for good. Who's going to take the titles from them? The risks might be great, but The Steiners are not going to turn this opportunity down.

Bret Hart Vs Chris Jericho

The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Bret Hart makes his way down for his in ring debut. Chris Jericho looks slightly awed at facing one of the best wrestlers in the world, but once the match gets underway Jericho puts up one hell of a fight. Hart seems slightly taken aback by his young opponent's spirit, but Hart is a professional and he keeps the upper hand. Hart hits a Russian Legsweep and almost looks to have the victory in the bag when Chris Jericho rolls Hart up with an Inside Cradle for a close 2 count. Jericho tries a spirited comeback and goes for a Springboard Dropkick, but Hart blocks it, grabs Jericho's legs and locks in the Sharpshooter which eventually makes Jericho tap out.

WINNER: Bret Hart

Tony: What an effort from Chris Jericho tonight, but Bret Hart is not called The Best There Was, The Best There Is, and The Best There Ever Will Be for nothing!

Heenan: I'm impressed by this young man, but Hart was impressive tonight. He's here to win matches, no doubt about that. WOW! WAIT A MINUTE!

*Randy Savage, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall sprints out from the back and tries to attack Bret Hart. Hart gets some shots in but the numbers game quickly gets the better of him and he succumbs to the beating. Jericho gets up and tries to help Hart, but the nWo turns their attention towards him as well and beats him down. The crowd roars as Lex Luger sprints down the aisle and Clotheslines all three members of the nWo down repeatedly. The Outsiders and Savage back off as Luger guards Hart & Jericho, but Hogan sneaks down from behind him and nails him with a chair. Luger goes down and the nWo resumes their beatdown. Hogan grabs a microphone.*

Hogan: You know something brothers! This is what happens! This is what happens, when you start to question the strength of the nWo. We are the biggest organization in the history of professional wrestling and we will continue to be for years and years to come. WCW wants to "fight back"? You want to kill the nWo? That's just not gonna happen. At Souled Out, we will take the US Title back, we will take the World Title back, and there is nothing. NOTHING! Anyone can do about it...

*As Hogan finishes his speech, the lights go out and the crowd goes crazy in anticipation for what might happen. The lights suddenly snaps back on, but it takes a second or two before the crowd realizes that there is now 8 men in the ring as Sting has suddenly appeared with a baseball bat. Sting lays it into the nWo causing them to finally exit the ring and retreat up the ramp. Sting stares down Hollywood Hogan before pointing at him with the bat. Hogan looks terrified as he realizes the obstacle he has at Souled Out.*

Tony: STING! STING IS HERE! And look at Hogan!

Heenan: Hogan talks a big game, but at Souled Out he's facing Sting and he's doing so in a cage. Try to play the numbers game then!

Tony: Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for watching Monday Nitro, and remember to tune in next week. From Tony Schiavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, GOOD NIGHT!

OOC: Hope everyone likes the way everything is going, but please drop me a comment. Both if you like it or if you don't.
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Wrestling News!

It's been a slow week in the world of wrestling, but there has been one fairly big talking point as WCW is rumoured to have failed in re-signing Jushin Thunder Liger. The 33-year old was in the company in the early 90's and featured on the very first edition of Monday Nitro. It is said that Liger refused to enter negotiations as he felt obligated to remain loyal to New Japan Pro Wrestling who he has been wrestling for since overcoming a brain tumour. It is furthermore rumoured that WCW wanted to bring Liger in as Eddy Guerrero's surprise opponent at Souled Out, but with the signing falling through and only 2 weeks to go before the event, it is instead expected that he'll face someone within the company.
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I'm sorry to say that it seems unlikely that I'll continue with this. Not because I don't want to, but I'm getting really frustrated with the mod I'm using. It's a shame because I had some quite expansive storylines planned, but oh well, it happens. If people are interest I might start a 1995 WCW one instead? But only if people are interested, so let me know.
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