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Unread 04-27-2012, 08:13 AM
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Default Dynamic Experience (tied to destiny)

Apologies if this was already a feature in the game, or if I (or someone else) already suggested it.

Everyone has a different level of learning ability. Some of this is reflected in the destiny stat you make, and rightly so. But the 'experience' factor should benefit from this as well. The rate by which this stat goes up should vary depending on the destiny of the fighter. I've tested it a little bit and it seems that there is indeed a level of variance in the stat progression, though it's limited. The standard deviation of the difference seems to be a couple of %'s only. For 22 fights in the game it tends to rise by +-60%, with a bigger increase in the lower regions, which seems very realistic. But it'd be even more realistic imo if there was a factor of increase tied to the destiny. For instance, factor x.65 would - in this example - gain 40% from those fights because he doesn't possess the natural learning capacity, while their could be very quick learners (factor 1.5), who become experts of their trade after only 25 cage appearances (+90%).

Furthermore, the destiny stat could perhaps be editable by the modder. When creating a mod, I want certain fighters to be among the main players and, though you can determine their 'potential' value, which is normally randomised by the game, I found that to be only mildly contributing to their eventual level. It seems to assure that they are at least 'decent', but is in no way a ticket to stardom, even if the other factors are in their favor (big training camp membership, etc). Destiny seems to impact this more.

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