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Unread 06-14-2019, 12:24 AM
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World Class Championship Wrestling

Tuesday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 4,500 (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 5.07 (964,210 viewers)
Show Rating: 78

The Show begins with Bill Mercer and Cowboy Bob Ellis in the studio welcoming us to the show in a very neutral and serious manner. We zoom in on Bill Mercer as he announces that last week, we saw Jose Lothario carried out of the arena by EMTs, "Well we have an update on Jose’s condition. Last week we speculated that it could be a very serious injury that could have kept Jose out of the ring for many months. Unfortunately, the situation is even worse than we originally speculated. The doctors have told Jose, that injury to his neck is so severe that he will likely never wrestle again. We would like to take this moment to wish Jose a speedy recovery from this tragic situation, and that Jose will always have a home in World Class.” After the speech Mercer and Ellis tell us that due to this tragedy that the NWA American Tag Team and World Class Television Championships have been declared vacant. World Class Commissioner Fritz Von Erich has announced that in 2 weeks, at New Year’s Star Wars, not only will we find out who will be crowned NWA Texas Tag Team Champions after the previous champions Mark Lewin and The Spoiler were stripped of the championships after they refused to defend their championships within the 60 days’ time limit. But now we will also crown New NWA American Tag Team Champions, and in the coming weeks we will determine the teams who compete for the respective titles. As for the Television championship, we will have a new champion crowned tonight. Gary Hart has vowed to make his feelings on the Television championship known.

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Chris Adams vs. Dr. Wagner, El Solitario and Villano III
In a pretty even match, The Fabulous Freebirds and Chris Adams defeated Villano III Real by pinfall in 14 minutes, after Terry Gordy hit the Kneeling Powerbomb on El Solitario.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Jim Harris
In a pretty even match, Kerry defeated Jim Harris by submission in 10 minutes, after Kerry Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on Jim Harris.

Gary Hart comes to the ring flanked by Killer Tim Brooks, and on his shoulder Gary Hart has the NWA World Class Television Championship, as he enters the ring followed by Brooks, he takes the microphone away from the ring announcer and Brooks menaces him "Shut up! As the greatest mind in wrestling, I have something to say. Last week after my men destroyed the American Tag champions so badly, that one of them left on a stretcher. I knew then that I had a winning combination, and as my men utterly dominated their opponents, I knew management would have no option but to bow to my demands. But I know Fritz von Erich is more muscle than brain, and that his libido overpowers his common sense so much so that his pride won’t ever let anyone that didn’t come from his testicles triumph. Fritz better watch out because if him or any of his dopey sons ever try to face up against my men, my men would hurt them so badly that they would never show their faces in public, and I don’t want that... yet. So, I did the sensible thing and went up to the board of directors and demanded a title match. But not a tag title match, Brody is too busy being the dominant American Champion, so I demanded a TV Title match for Killer Brooks, why? Because he liked the title, and everything Brooks likes, Brooks gets. The Board of Directors in all their senses made my man the No.1 Contender on the spot and face Mr. Lothario tonight. However, that selfish pig Lothario had to ruin it all and duck my man. He could not be true champion and face his challenger as all champions should. He decided to fake an injury. Because the only thing that broke on Mr. Lothario was his will, he lost his smile and took his ball an went home. Well once a coward always a coward. What else could we expect of such a weak man. So, what does that mean for the TV belt? It means that Killer Brooks is the new TV champ. Mr. Lothario was the champion and was scheduled to face the rightful No.1 contender Tim Brooks. But Mr. Lothario refused to face his number one contender because he is "injured" and his neck "hurts". So, in my opinion he has just relinquished his title to my client. But my man will prove that he is better champion than Mr. Lothario was. So instead of just getting the title handed to him, Brooks wants to do this the right way. So, I make an open challenge to anyone in the back who dares to enter the ring with Brooks for a chance at his TV Title. Or are all of you cowards like Mr. Lothario?" from the locker room emerges the former tag team champion El Halcón and following him is a civilian dressed Jose Lothario with a Neck Brace, it seems Halcón is here to challenge Brooks, and Lothario is here to counteract Gary Hart.

***NWA World Class Television Championship ***

Killer Tim Brooks vs. El Halcón
In a total domination, Killer Tim Brooks defeated El Halcón in 5 Minutes by Injury Stoppage, to win the NWA Big Time Television Championship, after David Manning was forced to stop the match due to blood loss from the forehead of El Halcon, and couldn’t react to a ten count after a pounce, after the match Halcon was Stretchered out with Lothario walking by his side taking care of his partner.

Chavo and Mandó Guerrero vs. Mr. Hito and Kazuo Sakurada
In a pretty even match, Chavo and Mando defeated Mr. Hito and Kazuo Sakurada by pinfall in 14 minutes, after Chavo Guerrero hit the Gory Bomb on Kazuo Sakurada.

***NWA American Heavyweight Championship***

Bruiser Brody vs. Mil Mascaras
In a one-sided beat down Bruiser Brody defeated Mil Mascaras bypass out in 8 minutes to retain the NWA American Heavyweight Championship after Mascaras passed out from a Bear Hug.

After The Match Gary Hart and his Clients walk into the Studio where Mercer and Ellis are providing commentary, while they are trying to get to the backstage are Ellis stops Hart and asks him for an Interview; "Interview, I’m too busy to give you an interview, I have better things to do than to say anything to this unworthy fans and this excuse of an announcer that you are, all I will say is I told you so, I told you my beasts were unstoppable, and you saw it today first hand, my guys came, put their titles on the line, and walked away fresher than a winter rose, Brooks almost killed a former Heavyweight Champion in El Halcón, and Brody just made piss out this "supposed" Mexican legend, this is my last warning, to all superstars, stay out of our way or you will face the consequences", they continue to walk off as Brody pushes Ellis to one side and they continue walking, now we return to the ring.

David and Kevin Von Erich vs. The Spoiler and Mark Lewin
In a pretty even match, David and Kevin defeater The Spoiler and Lewis by submission in 20 minutes, after David Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on the Spoiler.
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