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Unread 02-29-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Slasherzeta View Post
Loving this. Very good way of continuing the Jimmy James story that I did want to see continued. And now that I've read this, time to go check out the Robyn Hood one...
Cheers Hope you enjoyed Robyn too

Sorry for the delay in the next installment folks, had a touch of Noro Virus Will be up at some point
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Unread 03-01-2012, 01:25 PM
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Glad to hear both will return. I don't think I've commented in any of your threads, but I've read them all, and each has been very entertaining.
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Unread 03-02-2012, 09:56 AM
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The memorial service for Rook was packed. Not with well-wishers, but with camera crews. The death of yet another superhero in San Habbershon had attrracted a lot of attention and the studio had lapped it up, selling the rights to anyone who wanted them. They made Jimmy sick!

An orphan, Rook had very little family anyway, but his foster sister Kimko was the only one who had wanted to come. Apparently his foster parents had disowned him when his powers began to manifest themselves but their daughter Kimko never lost touch. She was sat in the front row with The Union, The Try-Outs and Sandy, her and Sandy crying on each other's shoulders. Neither Stupor Man or Smouldering Fire had turned up. the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, AMEN. And now Cosmic Girl would like to say a few words

Cosmic Girl, dressed in her black costume, got up and walked up to the front. She turned to face the congregation and flash-bulbs began to pop. She waited till they stopped to begin

Although I had known Rook only a short few months we became firm friends. He was a realist, he always knew the quickest way to spur his fellows into action. He was a dreamer, but he always fought to make those dreams a reality. And he was a hero, in his mind, his body and his soul. He was a young man, too young to be taken from this world. So much potential gone, so much life left to live...

In the front row Kimko began to sob harder. Cosmic Girl looked away from the congregation and into the cameras at the back of the room

Aaron Ablaze went too far. I vow to you, the people of the world, that he will not go unpunished. Aaron Ablaze, I know you are watching this! Your days are numbered, the fun might of The Union will be brought upon you! We, with every meta-human who is willing, will hunt you down, and you will pay!

Kimko wailed and ran from the church, Sandy chased after her. As she ran past Jimmy he could see fury in Sandy's eyes. He got up slowly, his ribs still bound from the beating he received himself at the hands of Aaron Ablaze, and followed them.


...n't believe she would do that!

I know, Kimko, I know...

Sandy saw Jimmy and beckoned him over

Kimko Kobiashi, this is my boss, my friend, Detective James

Kimko wiped her eyes and shook Jimmy's hand

It's a pleasure to meet you Detective James

Please, call me Jimmy. I'm so sorry for your loss. I did everything I could...

I know Detective... Jimmy. I saw the footage, you tried hard, you fought to the last, but you are just a mortal man. She...
(Kimko motioned to the church)
...she could have stopped them, she's meant to be one of the most powerfull heroes in the world! But she just stood aside, and now she uses my brother's eulogy to broadcast a theat??!

The tears began streaming down her face and she hugged Sandy again

It's just not right, not fair...

Sandy held her close, tears rolling down her own face. Jimmy made a decision.



Jimmy had just finished drafting an email, he invited Sergeant Hyatt over to read it

Sandy looked at her boss


Yeah, really. I don't feel right doing it anymore. The studio knew Ablaze was there, they know how dangerous his powers can be, and they let us walk right in there! My Uncle Karl said something to me when I went back to Cent City. He told me to go out there and be a hero, prove to the villians of the world that the cops won't back down so easy. How heroic is it to work for a company that is paying villians to cause trouble? So I'm though with them. If a case comes through I think I can handle, then I'll take it myself, screw their ratings!

Jimmy hit send. He looked up at Sandy properly for the first time. Her eyes were bloodshot, she looked exaughsted.

Hey, how you holding up?

*SIGH* Kimko stayed at my place last night, nice girl. She was telling me stories about her an Rook growing up, about their parents, well, Rook's foster parents and how they turned on him when his powers began to appear. Then we talked about me and Rook...

She looked out of the window, tears began to form in her eyes. She took a deep breath and quickly wiped them away. She forced a smile

Its silly, we'd only been together a couple of months, but he felt like the one, you know? Anyway...
(she took another deep breath) about you? How are you doing?

Me? Oh, I'm OK, ribs are painfull, but at least I got my teeth all fixed now.

No... I meant... about... you know... Robyn...

Oh..... Well....

Jimmy panicked. He'd not had it as hard as Sandy, he knew that Robyn had survived and lived on, whereas Rook's definate demise had been broadcast for the world to see. He held on to the fact of her continued life, even now the book was in his desk draw. But he swore he would not tell.


Screw it, Robbie would understand. He opened the draw, took out the book and handed it to her.

Page twelve

She turned to the page

Sandy looked at the page, then at Jimmy.


Don't you see the resemblence? Right now she is alive somewhere else in time! She's still there, just seperated from me by time. The way I see it time moves for her, same as us. With this book I can even kind of see what she's doing...

He took the book and flicked through the book, then showed her a page

See, roughly now she's...

Jimmy... its legend! So the drawings look a bit like them, so what? You think I don't see Rook every day on the street? Boss, you've got to stop clutching at straws and accept it... we both have...

All of a sudden it dawned on Jimmy how crazy it must have sounded. It had been a mistake to say anything, maybe that was why Robbie had told him not to. He put the book away.

Maybe you're right Sandy, maybe I just need to let it go. I don't need to read that book to know she's gone from me...

Sandy put her hand on his shoulder

Look, its Kimko's last night in town tonight, I told her I'd take her out to see the bright lights of San Habbershon, why don't you come too? I've never seen you let your hair down and its about time this office had a night out.

Jimmy smiled

Yeah.... alright. As long as you're not planning on inviting Sergeant O'Leary along to this 'office party'. Now there is an old man you don't want to drink with!

An old man you don't want to drink with don't ya mean? Ah, the stories I could tell...

Shocked, Jimmy turned

*COUGH* Can we help you sergeant?

It's just I've got a guy from Union Studios on the line, says he needs to speak to someone about some email. Then he used some words that Mrs O'Leary would box my ears for if I used um in front o her about us cops in general, you in particular lad!

Oh really?!!

Jimmy grabbed the phone on his desk, Sandy stopped him.

Nah boss, I'll talk to them, explain the situation. Besides, you've got an appointment.

Jimmy looked at his watch and grabbed his coat. He turned to Sandy

Don't let um off easy!! They give you any trouble, let me know, I'll go down to the studio myself!

Oh, trust me boss, I wont go easy!


Jimmy walked into the gun range. The sound was intense, he'd obviously come at the wrong time. He saw Jay and walked over to him



They walked into Jay's office and shut the door. At least now they wouldn't have to shout.

So, did you check out that weapon system for me?

(Jay pulled a box from under the counter)
...It's pretty much a primative version of the set-up you've got on your gun. It's just a HUD mounted on the helmet instead of set in an eye-piece. The gun is your latest army issue heavy cal with an underslung grenade launcher. A nice piece of kit, where'd you get it?

Ape-X. He said took it off a guard when he escaped the lab he was born in. Did you make those mods I asked for?

Yeah, piece of cake. It's all army issue fittings in there so no problems, good to go.

Good. Well Jay, I owe you one. In fact, give Sandy a call upstairs, tell her I said you're coming out with us tonight.
(Jimmy looked around and leant in closer)
You got those painkillers I asked for?

Oh, yeah...
(he handed Jimmy a sheet of tablets)
Latest stuff. No pain, no side effects.

Thanks kid.
(Jimmy picked up the box)
I'll see you later


It had been a few days since Jimmy had visited Ape-X, but he was definately getting better. The zoo staff had told Jimmy that he now often wandered around the zoo at night, and spent hours at the petting zoo feeding the animals. But Jimmy had spoken to him about it, Ape-X felt bad for them. He wanted to free them. Jimmy hoped he could channel that energy somewhere else

Jimmy walked into Ape-X's room. Ape-X was watching a documentary on the Historical Channel

Hey Ten!

Ape-X looked around, flipped off the TV and jumped down from his 'high rock'.

Hey Jimmy, Ten happy to see you. Ten been watching Worlds Funniest Videos, that Castro, he a riot!

Jimmy didn't see the point in correcting him, it never made any difference

Yeah.... Look, Ten, I wanna talk serious for a minute. You like it here right?

Yeah, Ten like.

You know all this is being paid for right?

Yeah, Ten know.

So, I reckon its about time you earned your keep. How would you like to come out there and fight crime with me?

Ten just stared at him. Jimmy grabbed the box and opened it. He handed Ape-X the gun.

I've had it modified. Rubber Bullets and Stun Grenades. Non-lethal, we're not out to kill anybody here. And I sorted you out some more fitting body armour.

Ape-X grabbed it and put it on

How Ten look?

Like you're part of the SHPD. So, are you in?

Yeah, Ten in. If Ten good Ten get better home?

We'll see...

Jimmy's pager went off

The fax on Ape-X's wall clattered into life

So Ten, ready to start work?


Jimmy and Ape-X arrived at 167 Maplewood Drive, a lumber yard.

OK Ten, we're gonna go slow and by the numbers so you can get used to doing things my way

OK boss.

Right, first we need to get over the fence, the gate is padlocked soooo.....

Jimmy looked around for a decent place to go over the fence


Jimmy looked back at Ape-X who had just ripped the padlock off the gate

What? It open now.

Jimmy rolled his eyes. He pushed the gate open a little and stuck his gun through for a better view through his eye-piece.

All clear, they must be in that hut.

Jimmy crouched an ran across the yard, Ape-X just strolled after him and crouched next to Jimmy

You're supposed to do what I do!

Jimmy never say that.

OK, from now on...

Jimmy could hear voices inside

They've only got ten minutes left darlin, I reckon we just scrag im and get it over with.

But Ablaze would punish us most serverly if we did not stick to the plan, its only ten minutes...

OK, OK, I'm gonna go get the camera ready.

Jimmy heard footsteps and a door slam.

I know those voices, Blind Delphi and Miss Arsenic, come on

He motioned to Ape-X to follow, and crept around to the door. They stood either side of it.

On three... One... Two...

Ape-X kicked the door through and fired a Stun Grenade into the room.


He charged in and looked around. As the smoke cleared he saw a movement, then dropped to his knees holding his head.


HEHEHEHEHEE!! If you've got a brain I can mash it!

Jimmy poked his rifle around the corner

He fired...


The tranquiliser took effect instantly and Blind Delphi went down

The door burst open and Miss Arsenic Slashed at Ape-X with her Katana, Ape-X backed off holding his arm. Jimmy shot from the hip


The Capacitor Round hit Miss Arsenic in the chest in a shower of sparks, the jolt hurling her backwards over a saw-table. Jimmy turned to Ape-X

Are you OK?!?

Ape-X moved his hand, the wound had already stopped bleeding.

Yeah, Ten OK now. Sword lady not gonna be though!

He ran through the door, firing off Rubber Bullets on Full Automatic.


Miss Arsenic went to run but got caught in the knee. Jimmy was sure he heard it shatter.


She grabbed her bow and tried to fire a Longbow Arrow at the advancing pair, but missed wildly. Ape-X put the muzzle of his gun to her forehead

You a lucky lady, friend not here, Ten rip you apart for hurting Ten. Maybe Ten pull trigger...

Miss Arsenic closed her eyes tight

...but Ten try to be good ape

He turned away from her. She reached for one of her pistols, but she had forgotten about Jimmy. He drew his own pistol and Pistol Whipped her into unconsciousness


Jimmy found Smouldering Fire in another room, handcuffed to a steel chair bolted to the floor. At least Jimmy had to give them some credit, there was no way Smouldering Fire was going to escape on his own

Awwwww man, am I happy to see you Detective! Errrr, you got keys for these cuffs?

Ape-X walked into the room. Smouldering Fire looked terrified

Ten no need key

He snapped the chain on the cuffs

Don't be scared of Ten afro man, Ten good guy

Ape-X's smile beamed from ear to ear. Sergeant O'Leary walked into the room.

I hear you could use someone pickin up & takin away?

Ahh, please Sergeant. Have you met my new partner?

Ahhh, not formally. Its good to meet you Officer Ten, excuse me if I don't shake cos you look like you could crush an old mans hand.

He winked, patted Ape-X on the shoulder and left to deal with Arsenic & Delphi. Ape-X turned to Jimmy

Officer Ten? Ten cop now?

Only if you want to be Ten...

Officer Ten's smile grew.

Lets get you home, its been a big day... and I've got a big night ahead of me...


In its forgotten bag in the bottom of a box Jimmy had never got around to unpacking the Disc of Arubanon briefly glowed.


Jimmy was late. He scanned the room and saw Sandy waving at him from a side booth across the bar. He waved back and made the universal 'Do you want a drink' motion. She got up and met him at the bar

So, how did it go?

Yeah, good. I mean, Ten's like a raw recruit, but I think he'll work out fine. How about here?

Yeah, inviting Jay along was a good call, who'd have thought that cute little Japanese girl was so into her heavy artillary!!


Yeah, they're getting on well. So well I've been talking to random strangers for the last half hour! So you owe me a big drink boss!

She winked at him

HA!! What you drinking?

Vodka, rocks

Jimmy ordered a triple and gave it to her

Why Detective, anyone would think you were trying to get me drunk!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Jimmy went bright red. She took him by the arm

Come on, maybe they'll interact if there's two of us...

They walked over to the booth. Jay and Kimko were all over each other

...or maybe not!! Guys, guys! Get a room!

Jay and Kimko looked at her, then at each other.

Errrrrr.... I think I might head off to get a coffee...

Oh, I love coffee, I'll come too...

They quickly got up & grabbed their coats. Jay brought his mouth near Jimmy's ear

Thanks for inviting me boss, I owe you one.

He took Kimko's arm

Come, Ms Kobioshi, let us go drink coffee! And if you're good maybe I'll take you to the range and show you my large caliber weapon!

Kimko blushed and giggled. Jay winked at Jimmy and they were gone. Jimmy sat down in the booth, Sandy sat opposite

Well, who'd have thought...!?!

You know, knowing Jay he could well mean he's actually going to take her to the range and crack out the .50cal...

You reckon?

Well, lets just say I don't want to think about the alternative!

He pulled a disturbed face and shuddered

HAHAHA!! Yeah... Nice to see that love at first sight exists though...


They both stared at their drinks, neither sure what to say. Sandy grabbed her triple vodka and downed it

You won't find help with your problems there you know

Yeah, but I'm owed a night off them right?
(she smiled)
Come on Mr Serious, lighten up, you're like a coiled spring. Unwind a bit!

Jimmy looked at his glass, he'd ordered the same triple vodka. It was meant to last him the night, Jimmy wasn't a big drinker. He grabbed the glass and downed it.

That's the spirit! HA! Spirit! Waiter! Bring us tequila!

Jimmy stared at Sandy, she winked at him...

That was all Jimmy remembered of the night...

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Robyn going be p*ssed when she finds out about Jimmy and Hyatt.

Still great work

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Unread 03-08-2012, 05:47 PM
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Awesome work on Jimmy's and Robyn's stories.
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Unread 03-16-2012, 01:00 PM
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A bright sunny morning in San Habbershon. The light streamed through the open curtains onto the bed. Jimmy opened his eyes. The light blinded him and his head felt like it had exploded. He thrust his head under the covers and tried again. That was a lot more bareable. He looked down, he was just in his underwear. He didn't remember getting undressed... he didn't remember getting home either. He focused for the first time on the cloth in front of his eyes

Sandy owned a duvet identical to this one... Jimmy started to panic

Oh no....

Despite his pounding head he squinted his eyes and peaked out of the covers.

Jimmy jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. As he rushed towards the door it opened. Sandy walked in dressed in a silky dressing-gown holding a cup of coffee. Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks.

HA! Never had you pegged for an early morning runner, did Gonzalez tell you about my cooking or something? Hahaha!

Sandy, look... I.... I was really drunk last night and I don't know what happened but...

You mean you don't remember??
(she smiled suggestively at him)
Maybe I'll have to remind you...

She walked towards him. Jimmy shut his eyes, he had always found her quite attective in a severe kind of way and her body-hugging silky gown didn't leave a huge amount to the imagination.

Look, Sandy...

At 10:36pm you told me you were going to drink me under the table... At 10:49pm you told the waitress, and I quote, 'You shee her there? The one in the middle... She'sh the besht pershon I know... you give her whatever she wantsh... and give me a double of it!!'

Jimmy opened his eyes, she was stood in front of him pretending to read from a police issue notebook and smiling at him

At 11:24pm I called a taxi as you were temperarily incapable of speech. You didn't want to go home so I brought you back here. At 11:57pm you told me you loved me in a very drunken and over-the-top manner and at 11:58pm you told me that you could never love anyone like you loved Robyn, the same as I could never love anyone the same as Rook...
(her smile faded)
We both had a good cry then I brought you in here to my sisters room and I went to bed.

So this isn't... I mean... we didn't...

She put on an expression of mock affront

Oh reaaaally?? Do I seem like the kind of girl who puts out on the first date? HAHAHA!! No boss, we.... just no. But the look on your face was priceless!
(she grinned at him)
So, you want this coffee and some breakfast or you still wanna do a runner?

Jimmy smiled and took the coffee.


Jimmy and Hyatt had arrived at work seperately to avoid any kind of precinct rumour-mill starting up. On the way in Jimmy bumped into Jay, who was also wearing same the clothes as the night before

Morning Detective... looks like I wasn't the only one who didn't get home last night!
(Jay winked at him)
Thanks for inviting me along last night, Kimko's amazing! I've never met a girl who was so into her guns before...
(he started to blush)
After we left we went to a motel...

WHOA WHOA WHOA!! I don't need to hear this Jay!!

But Detective... Jimmy, I need a favour...

What have you done kid?

No, nothing like that... Would you be my best man?


Yeah! I proposed this morning, she said yes! I'm meeting her parents tonight and we're getting hitched as soon as possible!

Seriously? Jay, thats a bit sudden, you sure about this? You only met last night...

Never more sure of anything in my life, and she feels the same. So, will you?

If I'm who you want Jay... then I'd be honoured.


Jimmy walked into the office, Sandy was on the phone. She looked shocked.

....yeah, OK. If your sure then of course I will...... OK, see you later.

She hung up the phone and looked at Jimmy

You are never gonna guess what I just heard... that was Kimko on the phone...

Wait, lets see if I'm psychic... Her and Jay spent the night together and now they're engaged?
(Sandy stared wide-eyed at him)
I just bumped into Jay on the way in. He asked me to be best man.

Kimko just asked me to be a bridesmaid!
(Sandy grinned)
I've never been a bridesmaid before!

A first for me too. Well, I just hope it works out for them, Jay's a good kid and Kimko seems like a nice girl...

Sergeant O'Leary knocked on the open door and walked in

Yes Sergeant?

Sorry to barge in lad, but we've had a report come in that a woman with claws and a 'cat-man' are smashing up a music store in mid-town. Beat cops are saying its not their jurisdiction...

OK, thanks Sarge

Jimmy turned to Sandy, she was already on the phone. Jimmy's hangover was still hanging, he felt a little sick, then more sick. He rushed off


When he got back Sandy was still on the phone.

...o do you think you are?? You came to us.... No, that's not how it.... Look, if you don't want to lia.... You know what John? F**k you!

She slammed the phone down

Well, looks like we wont be working with the studio again! 'Petty crime' is apparently below their 'mega-star' heroes! They've got more important things to do like save the world from Aaron Ablaze to worry about a store getting trashed!

What? Of all the crappy, low-down.... You know what, screw um! I feel like crap but I'll grab my gear. Can you page Ten for me and send O'Leary to go pick him up? Tell him I'll meet him there.


By the time Jimmy arrived on the scene the street had been shut off by the regular cops. Jimmy snuck around the back of a building opposite, climbed onto it's roof and set himself up. He saw O'Leary arrive with Ten down in the street. The regular cops backed away as Officer Ten got out of the back of the police van. Jimmy keyed his radio

You reading me Ten?

*Ten hear you boss. Where you?*

I'm on the building to your left...
(Ten looked up and waved)
... you ready?

Down in the street Ten nodded


Jimmy grabbed a loud-hailer


There was silence for a few seconds...


The glass door blew outwards, shattered by what looked to Jimmy like a cash register. Officer Ten covered his face from the glass. Two figures stepped through the doorway

GOD! All I wanted was for them to sell my new solo album for me! If they'd have just done it I wouldn't have had my 'little accident'. But you asked for it coppers, you get the live performance! LET'S ROCK!!!

Deft Leopard Pounced at Officer Ten, but Ten had already moved and swung a massive Monkey Punch at Honey Badger, knocking her down. As Deft Leopard jumped back up Jimmy took aim


The Tranq Round hit home and Deft Leopard went down

Honey Badger got back to her feet and wiped blood from her mouth

You made me bleed my own blood! Prepare to get sliced up by THE HONEY BADGER!!

She flailed at Ten with her claws but he managed to jump back. He unleashed a hail of Rubber Bullets on Full Automatic


One caught her in the shoulder. Even from across the street Jimmy heard bones cracking


She flailed a Kick at Ten and, while it connected, the ape didn't even seem to notice. She backed away holding her shoulder, her left arm limp, as Ten took a step towards her. Jimmy keyed his radio

Back off Ten, I'll put her out


The Capcitor Round hit home and the shock jolted through Honey Badger. She shook her head and started to get up

Ten grabbed Honey Badger, picked her up and brought her face to face with him

No, shouty big hair lady, Ten still got this!

He pulled back his head and smashed Honey Badger with a Helmeted Head-Butt that knocked her out cold


By the time Jimmy got down to the street the regular cops had picked up Honey Badger & Deft Leopard, cuffed them and taken them away. Ten was surrounded by officers congratulating him, welcoming him to the force, patting him on the back or shaking his hand. Ten was grinning from ear to ear. As he approached they turned and saluted him.

At ease. It's great that you want to welcome Officer Ten to the force, I appreciate it. But there is statements to get, a mess to clean up and a road to open... Come on, hop to it!


They rushed off and got on with their jobs. Jimmy turned to Ten

You did well my friend. And the other officers seem to like you... We'll have to see about getting you closer to the station, can't have O'Leary running to fetch you all the time...

Ten's grin got bigger.


In its forgotten bag in the bottom of a box Jimmy had never got around to unpacking the Disc of Arubanon briefly glowed.


After an exciting morning came the mountain of paperwork that goes along with any police department. With most crimes happening at night it felt to both Jimmy and Sandy that the day was all backwards. At around 7pm Jimmy threw his pen down.

Right, thats it! The sun is going down, my head is still killing me from last night. I... am... done!

He looked over at Sandy. She was holding a picture in her hand, tears rolling down her face. She realised he was looking, wiped her eyes, got up and stood by the window.

I'm sorry... I just found it in my bag and...

She looked out of the window. Jimmy picked up the picture, it was of Sandy and Rook in a bar, all smiles. He put it back down and walked over to her. He pulled her towards him and gave her a hug, she squeezed him tight

It'll be OK Sandy, I promise, it just takes time... are you sure you don't want some time off? You could do with a break...

No, I need to keep busy...

OK, OK. Well, if you need anything... you know, someone to talk to or to do something... anything at all, you let me know. I'm here for you Sandy.

She pulled away from him slightly & looked him in the eye

Thanks Jimmy, I appreciate it, you're a good friend

She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him again. Jimmy looked out across the street at the building opposite.


Sandy, shocked, pulled away

What's wrong!!?

He looked at Sandy

Look over there, on top of the roof!

They both looked


But I saw... it was... Sandy, I saw Robyn, I know I did! And she saw you kiss me! She's probably freaking out right now, I've got to go find her!

He went to rush out of the office. Sandy grabbed his arm to stop him. She looked concerned but smiled weakly at him

I'm sure you think you did see her Jimmy. But you know as well as I do that...
(her eyes started to water, she took a deep breath)
... that they're gone Jimmy. Rook and Robyn. Both gone. Your eyes were playing tricks, just like mine do every day. Look, you're here for me, but I'm here for you too. If we lean on each other we can make it through this, right?

Jimmy looked at her and nodded

Come on, lets go for a drink.

Jimmy nodded again

OK, but just one to try and shift this head-ache. And no tequila!

As they gathered their things together and left Jimmy looked out of the window one last time... he had been so sure it was Robyn, that his eyes were not playing tricks on him. But he also knew the horrible truth, no matter how much he pushed it to the back of his mind. He would never see Robyn again, she died on the gallows nearly 800 years ago and there was nothing he could do to change that fact.

One single tear rolled down his face as he turned off the office light and closed the door.


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So folks, I know things have slowed right down on here in the last few weeks, this was due to working like a bitch while my boss got his holiday taken at work. I was due to say today that things will pick up again now...

But I'm afraid not. My wife has been offered a really good job in Brighton (she didn't even need to interview for it, simpley enquired about the job and got offered it on the spot!). Now, moving to Brighton has been our vague plan for a number of years so having this fall into our laps is kind of a dream come true

The job starts in less than a month and we've got to move home, get our son in a decent school there and generally get the stuff we've collected over 10 years in a 3 bedroom house with massive shed (my wife is a hoarder lol) down to the amount of stuff you can fit into a moderately sized 2 bedrom appartment while still working to pay the bills until we leave

So I'm afraid fans of Robyn and Jimmy will have to wait a while for the conclusion of their stories. I'm going to try and get both to the final issue of this volume (one away each) but after than it will be after we get ourselves sorted in a new place 270odd miles away that I will stike up the continuing story.

Many thanks for reading folks and, trust me, just like Arnie, I'll be back
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So, my desktop died big-time just before the big move and I lost all the data for my diaries and the I+verse Middle Ages Add-On mod I was doing. Sorry about that folks.

If anyone is interested I could continue the story in a similar style to the 'wiki-entry' style used by others on the board for diaries, but I don't have any of the data left to continue the diary in full at this time.

Let me know folks. I should be able to continue it properly at some point, but I'll be honest and say that when I can I'll be starting from a point a volume ahead of where we are now (due to personal choise, nothing more. The Jimmy/Roberta saga gets more interesting and less angsty from that point)

And check out the Robyn diary if you want a really shortened version of the final issue that never was
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