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Unread 12-05-2011, 04:09 PM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Playing my October 2010 Real World as ROH

This world is an odd one. The business crashed along with the economy. TNA has the highest rated wrestling show on TV (200K viewers to 400K a night). More people were attending my shows live than viewing on TV and more people were buying my show on PPV than watching on TV. I moved out of a PRIME TIME MONDAY NIGHT SLOT, to a graveyard slot on Telemundo (-mundo-mundo-mundo) and draw 50k viewers on average. WWE barely draws 20K viewers. Meanwhile, they still draw hundreds of thousands on PPV, though Wrestlemania 2011 was their least bought show.

My popularity was rising slowly.
TNA was rising fast.
WWE was dying. (B- popularity almost everywhere)

Periodically, the WWE trimmed some fat. Of course, I looked for some people to bring in. Never really had a big score, but then it happened.

"WWE falls to Cult status."
"WWE releases John Cena."

I have never moved as fast as I did to get him signed to an exclusive PPA deal. So what does any smark do with total control of John Cena for 18 months? Epic Heel turn.

I had been doing pretty well, B to B+ shows. My main feud was Shawn Daivari threatening to leave the promotion with the ROH world title and Austin Aries defending the honor of the company. Ironically, WWE (who had been fluctuating between cult and global) just signed Daivari to a written deal due to him getting over huge. Regardless, things were working for us. To land Cena was just huge. My viewership doubled. I tripled my PPV buyrates. More money, A* rated shows. I gave him his own title (the True Title) and he will beat everyone while Austin Aries does the same with the ROH championship. Eventually I will have to have the titanic confrontation and pick who to go with. Really, I cant see myself doing anything besides no finishes and eventually turning Cena face right before he finishes up ROH. Hopefully by that time, we will be a national company so I can lock some of my talent down.

Last edited by eljeasel : 12-09-2011 at 07:45 PM.
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Unread 12-05-2011, 05:39 PM
matthew222's Avatar
matthew222 matthew222 is offline
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Posts: 215

Originally Posted by eljeasel View Post
If you are going to crown a new champion after a year long reign with SCSA, you have the real chance to make a new star. Especially if you are going to give him that WW3 win. I dont know the shape of your company, but if you had a guy with some potential, but was kind of middling right now, thats your guy. Eddie Guerrero maybe? Maybe even a dead end tag team with moderate popularity, take one of them and give them the singles nod?

If not, Ive always been a Micheals and Steiner mark
well before I lost the damn game i was planning on having Steiner win the WWlll Rumble and then beat Austin and then Avalanche beats him for the title at Unscensored and then...thats I got too before it stopped working.It said the Control File was emety and I was soooo mad. I just deleted all of TEW in anger lol it was the only one but I will download TEW again and then going to start another game. Will update what game Im doing
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Unread 12-07-2011, 01:56 PM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Default ROH Rising

Originally Posted by matthew222 View Post
well before I lost the damn game i was planning on having Steiner win the WWlll Rumble and then beat Austin and then Avalanche beats him for the title at Unscensored and then...thats I got too before it stopped working.It said the Control File was emety and I was soooo mad. I just deleted all of TEW in anger lol it was the only one but I will download TEW again and then going to start another game. Will update what game Im doing
I had that happen a few times. I think Im going to start making backups every 3 months of game time.

As for me, ROH is rolling. Cashflow is up, attendance is up, everyone is getting over, my show is getting great ratings, I even got a new PPV deal with bigger company (Small instead of Very Small). I think I might be able to squeeze in a deal with a medium company.

WWE keeps hovering between global or cult. Every time they drop they cut some more contracts. Most of the time its fluff, but thats how I scored John Cena. They just cut Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett (along with Santino, Heath Slater, JR, Cole, Chavo, and Justin Gabriel). I might bring in someone, but for now, Im rolling.

Every show is A or A*. Ive stopped travelling to run Tri-State shows (wanted to get my pop up to B). After my next PPV, I think Im going to go back on the road and shoot for going National.

Right now, John Cena has his heel faction: The Mainstream and his Mainstream Title. His cohorts Kenny King and Zach Ryder make sure he wins all his matches. Eventually, I will bring someone in or move in Kevin Steen to do a Horseman thing where everyone holds the ROH gold. I want to keep building my champion Austin Aries enough to do a series of matches with John Cena in a unification feud.

I dont know who to put over in that one. Or do I have the wrong guy? Should I wait to see if another great talent gets cut. Its probably 9 months off anyways.
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Unread 12-18-2011, 06:48 AM
Sambo Italiano Sambo Italiano is offline
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Originally Posted by eljeasel View Post
Right now, John Cena has his heel faction: The Mainstream and his Mainstream Title. His cohorts Kenny King and Zach Ryder make sure he wins all his matches. Eventually, I will bring someone in or move in Kevin Steen to do a Horseman thing where everyone holds the ROH gold.
I have Steen in my heel faction. I really like him in that enforcer/bodyguard role.
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Unread 12-30-2011, 12:11 AM
Greylocke Greylocke is offline
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Just noticed somethinh in my own game.....

I created a Local-sized, US-based fed in the Cornellverse data with no popularity but lots of money, called it 'World Elite Wrestling' (WEW) and then went on to take two workers (including some staff members, like referees and announcers) from every fed to put in my new fed. The idea was that some super-rich guy decided to collect the cream of the wrestling crop from all over the world to create the best wrestling fed ever, and use his wealth to poach two workers from every fed. Anyway, to follow this theme, I also make a point of signing whichever good international (non-American) wrestlers into my fed when they become available.

I've gone over two years in my game and risen to Cult (although losing several big stars in the process after their initial contracts run out), and I just noticed yesterday that without actually meaning to, ALL my current champions happen to be non-Americans, even though I still have more American workers on my roster than from any other country! Not just that, each champion is also of a different race!

So right now I've got:

World Elite Champion (my brand 1 main event belt, on TV and PPV) - Jack Geiodroyc (sp?), British

WEW Global Champion (my brand 2 main event belt, goes on tours and PPVs but not TV shows) - Bruce the Giant, Australian

WEW Tag Team Champions - Rhino Umaga and Samoan Mahcine, Samoans (duh!)

WEW TV Champion (brand 1 midcard) - Champagne Lover, Mexican

WEW Superfly Champion (brand 2 highflier midcard) - Joey Beauchamp, European

WEW Women's Champion (Sensational Ogiwara) - Japanese

There's also the WEW Women's Tag Team belts, currently held by Sensational Thunder (Japanese).

Last edited by Greylocke : 12-30-2011 at 12:21 AM. Reason: Factual racial errors about previous champions removed
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Unread 01-06-2012, 06:13 PM
luminafire luminafire is offline
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 52

Still playing my NYCW file (called nW in my game) and still riding on top with A popularity across the US and Canada and we're breaking into Mexico with about a C average popularity rating. As I've noted in my posts before, I've been playing this file for years now although now since I'm on top and have little more to accomplish I play a show only every few weeks or so. Currently I'm finishing August 2012 (so I've played about seven years in-game time).

I adjusted the prestige after a while to keep it fun, but other than that, everything in the file is all me. I've built mega stars out of nobodies and generated characters. I have carefully built a strong roster with talent and charisma for great segments and matches and have finally mastered the momentum of the different tiers of the card. My main eventers all have A or A* momentum and my upper midcards have B or B+. Once you master the momentum ratings, you'll be able to pwn this game with advance booking. The US wrestling market and economy are both at F right now and this year the top ten PPV's so far have all been nW with buyrates of 500,000 or more.

Eventually I'll have to call it quits on this file since SWF and TCW are no match for me in the ratings or with talent on their rosters. Hoping to last until the economy and market in the US get back up to C+ or higher to try and sell out some massive arenas but things aren't looking too good in the U.S. Hoping once these two stats pick up TCW and SWF will put up a fight.

Got two live two hours shows on Tuesday and Wednesday-- one for each of my two brands. Both are getting 3.0 or higher. My Tuesday night show is hitting 3.6.

Current Champs:

[New Wrestling East]

nW Empire Championship
Billy Russell
(After a summerlong fued between Puerto Rican Power and Ricky Dale Johnson, Russell cashed in his Battledome 2011 ring [like Money in the Bank] and won the title out of nowhere at the flagship summer PPV Summertime. This is his second reign. His first was the longest in nW history spanning 20 defences and eight months)

nW Tri-State Reigional Championship
Dean McWade
(After dominating the upper midcard for several months Dean swiped the title from Scout at a PPV in June. It was Scout's first title defence)

nW Atlantic Tag Team Championship
The New Wave (Guide and Scout)
(After struggling to get back into title contention after a bad series of losses earlier in the year, they beat Zodiac [Fumihiro Ota and Kazuma Narato aka the Tokyo Express] after Zodiac dominated the division for several months once the Tag Team title was divided amongst the brands)

nW Manhattan Championship
Monkey Warrior (aka Hell Monkey)
(Currently the title holder with the longest reign in the company, Monkey Warrior has used his excellent wrestling ability to keep this belt all to himself bringing more prestiege to this lower card title in the process. He's held it for four months with eight successful non DQ defenses but for the life of me, despite his megapush, I cannot get him over enough for the booking staff to recommend him any higher than a lower midcarder. Damn.)

[New Wrestling West]

nW World Championship
Haruki Kudo
(This has been an excellent year for one of the most popular active wrestlers worldwide with A* ratings all over Japan and in the US and A ratings in Canada. Not only is he an excellent all-rounder but he's picked up English and gotten pretty good mic skills in the year that I've had him. My only worry is that he's currently 48-- although is average match rating is A* so I guess if it isn't broken...)

nW Frontier Championship
Robert Oxford
(Oxford has been an enigma for me over the years I've had him signed. He's 51 so he's nearing retirement and just has C+ brawling and C submission skills, but his performance ratings are so high he consistently puts out A and A* matches even though his offensive skills are pitiful. He is extremely over so I put the strap on him and even once he retires he's going to make one hell of a road agent. He won the title from John Maverick last month after Maverick had a respectable multi-month reign. I have other wrestlers with the same performance skills and age-worn offensive skills but for some reason only Oxford seems to have these great matches with dwindling talent.)

nW Pacific Tag Team Championship
A.K.A: Ass-Kickers Anonymous (Joss Thompson and Doug Peak)
(Doug Peak is another engima in my roster. His skills are pretty weak-- even performance skills and entertainment skills-- but he gets over very fast. Joss Thompson was a UK wrestler I signed who had weak skills and no popularity in nW but I built him from nothing into a star. They're both A rated in popularity across the US now. Thompson's the main reason for this due to his mic skills and good performance skills-- Doug is just the lucky sidekick who happened to get mega-over. They beat the Devastators/The Power Connection [Dallas McWade and Ryan Powell] at the last PPV. As my main eventers are getting older I'm hoping these guys represent the next generation of main eventers in the company.)

nW Hollywood Championship
BLZ Bubb
(Bubb's popularity cap keeps him stick in the midcard so I stuck the title on him to have a stable "top" jobber but even though I feed him trash opponents he's put out decent matches over the year so I'm pretty happy with him. He won the title from Maverick who was holding this and the Frontier title simultaneously for a short period of time back in May.)

[Undisputed/Cross-Brand Titles]

nW World Cruiserweight Championship
Mario Heroic
(Heroic won the title from Troy Tornado a few months ago. He has incredible charisma and flying skills along with A* psychology to boot. My bookers want him to be a main eventer but his popularity cap is B+ and I hate having B+ wrestlers in a higher spot in the card than other A rated guys stuck in the upper midcard)

Here's the results for my last PPV:

nW Summertime [Week 4, July]
G Davis Coliseum in Ontario
Attendance: 20,773
Buy Rate: 479,897

Dark Match
Money Warrior defeated Acid to retain the nW Manhattan Title (B)

Dark Main Event
BLZ Bubb defeated Buddy Garner to retain the nW Hollywood Title (C+)

Opening Match
Colossal/Bruce the Giant defeated Hell's Bouncer (B)

Robert Oxford defeated John Maverick for the nW Frontier Title (A*)

Dean McWade defeated Pistol Pete Hall (B+)

Ass-Kickers Anonymous defeated The Devastators for the nW Pacific Tag Team Titles (B+)

Tana the Mighty defeated Billy Russell (A)

The New Wave Defeated Zodiac/The Tokyo Express for the nW Atlantic Tag Team Titles (B+)

Mario Heroic defeated Troy Tornado to retain the nW World Cruiserweight Title (B)

Haruki Kudo defeated Razul/Raul Hughes, Bryan Vessey and Rick Lawless/Rick Law for the nW World Title (A*)

Ricky Dale Johnson defeated Puerto Rican Power for the nW Empire Title (A*)

Billy Russell cashed in his Battledome 2011 Contendership Ring and defeated Ricky Dale Johnson for the nW Empire Title (A)

Overall Show Rating: A
Comments: Should have been an A* card and I was hoping for higher attendance and about 21,000 more buys. Heroic and Tornado flopped although they've had A, A* ratings in the past. I did the match one too many times and the fans got bored with it. Colossal and Bouncer was another flop and I've gotten so tired of Hell's Bouncer's crappy matches I sent him back to development. I only keep him because he's very over and he's only 25 and will grow into a good giant wrestler over time. Russell's surprise win probably kept me from an A* rating as I was hoping it'd get a A* rating its self but it ended the PPV on a lower note than the actual main event. Live and learn.

Last edited by luminafire : 01-06-2012 at 06:27 PM.
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Unread 01-12-2012, 07:41 AM
JuulDK JuulDK is offline
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Is it possible to hype Pay-Per Views?? I can't seem to find anything about it
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Unread 01-13-2012, 07:03 PM
JackKnifed72 JackKnifed72 is offline
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Originally Posted by JuulDK View Post
Is it possible to hype Pay-Per Views?? I can't seem to find anything about it
IIRC, Advance booking matches will help increase attendance at your PPV's (or any shows for that matter)
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Unread 01-27-2012, 09:57 AM
sxemonster31 sxemonster31 is offline
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Default Brand Splits

Quick Question. I have a TEW 2005 game running right now where I have so many wrestlers that I had to do a brand split because I can't use everyone how I want. But just like WWE used to have RAW. Smackdown, and ECW...can you use Brand 1, Brand 2, and None the same way? Or will everyone want to be on the "None" show a la WWE Superstars?
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Unread 02-05-2012, 10:14 AM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Default ROH: 2 Years In

I planned the big angle to pit John Cena and his faction, The Mainstream (Cena, Kenny King, Brett Majors, and Adara James) against Austin Aries. The idea here would be The Mainstream having gone through the entire roster, and coming for the ROH World Title, then threatening to leave.

I was about 3 months away from this big angle, which I think would have been huge, and ended up with AA as a mega star and taken us to National Level. Austin Aries signs exclusive deal with WWE. He left along with Colt Cabana, and Chris Hero (half of the Tag Champs).

I brought in Wade Barrett, so AA could drop the title to him. I didnt know what to do with my plans. Before I knew it "John Cena signs with WWE." I jobbed him out to Low Ki and broke up The Mainstream. My long term plans are a unification program once Low Ki and Wade get up to A popularity.

The other big thing I have going on is the Tag Division. No one was as good in the ring and in promos as the KoW. I literally didnt have any plans to drop the titles. The only other team that had the potential to work good matches at least was the Young Bucks. I hadnt focused on them at all, but TNA did. Wow, those guys were hugely popular. I didnt have a problem with them as champs, but every now and then TNA would job them out on their show to someone who just had no business hanging with an upper midcard act. Long story short, I tagged up Carlito and Christopher Daniels and gave them Derrick Driver as a bodyguard. Great series of matches and now I had a great tag team that would get an A match out of ANYONE. Genesis was the standard for all tag teams.

At this point I actually hit Global polularity, skipping over national. The next step was signing my core roster to written deals.
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Unread 02-05-2012, 12:41 PM
mob187 mob187 is offline
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First off: Hi everybody
Sorry for my bad english, but i'm from Germany...

Can anybody tell me WTF is going on with my TV Viewers... ?
(Attached File)

I have nothing chance in the Editor.
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Unread 02-06-2012, 09:51 AM
jjohns44 jjohns44 is offline
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I know WWE was going to try to do this with Teddy Hart, but with his attitude it didn't come into fruition and now with Harry Smith gone and Tyson Kidd down to jobber status and I dunno what their doing with Nattie right now except for making her the target of lame fart jokes:

I have signed all four of them over to my promotion to bring about a Hart Stable. Teddy is the leader and is the current National Champ, Harry and Tyson are in the tag team hunt and Nattie is in the Vixen's Title hunt.

Usually I let the matches determine the winners automatically, so I'm interested to see how far all of them can go.
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Unread 03-23-2012, 12:08 PM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Default ROH - Fall of WWE

Man, what a wild ride.

ROH is now the most popular company in the US. Wow. Its not like I killed TNA or WWE. They killed themselves.

WWE's head booker was Stephanie. She ran them down to cult status on multiple occasions, which gave me my run with Cena. I checked some of their shows out and was stunned. Orton was the WWE champion and had not defended the belt in over 8 months. Not once. One of their most popular stars, literally no matches.

Sgt Slaughter was running roughshod over the midcard getting victories over Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, tag team champs, anyone. C rated matches at best and killing the overness and momentum for any midcarder.

They are down to B popularity in the states and DO NOT HAVE A TIME SLOT IN THE US. Thats right. Raw is off the air. Smackdown cancelled. NXT has a graveyard slot in Europe. That is it. So their product is stagnant because they wont take a non prime time tv deal. They still have mega PPV buys from their massive PPV deals.

They fired Stephanie and put in Bill Berhens as head booker. They actually put on good shows now, but it might be too late.
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Unread 03-23-2012, 12:48 PM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Default ROH - TNA staying medium

TNA is a bizarre case. They have as much cash as WWE, but they dont have the same overall popularity.

Impact is still on, but they only gett about 100K viewers a show. The real shocking thing was the return of Hulk Hogan, who jobbed out to Brian Kendrick who is now an A level star.

The weirdness comes in that half of their roster is still on PPA or Exclusive PPA contracts. Not alot of written deals despite them being a global company. Im not really sure what else to say. They havent brought in new talent. Havent lost anyone. Just stable.
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Unread 03-23-2012, 08:09 PM
eljeasel eljeasel is offline
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Default ROH - Return of the Territories?

So get this. Outside of finances, My ROH, TNA, and WWE are all equally popular. All Global.

Has there ever been something like that? We had WCW and WWE as the 2 tops with ECW being the cult favorite.

Back in the day we had the NWA/the larger territories and then you had Vince Sr. But those were not truly international promotions. What makes things ever harder to follow is the economy and the industry are both in the tank.

Its this bizarre world where wrestling is popular and profitable, but isnt mainstream at all. No primetime wrestling show can draw viewers, but a graveyard show can get more viewers than a primetime show.
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