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Unread 02-27-2010, 11:59 AM
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Default Invader Zim - Beepocalypse Official Game Thread

That Place What Where All The People Are

Player List:

1. BHK1978
2. Wrestling Century
3. mjdgoldeneye
4. Jaded
5. SuperOwens
6. praguepride
7. lprock
8. Destiny
9. Imarevenant
10. masterded
11. supermareo
12. Tha Black Phenom
13. Trypio
14. jman2k3
15. Sean McFly
16. TakerNGN74
17. 400ml / moon_lit_tears
18. Waghlon
19. Zeel1
20. spikerdude
21. Antithesis
22. d_w_w
23. Bluestar
24. Gabbo
25. Comradebot

That Place What Where All The People Be Comin' From


That Place What All The People Go To

Wrestling Century - Sergeant Hobo: Non-Earth Aligned Trainer of Hobo 13

Antithesis - Agent Darkbooty: Earth Aligned NASA Janitor

Trypio - The Almighty Tallest: Irken Empire Aligned Snack Loving Leaders

Jman2k3 - Moofy: Humanity Aligned Girly Ranger

Tha Black Phenom - Bill: Humanity Aligned Paranormal Investigator

d_w_w - Sizz-lorr: Non-Earth Aligned Chef of Foodcourtia

supermareo - Tak: Non-Earth Aligned Hater of Zim

Spikerdude - The Santa Suit: Earth Aligned Really Jolly Thing

TakerNGN74 - Iggins: Humanity Aligned Clarence Wong

Waghlon - Madness Dog: Humanity Aligned AAAAAAH AAAAAAAH AAAAAAH

SeanMcFly - Skoodge: Irken Empire Aligned Almighty Shortest

praguepride - Sergeant Slab Rankle: Humanity Aligned Man On A Mission

That Place What We Call The Past

Day Phase 1, Death of Wrestling Century
Night Phase 1, Death of Antithesis
Day Phase 2, Death of Trypio
Night Phase 2, Death of jman2k3 and Tha Black Phenom
Day 3, Death of Day Phase 3
Night 3, Nobody Died Yaaaaaaaay!
Day 4, Nobody Died...
Night 4, Death of d_w_w
Day 5, Death of supermareo and Spikerdude
Night 5, Death of TakerNGN74
Day 6, Nobody Died...
Night 6, Nobody Died...
Day 7, Death of Waghlon913728
Night 7, Death of Sean McFly
Day 8, Nobody Died...
Night 8, Nobody Died...
Day 9, Death of praguepride

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