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Unread 09-14-2014, 03:04 AM
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Default Just a few suggestions

I've picked this up again and started playing, the potential for this to be an absolute cracking series is evident. Here are a few suggestions I have if you ever decide to do a sequel (not sure if any of these have been said before).

As well as having randomly generated adventurers, you could also have pre-set "legends" in the data. So that when you hit a certain level yourself, a legendary adventurer agrees to do a few quests with you (limited to say 1-3 based on how difficult the quest is. For example 3 easy quests, 2 medium quests or 1 difficult quest. You could even have them recommend a legendary quest which would be extremely difficult, but if you succeed the reward is far greater. Each legend could have their own "golden" stat based on the treasure hunting, toughness etc...)

The list of quests you have been on. Nothing fancy, just something like the location and what you found/significant actions/events that happened. Wouldn't have to be more than 2 lines of text.

Selecting your class and species. This would give more of a feel that you weren't just a generic guild master. The option to choose a picture too would be good. A few classes could be your usual Mage, Warrior, Rogue etc with the additions of say Pirate, Necromancer and so on. Species you could have Human, Forest Elf, Dark Elf, Undead, Fairy, Vampire, Draconia etc. I mean who wouldn't want to set up their character as a Vampire Pirate?!

Pictures! In the same way TEW2013 incorporates the "free" pictures, this game could do something similar. When it generates the random characters, pictures could be auto assigned based on the sex, species and class of the adventurer. This could also be incorporated into the next suggestion in which people could add their own "generic" pictures to the folder and then set them up to randomise based on the same criteria. You would only need the options for what class, species and sex each is so for example if you find a picture of a female human mage, the picture would only be available to that type of adventurer if you ticked those boxes.

In game editor. This is probably the thing most needed. People would then have the option of creating their own worlds, stories and characters. It also gives huge replay value. People creating their own worlds and characters would also be an enormous boost for a modding community that with this version can do little. Don't underestimate the allure of in game editing. Again it wouldn't need to be too fancy based on the games mechanics, but have enough that you felt like you were in another world if somebody released a mod. I mean the editor could have the following options;

Picture Generate (where you assign pictures to be randomly attached to generated adventurers).
Legends (A place where you can create a legend or 10 for your world - but have a cap on the number of legends available. Over time generated adventurers can become legendary, replacing those who die/get too old)
Locations (Literally location name and picture)
Enemies (as with adventurers and your character, the option to choose Species, Class, Sex and adding in difficulty or rarity on appearances)

For example, the ability to change a location and assign a picture for that location, so if your quest took you to a graveyard, then you have a picture of a graveyard assigned to it, or if you ended up in a swamp... you get the gist. I know there are picture locations already but again they look too generic and i really don't get sucked into the world.

Lastly, stats and level up ability for your character. Right now I feel like I'm just sending a ragtag bunch of misfits out on a quest with no character evolution to my guild master. There is no personality.

Just a few things there that would make me part with $34.99.

EDIT: Naming your Guild and gaining reputation in the world. Starting off say as a low level guild (meaning more experienced adventurers wouldn't want to work alongside you) and trying to boost yourself up to becoming the most powerful guild. Random events could help or hinder your growth as well as the mission side of it.
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Unread 09-15-2014, 03:40 PM
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Great suggestions, all! I shall keep this and if I do a sequel, I will probably use many of these ideas.
Derek DiBenedetto
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