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Unread 05-27-2019, 06:09 PM
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Default National Wrestling Alliance 1980: Age of Glory

Dynasty Nominations & Awards
July 2019 Diary of the Month Nominee

National Wrestling Alliance 1980: Age of Glory

A new NWA President, just on the brink of a new decade. Since 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance has dominated professional wrestling. As the 70s come to an end, history tells us a new threat will emerge, systematically taking out one territory at a time, effectively putting an end to the NWA we know and love. In National Wrestling Alliance 1980: Age of Glory, we rewind time to 1980. We put our creative genius together. We make an agreement. This time, history will be different. This will be the Age of Glory.

NWA Executive Committee
NWA President: Eddie Graham (OldSchool4life)
NWA Booking Officer: Jerry Jarrett (smartman) & Jim Crocket, Jr (hailthebulldog)
NWA Media Officer: Vince McMahon, Sr. (Levinux)
NWA Board of Directors: Jim Barnett (RyanR93WKU), Jerry Jarrett, Jim Crocket, Jr, The Sheik and Fritz Von Erich (XMultiGames)

Over the course of this week, we will be introducing you to the territories and championships of the NWA, leading up to the first NWA show report next Monday, featuring World Class Championship Wrestling! Tomorrow, we'll introduce the first two territories in the NWA; Georgia Championship Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling Detroit.

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this should be good.
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GCW is run by RyanR93WKU

Welcome to Georgia Championship Wrestling, hosted by Gordon Solie.

Georgia is a wrestling hotbed and hosts a big show monthly in the Omni located in “Hotlanta” where all the monthly feuds came to an big end. Jim Barnett is the current owner of GCW. This man brought in the biggest names weekly to help win a war of Atlanta in the mid-70s where two companies sought to win the area. Georgia Championship Wrestling won and has accumulated a stacked roster of the best wrestlers from around the world.
Masked Superstar opens up 1980 as the Georgia Heavyweight Champion as he is in a big feud with Mr. Wrestling II. Tommy Rich might just be the hottest baby face in the World but certainly in Georgia where he is beloved by all. You have a ton of major players like Dusty Rhodes, The Briscos, The Russians, Terry Funk, Ole Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, and Austin Idol. All the major names of professional wrestling want to be in Georgia and be on WTBS where they would be seen all over.

GCW Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

GCW Championships:

NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion
The Masked Superstar

NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions
The Russians (Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion

BTW is run by Levinux

Big Time Wrestling (NWA Detroit)

Big Time Wrestling is a staple in the Detroit, MI area and was home of hardcore wrestling in the 60s and 70s. The Sheik, arguably the most popular wrestling in the United States, has been at the helm of BTW since taking over the territory in 1964. Being booked as the promotions top wrestler, The Sheik is a 12 time NWA United States (Detroit) Champion and elevated BTW to great success in the late 60s and early 70s, airing 2-3 television programs a week and a weekly house show at the Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit.

Unfortunately, times have not been been that great due to an economic downturn and the lack of reliable talent, with being reduced to running minimal house shows at much smaller venues around metropolitan Detroit, and no television deal by the mid-70s.

Coming into 1980, BTW is up against changes in time and at the bottom of an uphill battle. A battle is something The Sheik is very familiar with, so if you care to question how much longer BTW will be around, please, step into the ring with The Sheik and tell him to his face.

BTW Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

BTW Championships:

NWA United States Heavyweight (Detroit) Champion
The Sheik

NWA World Tag Team (Detroit) Champions

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WCCW is run by XMultiGames

World Class Championship Wrestling, the jewel of the south, founded in 1966 by Ed Mclemore, wrestling promoter and owner of the Dallas Sportatorium, and Southwest Sports President Jack Adkisson, better known as wrestler Fritz Von Erich. After McLemore died in 1969 Adkisson took sole control of the territory, separating it from the Houston, San Antonio and Amarillo offices, beginning with the Dallas-Fort Worth Territory and going as south as Brownsville and Corpus Christie and as North as Cimarron and Ottawa Oklahoma.

Von Erich became a hero for the Texans, turning from a Foreign German Sympathizer to a good ole Texan boy, now as the Patriarch Von Erich career comes to a close, a new breed is coming, with the 3 pillars of World Class Kerry, Kevin, and "The Yellow Rose" David Von Erich, take the mantle to lead WCCW into the new decade and beyond.

World Class is the hometown of classic old school southern texan wrestling, combined with the never-seen-in-America Lucha Style of the new Mexican imports, who come to shake the floor and pump adrenaline into an already growing territory.

WCCW Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

WCCW Championships:

NWA American Heavyweight
Bruiser Brody

NWA American Tag Team
Jose Lothario & El Halcon

NWA Texas Heavyweight
Mark Lewin

NWA Texas Tag Team

NWA Big Time Television
Jose Lothario

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CWA is run by smartman

Continental Wrestling Association

“What in the hell do you mean by pushing your son, Mr. Gulas? He’s terrible and ruining our shows in Memphis!”

“Wait, what do you mean I don’t own the Memphis office? I bought it from you fair and square. No, that wasn’t for 25% of the territory. That was for the ENTIRE office!”

“Boys, I’m taking the Memphis bookings without Nick Gulas’ permission. I’d love for you to join me, but I understand if you can’t.”

"I'm in."

And that was how the last “old-school” NWA territory was formed in 1977. With the help of his friends in the NWA he ran Nick Gulas and his Mid America promotion out of the Memphis area to the Eastern half of the state of Tennessee. Seeing how he’s floundered, Jerry Jarrett is looking to finish them off entirely very, very soon.

Obviously, Jerry Lawler is the figurehead of the company, but he’s not alone as they have a lot of talent, including the booker Bill Dundee who has shown himself to be very well-suited to that job. The other big star is the Boogie Woogie man, Jimmy Valiant. The only trepidation for Jerry Jarrett as he enters 1980 is just how long can the legendary Fabulous One Jackie Fargo, the CWA Southern Heavyweight champion, be his top babyface? Someone is going to have to turn face soon. The question is who it is going to be?

Their territory stretches from Eastern Arkansas West to Nashville Tennessee, and North to pretty much all of Kentucky. They run a Memphis show on Mondays, a Louisville, KY show on Tuesdays, and air a 90-minute live TV show on Saturdays

CWA Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

CWA Championships:

CWA Southern Heavyweight Champion
Jackie Fargo

CWA Southern Tag Team Champions
The Assassins

CWA Television Champion
Inaugural Champion Soon!

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JCP is run by hailthebulldog

Jim Crocket Promotions

Jim Crockett Promotions is major league sports in the Mid Atlantic.

Stretching from Baltimore, Maryland south to the Carolinas with its offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. With no professional sport teams JCP has risen to fill that void. Jim Crockett Promotions is run by Jim Crockett, Jr. the son of founder and patriarch "Big" Jim Crockett.

JCP is home to many outstanding wrestlers such as Ric Flair, a young man that was transplanted from Minnesota and was quickly adopted by the Mid Atlantic people as one of their own, Flair is primed to be one of the biggest stars, not only in Jim Crockett Promotions, but also the entire National Wrestling Alliance.

Another is an outstanding cowboy from Eagle Pass, Texas, Blackjack Mulligan. Mulligan is one man that you wouldn't want to mess with, standing Six foot Seven inches and weighing three hundred pounds this cowboy can sure pack one heck of a punch. Two more bright stars to keep your eyes on are the NWA World Tag Team Champions Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat. Youngblood & Steamboat are one of the most outstanding tag teams in the world and provide an excitement that is not easy to find in a wrestling match

However, there are some pretty bad guys in Jim Crockett Promotions as well including the dastardly Greg Valentine. Valentine has taken up from where his father Johnny Valentine had left off and has become one of the most despicable men in Jim Crockett Promotions. Another man to look out for is the ravenous German Baron Von Raschke. The Baron is a crazed man hailing from the Republic of Germany. The Baron is notorious for breaking the conventions of a typical match and bending the rules. The thing that you need to lookout for with the Baron is his crippling Iron Claw that has fell many of his opponents. The last duo of villains that you must be warned of are the reigning Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champions, Ken Patera and John Studd and the duo have held those belts for over one year, these two men are two of the biggest in the entire alliance and they have teamed up and dominated Jim Crockett Promotions since their inception as a team.

JCP Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

JCP Championships:

NWA United States Heavyweight Champion
Jimmy Snuka

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions
Big John Studd & Ken Patera

NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion
Jim Brunzell

NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Champion

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CWF is run by OldSchool4life

Championship Wrestling From Florida

Welcome to the sunshine state!

Championship Wrestling from Florida has been one of the most recognized names in the
National Wrestling Alliance since the beginning days of the Tampa office in 1949. In 1973 the
promotion had forever changed with top heel Dusty Rhodes turning on Pak Song. While all of
the top NWA talent, from the Funks to the Briscos, Lou Thesz to Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes
stands the test of time as the main ingredient to Eddie Graham's success.

However, as a new decade brings a new frontier, professional wrestling is slowly, but surely,
coming to a national stage. Without a doubt, Dusty Rhodes is a top star, but with the Briscos
looking to expand to other areas and just losing the Funks in 1979, Eddie Graham is realizing
some new stars will have to not only carry the burden of an entertaining undercard for the
American Dream, but they will also have to prepare to become the stars of tomorrow as
Championship Wrestling from Florida enters "A New Frontier".

CWF Roster:

*Territory Roster Updated Monthly

CWF Championships:

NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion
Leroy Brown

NWA United States Tag Team Championship

NWA Brass Knuckles (Florida) Champions
Killer Karl Kox

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This is going to be AWESOME!!! Wish I could have subscribed in time to be part of this

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Sorry for the delay. This is going to start posting daily again.

World Class Championship Wrestling

Tuesday, Week 1, January 1980, at the Dallas Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas,
4,500 fans in attendance (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 3.85 (732,000 viewers)
Show Rating:

The Show begins with Bill Mercer and Cowboy Bob Ellis in the studio providing commentary for the matches telling us thereís an excellent show coming our way

We change cameras to see the ring as the announcers keep talking, only to be interrupted by Gary Hart who climbs into the ring and tells the crowd to shut up:

"Shut up, and pay attention, as the greatest mind of wrestling, me, has an announcement to make, and Iím giving you the privilege of hearing it first hand to give some kind of meaning to your pathetic lives. As you know, I have been scouting all over the world to find new clients, ones who can get the job done, to bring success and championships to my New Age Management Corporation. Some wrestlers who can finally bring the big one, the American Heavyweight Championship, and cement their legacy as I will lead them to the destruction of the Von Erichs once and for all, and it seems I didnít need to find someone from the other side of the world, as my new clients were already here in World Class. So instead of me introducing them, I believe itís better for them to introduce themselves"

Gary Hart signals to the heel locker room ramp, and we see the enormous Killer Tim Brooks coming down the ramp just to stop in the middle and look to the back, where we see the surprise appearance of Bruiser Brody with the American Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. The last time we saw Brody was in mid-December defeating the Spoiler in a rematch for the American Heavyweight Championship. After the match, his tag partner Kerry Von Erich and his brothers Kevin and David came out to congratulate him, but Bruiser Brody got angry as he believed they just came out to steal his moment. He told Kerry they were through as partners before leaving the ring and now has allied himself with the devious Gary Hart going back to his evil ways, Gary resumes his speech

"You see I had a brilliant Idea. Why waste so much time thinking of someone able to win the American Title, when I can get the American Heavyweight Champion himself. Who the Von Erichs are jealous of, jealous of his success, and they couldnít stay quiet and had to try to steal his thunder, but now he has seen the light and along Killer Brooks, they form the most unstoppable team WCCW has ever seen. And when they are done with the Von Erichs, that yellow rose will be as grounded as mint in a mojito, and if you donít believe me let me prove my point as the board of directors have authorized my beasts to face the American Tag Team Champions"

Jose Lothario and EL Halcon come from the face locker room with the tag titles on their waists and Lothario has the TV title in his shoulder and we prepare for a match after these messages.

Non-Title Match
Bruiser Brody & Killer Tim Brooks d. Jose Lothario & El Halcon
A very one-sided match. The tag championsí aerial attacks were no rival to the strength and brute force of Brody and Brooks. The match went slightly under 10 minutes. El Halcůn was being manhandled by both his opponents, preventing him to make the tag, he finally escaped through the legs of Brooks to tag Lothario.

Lothario fared a little bit better against the smallest of the heel team, and got the better of him in a few occasions, enough to make Gary Hart begin to worry, but any worry he had was laid to rest when Brody got back into the match, he steamrolled Lothario and had him on his last legs, looking to tag the even more badly hurt Halcon.

Lothario jumped to tag Halcon, and Brody pounced him through the middle rope out of the ring, with a very scary bump after Lothario fell back neck first into the steel steps, meanwhile in the ring Halcon entered running into the ring only to be received by a running big boot, and the finished with a King Kong Knee Drop for the one two three.

After the match, David Manning throws the X sign up high and the medical services come out to stretcher out Lothario while Halcůn holds his hand and walk to the back

vs w/
Kerry Von Erich d. Kazuo Sakurada w/JJ Dillon

In a match that went 10 minutes, more or less, Kerry Von Erich won by pinfall in a very open match. Dillon tried to interfere but Kerry dropped him from the edge of the ring. Kerry hit Sakurada with an iron claw to knock him out and get the one, two, three.

NWA Texas Heavyweight Title Match

w/ vs
Mark Lewin (c) w/JJ Dillon d. Les Thorton

Before the Match, the announcers announced Les Thorton as the first participant in the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Les Thorton came out and said he was thankful for the chance given to him, only to be interrupted by Mark Lewin, saying he was simply a midget who wasnít good for anything, and he was going to be beaten by anyone in the tournament because he got soft after he began wanting to make the fans happy, Lewin said he was so sure of what he said he was willing to put his Texas Heavyweight Championship in their scheduled match, and Les accepted.

In 12 minutes in a very open match Mark Lewin beat Les Thorton by technical submission with a sleeper hold after Lewin knocked out Bronco Lubich and JJ Dillon attacked Thorton with a steel chair as he was making his comeback, knocking him out, Lewin locked a very loose sleeper hold but Thorton couldn't respond to the consciousness test.

David Von Erich d Gran Markus

In 14 Minutes David Von Erich beat Gran Markus in a very competitive open match after he hit a rolling suplex into an Iron Claw to get the 3 count in a match where Markus had a good showing, but Von Erich was perfect in his timing all the match.

After the Match David cuts a promo on how he is disappointed by Brody "You were supposed to be more, to turn over a new leaf, we offered you our friendship as a sign of good will and let bygones be bygones, if you didnít want to you only had to say, and we could walk our paths separated in the same direction, but old habits die hard, and you took the easy way out, to hide how you feel just to act as one of Gary Hart mindless stooges. If you are so invincible, you wonít have a problem putting your American Heavyweight Title on the line against me. So what do you say Brody or you have to ask your owner first?" before throwing the mic to the floor and going to the back.

Backstage, Cowboy Ellis interviews Gary Hart while Brody and Brooks stood menacingly in guarding Hart. "David, David, David, you simply like to make things that much easier for me. In the end, I have to thank you, because by making this challenge I donít have to deal with your gutless father putting up excuses for you not to face Brody. Now, thereís no going back. You just signed your death sentence.

Firstly, Brody will destroy you so hard, there won't be a speck of you remaining after he is done, and thatís Brody being generous. Given your drive to fight, he will destroy you first so you donít have to see what he will do to your family. To your baby brother, for forcing Brody to carry him into a successful tag title reign, and then, costing him the tag titles. To your big brother for so mindlessly running out to help his baby brothers even if he gets destroyed in the process. Donít get me wrong, Brody doesnít have anything against him, but wonít doubt to destroy him if he gets in the way of our plans. Lastly, your father for being a thorn in my side for 14 bleeping years and ever giving any of you life, he will see his sons destroyed one by one, just to destroy his morale before destroying him physically. Von Erichs, be ready because your legacy will fall and thereís no way to stop it", the promo ends with Brody doing a lariat to the camera to push it down, and the image turns black, so we return to the ring.

Kevin Von Erich d. The Spoiler

Kevin became the number one contender to Mark Lewinís Texas Heavyweight Championship after defeating Dick Murdoch in Decemberís last show. Spoiler challenged Kevin as he is the tag partner of Mark Lewin and wanted to soften the number one contender. This was Spoiler first match after getting beat by Brody in December, Kevin Von Erich defeated the returning Spoiler in 18 minutes by pinfall after hitting a diving crossbody into an iron claw and knocking out the Spoiler. Closing out the show, Kevin celebrates in the ring thanking the fans for coming and that without them WCCW wouldnít exist, and we fade to black.

House Shows
Monday Night--68/C+
Killer Tim Brooks d Brian Blair
Mark Lewin d Siva Afi to retain NWA Texas Heavyweight Title
Kerry Von Erich and Mark Lewin staredown
David Von Erich challenges Brody but gets no response
David & Kerry Von Erich d Mr. Hito & Kazuo Sakurada
Accepted Challenge
Kerry Von Erich d Mr. Hito
Fritz Von Erich hypes his 3 sons

Wednesday Night--76/B-
Chris Adams d Jim Harris
Les Thorton d Jonathan Boyd
Bill Mercer Interviews Kevin Von Erich & Mark Lewin
Kerry Von Erich & Chris Adams d Jim Harris & Ted Heath
Kevin Von Erich d Mr. Hito
Fritz Hypes His 3 Sons
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Georgia Championship Wrestling
Saturday Week 1 January 1980 at the Georgia Sports Arena
4,500 people in attendance (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 1.34 (256,340 viewers)
Show Rating:

Gordon Solie welcomes everybody to Georgia Championship Wrestling and announces Mr. Wrestling II will be in tonightís main event.

Austin Idol then joins Gordon Solie saying that everybody needs to go to the Omni this month if you want to see him beat Tommy Rich. As for this Television Championship, he will defend it tonight because the cameras are rolling.

NWA Georgia Television Championship Match

Austin Idol defeated Tom Shaft by submission with the Las Vegas Leglock in 8:35 to retain the NWA Georgia Television Championship.

Gordon Solie hypes the Atlanta House Show this week that will feature Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Khan in a Loser Leaves Georgia Match, Harley Race vs. Mr. Wrestling II for the NWA World Championship, and Masked Superstar vs. Bob Armstrong for the Georgia Heavyweight Championship.

Mr. Wrestling II joins Gordon Solie saying he will take Harley Race to the limit saying that no matter the outcome Harley Race will feel the pain from being in the same ring with him.

Kevin Sullivan defeated Raymond Rougeau by pinfall with the Double Stomp in 11:48.

After the match, Eddie Mansfield attacked Kevin Sullivan to continue their heated rivalry by busting him open with his multiple punches to the skull.

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie and they show the footage of Austin Idol costing him his chance at the Georgia Heavyweight Championship against Masked Superstar. Rich says he has challenged Austin Idol for a match at the Omni. Itís non-title but he doesnít care about the title he cares about revenge.

Paul Orndorff defeated Rufus R. Jones by pinfall with a Piledriver in 8:49.

The Great Mephisto says Killer Khan will rid Georgia of Dusty Rhodes this Friday night.

Killer Khan defeated Gene Spurlock by pinfall after spitting Asian Mist in his face in 4:38.

Ole Anderson joins Gordon Solie and is very upset. They show the footage where The Russians attacked Ole and Lars Anderson. Ivan Koloff wraps the chain around Larsí throat and tosses himself over the top rope hanging him. Ole Anderson says Lars is going to be out a few weeks but he will get revenge on The Russians.

vs &
The Russians defeated Jim Nelson and Chic Donovan when Ivan Koloff pinned Jim Nelson with the Russian Sickle in 5:01.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie saying he will send Killer Khan packing back to where he comes from in the Loser Leaves Georgia match this Friday.

Bob Armstrong defeated Ray Candy by pinfall with the Georgia Jaw Breaker in 7:29.

Masked Superstar joins Gordon Solie and says Mr. Wrestling II should be focused on him and their match coming up at The Omni instead of his match with Harley Race. Masked Superstar says he will be watching Mr. Wrestling II for scouting purposes tonight.

Mr. Wrestling II defeated The Grappler by pinfall with a Knee Lift in 9:30.

Masked Superstar comes out from behind the curtain to show Mr. Wrestling II he has been watching. Mr. Wrestling II jumps out of the ring to chase him but Masked Superstar runs to the back.

House Shows

Monday Night--77/B
Kevin Sullivan drew with Koko Ware
Post-Match attack by Mansfield stopped by Ricky Fields
Austin Idol declares the title isn't on the line unless cameras are rolling
Austin Idol d. Rufus R. Jones
Mr. Wrestling II d. Paul Orndorff
The Russians d. Bullet Bob Armstrong & Big Bill to retain tag team titles
Ole Anderson d. Jerry Stubbs; They shake hands after the match
The Brisco Brothers d. Crusher Blackwell & Killer Khan
Tommy Rich defeated Masked Superstar by DQ when Austin Idol attacked Tommy Rich at the 18:08 mark.
After the match, Idol and Masked Superstar continue the attack. Masked Superstar locks in the Cobra Hold. Mr. Wrestling II comes running down and Masked Superstar releases the hold and leaves. Idol also exits the ring as Mr. Wrestling II wants to fight them. Mr. Wrestling II helps Tommy Rich as he won the match but itís announced the title doesnít change hands by DQ so Masked Superstar is still the Georgia Heavyweight Champion.

Friday Night--73/B-
Tim Horner drew with The Grappler
Austin Idol d. Chic Donovan
Tommy Rich hobbles down and chases off Austin Idol
The Russians d. Bullet Bob Armstrong & Big Bill to retain tag team titles
Mr. Wrestling II d. Crusher Blackwell
Paul Orndorff d. Jerry Stubbs
Minnesota Wrecking Crew d. Raymond Rougeau & Vinnie Valentino
The Russians attack the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and hang Lars Anderson with a chain over the top rope
Masked Superstar d. Rufus R. Jones to retain Georgia Heavyweight Title
Mr. Wrestling II comes out making Superstar leave before he gets attacked
The Great Mephisto declares Abdullah the Butcher is going to carve up Dusty Rhodes tonight
Dusty Rhodes d. Abdullah the Butcher
Dusty celebrates in the ring to send the crowd home happy.
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CWA Championship Wrestling

Saturday Week 1 January 1980
Attendance: 3,100
TV Rating: 0.14 (27,210 viewers)
Show Rating:

Robert Gibson d Barry Horowitz

Lance Russell and Dave Brown Run Down Card For Today’s show
“Hello again everybody. Lance Russell here with Dave Brown right along ringside with another BIG day of championship wrestling.” “I tell you Lance we certainly do have a big day. We have the first 2 matches in our Television Title tournament. Jackie Fargo, the Fabulous One himself, has some news that will drive people to the ticket window of the Mid-South Coliseum on Monday Night so stay tuned for that. And the challenger for the CWA Southern Tag Team titles, Robert Gibson, is going to announce his partner.” “Yes Dave, and we’ll show you some of the video that led up to Gibson needing all the help he can get to fend off those 2 huge Assassins. Stay right there. Call your friends and tell them to tune in. We’ll be right back after this break.”

Troy Graham d Bobby Fulton
A quick squash match to start off the show. The announcers hype up Fargo’s announcement coming up at the conclusion of the match.

Jackie Fargo Hypes His NWA Title Match w/Jarrett; Lawler & Hart Come Out to Argue; Jarrett declares that it’s Hart’s fault he’s not getting a title shot!

Lance steps around the desk as the crowd goes nuts for Jackie Fargo and Jerry Jarrett come over to the desk. Jerry starts out “As members of the National Wrestling Alliance, we get to schedule challengers to the NWA World Champion, and it is with great pleasure that I have one scheduled for this Monday Night at the Mid-South Coliseum with this champion here. I know you’re going to give it your all. Harley Race is a beast of a man and a multiple-time World Champion.”

“It’s a great honor to get a shot at the top title in professional wrestling. Harley Race is a beast of a man, and I’m going to have my work cut out for me. I’m sure these fans will all be there front and center to cheer me on. As long as it is one-on-one, I have a good shot at becoming NWA World Heavyweight Champion.” All 3 of them, “What are you two doing out here?”

Lance: “Now, King, I don’t know why you’re laughing. Challenging for the World title is a great honor.”
Lawler: “I’m out here because I thought Jarrett was pulling an April Fool’s joke on all of us giving a shot to this old has-been instead of the top wrestler in the world today, the KING of professional wrestling.” Hart is in the background shouting, “You tell’em King, baby.” You can hear Jarrett just out of mic-shot saying this isn’t a joke. “Look, you two-bit wrestler, that old fossil has been ducking me for weeks with your help so I can get back that title right there (CWA Southern Heavyweight). So how about you just give it to me now because Harley Race is going to pound you into a puddle of goo Monday Night. Then, I can get a shot and show your brother and all these idiots cheering for you what a real champion looks like because I’ve wrestled Race before. I had him beaten on several occasions. So, go ahead and let all these fans know that Race didn’t want to face me. That’s why that fossil is getting the shot.”

Jarrett: “If you want to know why you’re not getting this shot, why don’t you ask that hopping loud-mouth behind you? I called your manager 3 times, and he wasn’t at home any of those times. That’s why you’re not getting this shot. I do want to point out that he is going to defend his CWA Southern Heavyweight Title the following Monday night, and you’re not getting that shot either. Jimmy already promised that to Jimmy Valiant.”

Lawler gets beet red and Hart starts briskly walking to the backstage area all the while pleading that he’ll explain everything. “It all makes sense. Come on King, you know I’ll never do anything to hurt you. Let’s just talk this through.”
Lance: “Well, someone has some explaining to do. Monday Night. Mid-South Coliseum. See history when the Fabulous One, Jackie Fargo challenges for the NWA World Title. Get your tickets now.”

TV Title Tournament 1st QuarterFinal
Bobby Eaton d Eddie Sullivan

This wasn’t quite the start I had in mind for the TV tournament as they had bad chemistry. Eaton looked good in the win in 10 minutes to advance to the Semis in 2 weeks.

Robert Gibson Introduces Bobby Eaton as his partner for Tag Title Match Monday Night; Assassins come out and beat both men down; Bobby looks like he’s hurt!

Robert makes his way to the desk as Bobby is celebrating with the fans. He finally makes his way over to the desk as the crowd cheers when they figure it out. Lance: “Well, this is certainly unexpected. Welcome back to Memphis, Bobby.” Bobby: “I was in a dump, wrestling nobodies he was Mid-American champion who I’m at war with so when Robert here called looking for some help to take on some two-bit thugs AND win the CWA Southern Tag Team titles? I jumped at the chance. We’re coming for you Assassins.” Lance: “Let’s show the people how much trouble you’ve had with them, Robert.” Clips of the Assassins jumping and beating Gibson down in Memphis and Louisville are shown. You can hear the fans yelling from the audience towards the end. We cut back to see the Assassins laying waste to both of them as Lance and Dave are standing off to the side yelling for help from the back. Assassin #1 takes a chair and whacks Eaton across the knee twice. Lance: ”We’ll have to see Monday night if Eaton can go.” Dave: ”That certainly doesn’t look good.”

TV Title Tournament 2nd Quarterfinal
Sonny King d Ricky Morton via cheating

This was supposed to be a glorified squash match, but Morton didn’t get the memo. He drove King to cheat to put the scrappy youngster away, much to the fans’ disgust. King moves on to the Semis to face Eaton in 2 weeks.

Bill Dundee Introduces Dutch Mantell As a Key Piece in Defeating The First Family; Tojo Yamamoto Introduces His New Team The Bicentennial Kings by attacking them!

Back to the desk again as the Superstar Bill Dundee comes over with a mean looking man, whip in hand. Lance: ”Well, this is a nice surprise, Superstar. Who is this gentleman?” Bill: ”This bad man here is Dutch Mantell, and he’s here to help put the First Family out of business for good.” Dutch: ”Bill is a good friend of mine, and I didn’t fight in Vietnam so skinny little jerks could go running around making my friend’s lives hell. So, Jimmy Hart, I’m going to put an end to your group.” Lance: ”Tojo what are you doing out here? Watch out!” As Dennis Condrey and Phil Hickerson, have come around the ring and laying boots to Dundee and Mantell. The good guys start fighting back as the locker room empties to separate them. Lance: ”We’ll be right back and hope to have this sorted out.”
Good Chemistry w/both Kings for Tojo!

Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell d The Bicentennial Kings w/Tojo via DQ from Tojo’s interference
We return from commercial with the bell ringing and the fight in the ring as Dave says that we’re getting an impromptu match here today. These 4 clearly love brawling it up as there wasn’t a lot of wrestling going on. There was great tag team work from both teams isolating each of the faces for a time. Finally, Dutch makes the hot tag to the Superstar, and they start turning the tide. Tojo didn’t have the ref distracted enough so when he threw salt at Dundee’s eyes, the ref called for the bell.
Condrey & Hickerson have Great Chemistry as a team

Jerry Lawler w/Jimmy Hart d Scott McGhee
It became clear that Lawler hadn’t calmed down from earlier as he wasn’t 100% focused on his opponent, a debuting youngster, Scott McGhee. That and Jerry having no scouting report to go off of made this a way more interesting match than anyone would have thought. King rolled out of the ring at one point after losing an exchange and yelled at Hart for making him look bad by signing this nobody to a match. Lawler finally took control of the match and pulled out the victory. Fargo showed up at the end to prevent any post-match beatings which made Jerry even more irate.

Fargo goes to check on McGhee. Lawler and he argue. Hart has to pull King back to prevent him from getting suspended.
The two exchange some heated words and look like they’re going to exchange blows when Hart hops between them and starts pulling Lawler towards the locker room saying he’d get suspended if he messed up the main event Monday night.

House Shows
Monday Nights in Memphis, TN--68/C+
Jimmy Hart's First Family Hype Themselves
The Assassins d. Big Red & Ricky Morton in a non-title match
Jackie Fargo, Bill Dundee, and Ken Lucas Hype 6-man tag match in the main event
Tuffy Taylor d. Buddy Wayne
Robert Gibson declares his intent on challenging for the tag titles
Robert Gibson d. Steve Regal via DQ
The Assassins beat down Robert Gibson after causing the DQ
Fargo, Dundee, & Lucas go to a Double DQ vs The First Family (Jimmy Valiant, Lawler, and Paul Ellering)

Tuesday Nights in Louisville, KY--75/B-
Jackie Fargo announces NWA World Title Match next Monday night in Memphis; Jerry Lawler comes out and says he has no chance.
Steve Regal d. Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson & Koko Ware d. Bill Smithson & Buddy Wayne
The Assassins attack but Gibson and Koko fight them off
Troy Graham d. Tom Shaft
Jimmy Hart, Paul Ellering, and Jimmy Valiant Taunt Dundee & Lucas about main event tag match later tonight
Jerry Lawler d. The Grappler
Dundee & Lucas cut a quick promo about the tag match
Jimmy Valiant & Paul Ellering d. Dundee & Lucas via interference from Jimmy Hart
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I loved reading all of these, especially memphis as that's my favorite territory. Really digging the Lawler Hart angle.
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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Saturday Week 1 January 1980
Attendance: 5,155
TV Rating: 4.42 (840,230 viewers)
Show Rating: 74

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Charlie Fulton
In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Blackjack Mulligan defeated Charlie Fulton in 6:56 by pinfall with a Lariat.

Baron Von Raschke comes out after Mulliganís match and challenges Mulligan for his #1 contender spot to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Cocoa Samoa vs. Gene Ligon
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Cocoa Samoa defeated Gene Ligon in 5:32 by pinfall with a Samoan Drop.

Ray Stevens said that the last time he got his hands on Brunzell that he had gotten lucky lucky and beat him and left with his arm raised. Stevens said that the next time they meet the only way that Brunzell is leaving is on a stretcher after Stevens piledrives him on the concrete floor.

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Gene Lewis defeated Eddie Gilbert in 9:56 by pinfall.

Mr. Wrestling & Johnny Weaver are in the studio and issue a challenge to Big John Studd & Ken Patera for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles.

A replay of last months NWA Supercard when Ric Flair was attacked by Jimmy Snuka and Buddy Rogers after Flair won a number #1 contender Battle Royal to get another title shot at Snuka.

In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, The Brisco Brothers defeated Don Kernodle and Abe Jacobs in 12:29 when Jack Brisco defeated Don Kernodle by pinfall.

World Wide Wrestling

Saturday Week 1 January 1980
Attendance: 5,155
TV Rating: 0.10 (20,570 viewers)
Overall: 62

Cocoa Samoa vs. "Crazy" David Patterson
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Cocoa Samoa defeated "Crazy" David Patterson in 5:49 by pinfall with a Samoan Drop.

Blackjack Mulligan is shown tending to the fences on his ranch in Sweetwater, Texas. The scene then shifts to him sitting down in his living room and telling the fans back in the Mid-Atlantic that the next time NWA World Heavyweight champion Harley Race comes to the area that he will win the title from Race that has so far eluded him throughout his career, and that if Baron Von Raschke has a problem then they can settle it.

Don Kernodle & Abe Jacobs vs. Charlie Fulton & Gene Lewis
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Don Kernodle and Abe Jacobs defeated Charlie Fulton and Gene Lewis in 9:15 when Abe Jacobs defeated Gene Lewis by submission with a Sleeper Hold.

Ric Flair is seen in the studio with a bandage on his face. He says that Jimmy Snuka went too far when he cracked his head on the ringpost and aligning with Buddy Rogers. Flair calls Rogers a leech that doesn't know when to go away. Flair then proceeds to reopen the wound on his head and says that he isn't going to fight Snuka. He's going to kick Snuka's ass.

Paul Jones vs. Eddie Gilbert
In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Paul Jones defeated Eddie Gilbert in 10:15 by pinfall

Jim Brunzell is in the studio with Bob Caudle and the two of them talk about "The Crippler" Ray Stevens. Caudle asks Brunzell what he thinks about Stevens saying last week that he was going to piledrive Brunzell on the concrete. Brunzell responds that he knows that an honourable man wouldn't even think of such a thing and that this proves that Stevens is not an honorable man, and he vows to finally defeat the older Stevens once and for all.

Big John Studd & Ken Patera vs. Big John Studd vs. The Mulkey Brothers
In a decent match, Studd & Patera defeated The Mulkey Brothers in 7:27 when Big John Studd defeated Bill Mulkey by submission with a Reverse Bearhug.

Big John Studd & Ken Patera stand tall in the middle of the ring with their titles draped over their shoulders. Their manager Buddy Rogers grabs the mic and tells the audience that these two monsters have held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team titles for over one year and that they will continue their reign of terror and that eventually they will look to gain the NWA World Tag Team titles.
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NWA Detroit Presents
Big Time Wrestling
Jan 5, 1980
Tri-City Trade Center in Detroit, MI
Attendance: 294
TV Rating: 0.01

Barbed Wire Match
John Bonello vs. Pampero Firpo
Barbed Wire Match - In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, Pampero Firpo defeated John Bonello in a Barbed Wire match in 11:13 by submission with a Crush Bearhug.

The Sheik comes to the ring in-front of an almost sell out crowd in Detroit. Terry Sullian attempts to talk with The Sheik , but The Sheik is more concerned with yelling at the ringside crowd. Sullivan motions to a chair and asks The Sheik to sit, but The Sheik just grabs the chair and taunts the crowd with it. Sullivan makes one last attempt to get a response from the Sheik, and asks him about Mighty Igor, who has made a claim to the United States Championship. The Sheik turns his focus to Sullivan, yelling at him and threatening to hit him with a chair until Sullivan exits the ring with The Sheik not far behind

Bobby Bold Eagle & Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Dave McKigney & The Wolfman
In a decent match, Bobby Bold Eagle and Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Dave McKigney and The Wolfman in 10:15 when Chief Jay Strongbow defeated The Wolfman by pinfall with a Tomahawk Chop.

First Blood Match
Bull Curry vs. Mighty Igor
In a bout that had fantastic heat and great wrestling, Mighty Igor defeated Bull Curry in 10:20 when Bull Curry was busted open.

As Big Time Wrestling wraps up, we're told by Terry Sullivan that we'll see Bobo Brazil in action!
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Week 1

We open the show with the Dean of Wrestling Gordon Solie who hypes today's broadcast.

Match #1
Ali Bey & Lou Winston vs Barry Windham and Mike Graham
In a bout that didn't have much heat and terrible wrestling, Barry Windham and Mike Graham defeated Ali Bey and Lou Winston in 6:48 when Barry Windham defeated Lou Winston by pinfall with a Flying Lariat.

Gordon Solie: Ladies and Gentlemen the young Barry Windham looked very impressive in the ring tagging with Mike Graham, but now lets take a look at what happened tuesday night in Tampa Florida. A 10 man battle royal, the winner would receive a shot at Leroy Brown’s NWA Southern Heavyweight Title…..”

10 Man Battle Royal featuring Ernie Ladd, Jimmy Garvin, Stan Lane, Bugsy McGraw, Manny Fernandez, Killer Karl Kox, Chic Donovan, Mike Graham, Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham

8 minutes into this hectic mayhem we are down to Dusty Rhodes, Ernie Ladd, and Bugsy McGraw. McGraw and Ladd have decided to double up on the Dream and he is looking to be in bad shape. McGraw and Ladd are beating on Rhodes and shove him towards the ropes, they both come charging with clotheslines but Rhodes ducks them both and they both end up going over the top!! McGraw hit the floor but Ladd stayed on the apron. However, Rhodes thinks he has won the match! He’s throwing his hands up in the air!! Ladd creepily climbs back into the squared circle with his hands high above his head! He cracks Rhodes with a double forearm smash to the back! The former AFL & NFL star throws Rhodes over the top rope! Rhodes held on barely by the middle rope but now Ladd is throwing his hands up as if he has won the match!! Rhodes climbs back through the ropes and dropkicks Ladd in the back! Ladd falls forward head first right over the top rope!!! The American Dream has won!!

Winner: Dusty Rhodes

Ernie Ladd vs Don Diamond
In an extremely short match, Ernie Ladd defeated Don Diamond in 4:52 by pinfall with a Big Boot.

Solie: “And now ladies and gentlemen let us welcome The Big Cat, Ernie Ladd.

Ladd: “You know Gordon a battle royal is the dumbest match in the history of wrestling. It is a potluck, it does not determine who is the best wrestler in the ring, only the luckiest. Earlier that day in the parking lot a herd of black cats ran past me when I got out of my car! I walked under 10 ladders on my way into the building! The whole sidewalk was cracked that I had to walk on! I say these things because I was stuck having to throw out Dusty Rhodes. Some call him the American Dream, I call him a stereotypical american: FAT!! DOPY! OUT OF SHAPE! AND UNREALISTIC!! Leroy Brown is a bad man Dusty Rhodes! Best of luck!”

***NWA Brass Knuckles Match***

Hector Guerrero vs Killer Karl Kox (Champion)
In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Killer Karl Kox defeated Hector Guerrero in 8:55 by pinfall with a Brainbuster Suplex. Killer Karl Kox makes defence number 1 of his NWA Brass Knuckles (Florida) title.

Kox struts over to the podium with Gordon Solie nearby.

Kox: Gordon! I don’t know why the NWA even lets people like Hector Guerrero in the NWA! Every Mexican hear this as a warning, leave Florida now! There’s not a Mexican in Florida that can wrestle! They should all be working a taco stand somew…….

Manny Fernandez walks out.

Fernandez: Killer Karl Kox! This Tuesday night in Tampa…. I’m going to take that Brass Knuckles belt away from you and shove it right up you… FERNANDEZ CHARGES AFTER KOX!! Kox runs away!

We come back from commercial break and there is a hype video for the Magic Dragon who will be managed by Hiro Matsuda.

Bugsy McGraw with Sir Oliver Humperdink vs Manny Fernandez
This match has a mix of comedy and wild brawling. In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Bugsy McGraw defeated Manny Fernandez in 8:09 by pinfall with a Splash after a distraction from Oliver Humperdink.

Fernandez is rolling out of the ring when Killer Karl Kox walks back out. He tells Fernandez that he was right, Mexicans are not as good. Fernandez runs after Kox but he catches him this time!! Fernandez grabs Kox and throws him into the ring! Fernandez punches Kox with two rights then throws him off of the ropes and connects with a back body drop!! Kox hits the mat hard and then powders out of the ring!

Gordon Solie: Well fans this has been an action packed hour of Championship Wrestling from Florid….

Leroy Brown walks out with the NWA Southern Title around his waist.

Brown: I hear there’s a man named Dusty Rhodes who plans on coming after my Southern Title Tuesday night. Dusty, the call you the American Dream but brother Tuesday night is going to be nothing short of a nightmare for you!!”

Show Overall:

Past weeks house show results:
Week 1 Tuesday House Show (Tampa)
Bryan St. John Draws Sweet Brown Sugar
Stan Lane def. Jimmy Garvin
Jerry Brisco vs Hector Guerrero
Dusty Rhodes def. Bugsy McGraw w Oliver Humperdink
15 man battle royal for title shot at NWA Southern Title - Winner Dusty Rhodes

Week 1 House Show Thursday
Magic Dragon Def. Chic Donovan
Hector Guerrero Def. Bryan St. John
Mike Graham draws Stan Lane
Bugsy McGraw DC w Manny Fernandez
Dusty Rhodes, Manny Fernandez & Jimmy Garvin Def. Ernie Ladd, Leroy Brown, & Killer Karl Kox

This upcoming Tuesday Night Show:
Week 2 House Show
***NWA Southern Heavyweight Title Match***
Dusty RHodes vs Leroy Brown
Eddie Graham vs Ernie Ladd
Manny F & The Briscos vs KKK, St. John & Magic Dragon
Bugsy McGraw vs Skip Young
Magic Dragon w Hiro Matsuda vs Dory Dixon
Bryan St. John vs Barry Windham

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