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Unread 05-08-2018, 09:42 AM
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Welcome to New York… The home of the hottest young talent in America…

No news, so it was time to organise the first round of the King of New York tournament. The big show in September would feature the final eight, so this month, we had to weed it down to eight from sixteen. Winner of the tournament would receive a shot at the Empire Title in December at Showdown in the City I.

NYCW Welcome to New York 6: Road to the Throne
Sunday, Week 2, August, 2016
Pennysylvania Park, Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Attendance: 2,000 (SOLD OUT!)

ANGLE: Jay Chord and Greg Gauge are out. They’ve only found themselves a new member of the Legacy and they want him to earn his stripes right now… out comes the son of Dan Dalay… Robin DaLay. (D+)
He’s cheap, decent and fits the story. It’s almost too perfect.

KONY QUALIFIER: Bulldozer Brandon Smith defeated Robin DaLay in 5:27 by pinfall with a Tombstone Piledriver. (D+)
Solid opening performance from the youngster. I was never going to give him the win here, but he held up his end of the bargain beautifully.

KONY QUALIFIER: Greg Gauge defeated Garry The Entertainer in 5:21 by submission with a Proton Lock. (D)
Testing another newcomer, he’s got bags of entertainment skill, but raw in-ring talent. Time to start developing the only way we know how. By jobbing him out to much better workers.

KONY QUALIFIER: Brutus Milano defeated Joffy Pinkerton in 5:37 by submission with an Italian Backbreaker after blatantly cheating. (D-)
That’s right everyone! Brutus Milano, jobber-to-the-stars is into the final eight of the King of New York tournament. Can you say, UNDERDOG!

KONY QUALIFIER: Ernest Youngman defeated Fro Sure in 11:07 by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage. (C-)
And finally, FINALLY, these two hook it up and it goes exactly the same way as before. The main man Ernest Youngman delivers the goods, by cheating. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Good match.

KONY QUALIFIER: Grandmaster Phunk defeated Animal Harker in 6:11 by pinfall with a Phunkensteiner following botched interference by Tennessee William. (D-)
Oh dear, we have ourselves further issues with the Southern Stars. Actually a pretty underwhelming match, but it’s more about storytelling than ratings.

KONY QUALIFIER: Thom Barrowman defeated Tennessee William in 6:23 by pinfall with a Guided Missile. (C-)
Tennessee William immediately suffers at the hands of fate. I mean, it’s not like he stood a chance of getting in the way of Thom Barrowman, but at least he looked spectacular in defeat.

ANGLE: Harlem Profits cut a promo hyping their upcoming final match with The Ring Generals. “Get it done now, or go back to Maine, or wherever the Hell you’re from.” Quite right too. (D-)

NYCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Harlem Profits (c) defeated The Ring Generals in 7:39 when Donte Dunn defeated Dean Waldorf by pinfall after using a foreign object. (D)
Not a great match, but a nice full stop on the three-way tag feud which has dominated the year in New York. But where next for both teams?

KONY QUALIFIER: Logan Wolfsbaine defeated The Masked Mauler in 5:46 by pinfall with a Belly To Belly Suplex. (D+)
Master vs. apprentice for the second time. Good match and it seems everything Mauler has taught Logan is paying off. Maybe I should consider tagging them up?

KONY QUALIFIER: Ross Henry defeated William Jetterson in 5:23 by pinfall with an Earthquake Powerslam. (C-)
Another fantastic singles match with absolutely the right man going over. Poor William J, he really is struggling to make a name for himself. Perhaps he needs a tag team partner in the new year too.

ANGLE: Jay Chord cuts a promo hyping up his gloriousness and that he’ll happily destroy the face of NYCW, Steve Flash tonight and twice on Sundays. (B-)

NYCW EMPIRE TITLE MATCH: Jay Chord defeated Steve Flash in 22:25 by pinfall by using underhanded tactics. (C+)
WOAH! Flash brings the goods against the young upstart and delivers the best match in company history to boot. We’d have to have a rematch of this one I’d imagine. Perhaps at The King of New York event in fact.



Around the area, JD Morgan and Land Mass (former Tri-State Champ) retire, while in MAW Bradley Blaze beat Greg Gauge to claim their championship in a doozy of a match. Might need to look to invest in him soon.

In terms of our performance, we came 2nd in both battles, but only lost $4,701. That’s not too bad at all.

Next time on Welcome to New York… The Inaugural King of New York tournament and we discover who’ll be fighting for the gold at Empire City Showdown…
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