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Unread 10-09-2019, 12:11 PM
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Default NWA Power

Hello, I am going to be booking for NWA as Billy Corgan and seeing how far I can get them until TEW 2020 comes out. If you will like to watch the very first episode of NWA Power go to the NWA YouTube Channel

Here is my roster at the start of this save. (Please Look at Attached Images)

The first episode will be coming very soon so keep an eye out for that
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Unread 10-09-2019, 01:25 PM
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Default NWA Power Episode 1

NWA Power ep:1 Opening (37)

The Shows opens with Billy Corgan in the ring he has got a
a microphone in his hand he well comes all the fans to the very
the first episode of NWA Power he tells the fans that tonight
they're going to see NWA World Champion Nick Aldis in tonight
The main event you are going to get a look at NWA World Women's
Champion Allysin Kay and NWA National Champion James Storm
so let's get this show started with a Good old Tag Team Match

Bram Royce-Isaacs vs Stevie-Richards Johnny-Emminger-2
Match 1: The WildCards vs Stevie Richards & Johnny Emminger (49)

This match was very one-sided The WildCards did not let
Stevie Richards or Johnny Emminger get into it Thomas
Latimer got the win for The WildCards by pinning Johnny
Rachel-Summerlyn vs Ashley-Vox

Match 2: Rachel Summerlyn vs Ashley Vox (42)

Before the match we had Allysin Kay walk down to the
Announcers to watch this match.

Rachel Summerlyn and Ashley Vox had a good match it was a
very back and force match with Allysin Kay watching on
Rachel Summerlyn got the upper hand and ended up getting
the pin on Ashley Vox at the end of the match Allysin Key
stands up and gives Rachel a hand for a good win
Video: Eli Drake Hype (50)

A video is played hyping Eli Drake coming to NWA Power
James-Storm-2 vs JOCEPHUS

Match 3: James Storm vs Jocephus Brody for NWA Nation Championship (46)

James Storm had a very easy win in this one on one match
beating Jocephus Brody in under 3 minutes there is not much
to say about this match.
JOCEPHUS on James-Storm-2

Post Match: Jocephus attacks James Storm (27)

After the match, James Storm is celebrating Jocephus comes to
and does not look very happy he runs at Storm and knocks him
down and starts to attack him referee's and backstage workers
run out to stop the Attack Jpcephus rolls out of the ring
and just walks up the ramp shouting STORM! STORM! STORM!
Damien-Sandow vs Tommy-Mercer-2

Match 4: Aaron Stevens vs Tommy Mercer (52)

In the match of the night, Aaron Stevens picked up the win
in a hard-hitting match with Tommy Mercer before the match#
Aaron was telling all the fans that he is in NWA Power to
become the NWA World Champion so Nick Aldis better watch
his back.
Magnus vs Trevor-Murdock3
Match 5 Main Event: Nick Aldis vs William Trevor Murdock for NWA World Championship

Nick Aldis start the match very fast did not give WTM time to think
it was all out for Nick Aldis it was like he was sending a message to
Aaron Stevens and it was not a nice one Nick Aldis won the match with a pin
Damien-Sandow on Magnus
Post Match End of Show: Aaron Stevens Attacks Nick Aldis (49)

Nick Aldis is outside the ring celebrating his win when out
of know where Aaron Stevens runs in and starts to attack the
NWA World Champion with a Steel Chair over and over again as
people run out to stop this Aaron starts to attack them not
letting anyone get to Nick. Aaron does not stop his attack on
Nick until he is laying in his blood the chair now dripping
with Nick's blood and Aaron just looking down smailing

Show Rating (50)

What is going to happen next week on Power you will have to wait and see

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Unread 10-09-2019, 05:51 PM
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Push "The Hurter" to the moon... that name sounds very NWA 1980's... Entertaining concept.
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Unread 10-10-2019, 12:18 PM
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NWA Power 2

Damien-Sandowon Magnus
Show Opening: Aaron Stevens Rant about Nick Aldis (51)

Aaron Stevens walks down to the ring holding the chair he
attacked Nick Aldis with at the end of last weeks show
Aaron gets into the ring Aaron gets a microphone and starts
to tells the fans and everyone watching at home how he is
the real NWA World Champion and last week was him showing
Nick but he knows that Nick is not here tonight so he will
not be asking for his championship just yet but when he
is back You Will Be Handing My NWA World Champion Back To
ME! Aaron then drops the microphone on this fool and walks
out of the ring and up the ramp
Meiko-Satomura2 vs Thunder-Rosa-alt2
Match 1: Meiko Satomura vs Thunder Rosa (58)

In the match of the night, Mieko Satomura picked up a hard
win over Thunder Rosa looking at times that the young star
Rosa was going to get upset but in the end 24 year pro
Satomura was too much for Thunder Rosa
Ricky-Morton & Robert-Gibson vs Reed-Bentley Ricky-Starks
Match 2: The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Reed Bentley & Ricky Starks for NWA World Tag Team Championship (44)

In a slow match, 30 year + pros of Rick Morton & Robert Gibson
picked up the win and are still the NWA World Tag Team Champions
in 2019 how was will this mad ride go on for
Bram Royce-Isaacs on Ricky-Morton Robert-Gibson
Post Match Attack: The Wildcards attack The Rock 'n' Roll Express (32)

After the match, Rick and Robert are walking up the ramp when
out of nowhere The wildcards run in and attack them both down
to the fool and the holding up the NWA World Tag Team Champions
and throwing them down on Rick and Robert and walking off
Shaul-Guerrero-2 vs Rebel-Kel
Match 3: Shaul Guerrero vs Rebel Kel (33)

In a match to bring down the fans, Shaul Guerrero picked up
the win in an okay one on one match with Rebel Kel
Eli-Drake vs Johnny-Emminger-2
Match 4: Eli Drake vs Johnny Emminger (50)

Eli Darke is on coming on his music is playing he's waking
down the ramp and then from the corner of the ramp walks out
6'10 Deadman looking thing just looking down on Eli Drake
the match goes on with this thing looking on Eli Drake takes
now time in putting an end to the match and picking up the win
The Lights Go Off
GEN-MALE-111 on Eli-Drake
Post Match Attack The Hurter on Eli Drake (44)

The Lights come back on and now the thing is in the ring
and starts to attack Eli Drake just shouting as he doses it
he throws him up the ramp he then gets back in the ring and
then a voice receding plays saying Hello My Name Is The Hurter
Who Is Next?
GEN-MALE-111 vs Trevor-Murdock3
Match 5: The Hurter vs William Trevor Murdock (42)

In a very onesided match, The Hurter made easy work WTM
He was like a wild animal playing with its food by the end
of it.

The show ends with The Hurter looking down the camera

Show Rating 46
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