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Unread 10-17-2017, 06:28 AM
0fficialdregs 0fficialdregs is offline
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Defiant, formerly known as WCPW, debut and currently have one person on the roster.

Paige, her father, and brother Zak were fired from my promotion a week after regaining the Top WCW Women heavyweight championship from Heidi Lovelace. The firing was a long time coming since Paige was a constant pest within my company often being suspended more than working a match.
Since I'm operating my hardcore theme PPV, Vendetta, my women HW championship is vacated for the first time ever.
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Unread 10-17-2017, 10:51 AM
Defmall Defmall is offline
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Just completed 1994 Starcade (WCW)
Highlights of the event include:

World Champion Hulk Hogan, with Mr T in his corner, successfully defended against Vader...despite the interference from Kevin Sullivan and a SECOND Vader! (Anvalanche/Earthquake)

US Champion Steve Austin lost the title to Randy Savage in a triangle match that included Dustin Rhodes as the third participant.

Ron Simmons debuted "Doom II" (Butch Reed and Tony Atlas) and they fought to a double count out against Sting and Terry Funk.

TV Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Lord Steven Regal in a submimisson match.

Harlem Heat won back the Tag Team titles in a 4-team elimination match. The ending came when Sista Sherri, who left Harlem Heat for her "boyfriend" Dick Slater & partner Billy Jack Haynes, RETURNED to the Harlem Heat by costing Slater the titles.

And, the long awaited return of the Four Horsemen occurred!
Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman and...MENG!
(the version that wore a suit and sunglasses, of course)
(( sounds nutty, but it's all per a long running storyline ))

1995 will be a helluva year in WCW...
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Unread 10-17-2017, 12:02 PM
TheZies's Avatar
TheZies TheZies is offline
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Originally Posted by Defmall View Post
Just completed 1994 Starcade (WCW)
Highlights of the event include:

World Champion Hulk Hogan, with Mr T in his corner, successfully defended against Vader...despite the interference from Kevin Sullivan and a SECOND Vader! (Anvalanche/Earthquake)
12 year old me loooooved Vader .... to have seen two Vaders battle would have been too much for me. hahahahha.
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Unread 10-17-2017, 12:04 PM
FankuKaibutsu FankuKaibutsu is offline
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That's brilliant. I can see an entire career trajectory laid out for Ron Simmons. Have him team with Ahmed Johnson in 1997 and call it Doom 64. Get some guys in 2004 that are kinda like Ron Simmons and Butch Reed, but not really, and call them Doom 3. Finally, in 2016 have Ron Simmons return as a manager for a team consisting of some of the best guys you can find and just call them D00M.

Anyways. What's going on in my game, you ask? Man, I don't even know anymore. It's 2003 WCW and Vampiro just won the world championship at Slamboree and even I don't know what I was thinking when I thought of that. It's fine, though, I'll just have him drop the title to Eddie Guererro at The Bash(The great one, not the beach one). I'm thinking about bringing back WAR GAMES, but I don't really have 2 main-event level stables and don't know if 2 midcard stables can carry it. I mean, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Low-Ki and Caprice Coleman vs Bryan Danielson, Keiji Sakoda, Kasumi Utsuda, and Masato Tanaka isn't exactly The Horsemen vs The Dream Team... Then again it's better than the nWo vs the other nWo vs the oWn. Lastly after over 2 years in development, it's apparently finally SAPP TIME.
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Unread 10-17-2017, 12:25 PM
Asaemon's Avatar
Asaemon Asaemon is offline
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Originally Posted by FankuKaibutsu View Post
Lastly after over 2 years in development, it's apparently finally SAPP TIME.
"The Beast" rules, if i get that far in my save i'm going to push Sapp to the moon.
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Unread 10-17-2017, 01:28 PM
TsuMirren TsuMirren is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
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The UWF are through the When Foes Collide PPV and are now moving on to the August Fall Assault Tour...bit like a Bash Tour. Herb has fired DeBeers and Rick Rude is back to full fitness, with the NWA strap still around his waist. I'm accepting ideas for the Fall Assault Tour so give the diary a read and get involved in the Herbness!
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Unread 10-18-2017, 09:23 AM
Icecold Icecold is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2017
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Currently in the midst of an epic 19 stage G1 battle in my NJPW 2001 save. Masato Tanaka is on a tear, former New Japan Cup winner, dominating his block... On the other side of things Yuji Nagata seems poised to finish first in his... This is my planned finals barring no injuries occur the two have been programed against each other throughout the year... First as Tanaka's debit program and later meeting in the Cup Finals... Nagata won the first battle when Tanaka wasn't nearly as over... Tanaka won the second as stated... And now we gear up for a 3rd with Tanaka as the most over member of the roster surprisingly.
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Unread 10-18-2017, 03:23 PM
Winter8905 Winter8905 is offline
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WWF 1987 - Sep 1990

Just held WWF v NJPW in Kanto Japan

WWF World Heavyweight Title

Ted Dibiase def Ricky Steamboat - 82

Hulk Hogan def Masa Saito - 81

WWF intercontinental

Bret Hart def Tatsumi Fujinami - 80

Road Warriors v Jake Roberts and Cactus Jack- 83

WWF United States

Sgt Slaughter def Chono - 71

Roddy Piper def Razor Ramone - 80

WWF Junior Heavyweight

Muta def Owen Hart to capture the title - 80

Andre def Bam Bam Bigalow - 75

Shinya Hashimoto def Terry Taylor - 74

Jushin Thunder Liger def Dave Finlay -70

Pre Show

Satoru Sayama def The Brooklyn Brawler - 65

Show Rating - 82

- I booked this as a kind of one off where I wasn't focusing on the usual feuds, I could have gotten a higher rating if I did put some feuds in there. It was nice to book a one off show in Japan

- I loaned a few New Japan guys like Satio, Fujinami, Muta, Chonoto go alongside Sayama, Liger and Hashimoto that I allready have on my roster.

- I also wanted to make sure most of my roster that had pop in Japan got used too, such as Andre, Bambam, Hogan, Steamboat, Piper, Road Warriors,

- I made sure one of their guys won a title, Muta, he has a 3 show loan deal, so 1 title def followed by dropping the title to either Owen or Liger.

- Overall I made sure a couple of Japanese guys got victories. But I'd like to think the crowds also came to see Andre, Hogan and Piper win and see the WWF champion.

- Overall I wasn't expecting a 90+ rated show and what it produced was solid, nothing bad on the main show, but nothing spectacular, everything solid matches that were good.

-Tempted to try and loan Mata again at various points to raise his US pop for when I am able to sign him up. book him in a program against Bret Hart from the start.

- A nice break from the norm, I was tempted to do a WWF v Mexico but I need to like some of the guys I would be bringing in.

- Next is the build to Survivor series that will in turn build to the RoyalRumble where the road to Wrestlemania begins.

- Looking to do a Horsemen (Flair,Tully,Arn, Sid) v Hart Foundation (Bret,Owen, Bulldog,Neidhart

- Heenan Family/Money Inc (Big Bossman,Ted, Yokozuna, Randy Savage
Superfaces ( Hogan, Srteamboat, The Undertaker, Piper)

- BladeRunners and The Rockers vs Road Warriors and Hollywood Blondes

- They will be the Main survivor series tradition matches.
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Unread 10-21-2017, 09:06 AM
BigINMoldova BigINMoldova is offline
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Arn Anderson Just Broke His Neck.

On a weekly TV show too. It was a match pitting Flair and Anderson vs The Hart Foundation and Arn somehow broke his neck. I can't believe it. This is by far the most serious injury I've had in this five year save.

He's going to be out an entire year.

This sucks because while he's never been a true singles main eventer , I have debated putting the world title on him in the past. I also have no idea what to do with Flair now since Arn and Flair have been a huge tag team for me in the past. They've won Tag Team Of The Year Twice in the past.
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Unread 10-21-2017, 10:44 AM
StarsOverStalingrad StarsOverStalingrad is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Posts: 87

I've been booking WCW since January of 2000 with Vince Russo as the owner and my user character. I've had a lot of ups and downs with WCW getting knocked down to Cult Size three times due to losing National Battles against the WWF, I also had to reboot the company midway through 2000 because the Database was setup so that WCW wasn't connected to TBS, TNT or Time Warner Cable.

It's now Spring of 2003, and the tables have turned, I'm finally kicking WWF's ass in the national battles and it's a little sad how good I'm doing. Kane is already signed and leaving the WWF and it looks like Undertaker is soon to follow as well. I don't expect the WWF to live past 2006 or 2007 at this rate. I'd have crushed them sooner but I was more financially irresponsible with cash bonuses at the beginning of the save.
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Unread 10-21-2017, 11:19 AM
jwt13 jwt13 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 682

WCW 1994 have played three months so far and have Halloween Havoc booked out and ready to go.

Main Event
Hulk Hogan Vs Ric Flair (C ) for the WCW World Heavyweight title in a cage match.

Hogan and Flair have feuded since the start of the save. Hogan won a battle Royal to face Flair only to have Flair's reformed Four Horsemen cost him is match. The new Horsemen consist of Flair, Arn, Steve Austin, and Vader. This happened in back to back PPV's so Hogan who already had two guys Sting and Steamboat in his corner went out of company for the fourth guy and brought in the one man he knew could help The Warrior. So at Fall Brawl 94 we had a War Games match between the Horsemen and Team Hogan that Hogan finally came out on the winning side on. Now to even the odds and avoid outside interference Hogan will face Flair one more time for the belt.

Sting ( C ) Vs Steve Austin for the US title

Steve lost the title to Sting at WrestleWar and vows to get his title back.

Brian Pillman Vs DDP ( C ) for the TV title

DDP pulled the shocking upset in the triple threat match against Steven Regal and Brian Pillman at Fall Brawl and not Pillman is cashing in his rematch at Halloween Havoc

Cactus Jack Vs Vader

Jack is coming off of a win against Kevin Sullivan who turned his back on Cactus after losing the Tag Team titles. Jack looks to bigger things literally by challenge Vader at Havoc.

Davey Boy Smith Vs Lord Steven Regal

It all started with Regal coming off his loss to DDP in the triple threat at Fall Brawl, the next night on Nitro Regal came out and insisted he is still the pride of England and no other man of English decent could ever dethrone him, that's when Davey Boy Smith made his WCW debut and said he'd love to prove him wrong.

The first ever Four Way Tag Team match for the WCW Tag Team titles
The James Gang (Kip James and BG James) Vs DOOM Vs The Steiners Vs Harlem Heat

With Harlem Heat keeping there tight grip over all the other teams CEO Eric Bischoff made this historic match up.

Also I'm kinda in a tough place with Harlem Heat, Booker T has blown up pop wise and is now in the low to mid 70's across the US with no plans of a solo run right now, I'm not sure how I should play this. I'm thinking just set the Tag Titles to floating and have Booker and Stevie (Who is high 60's himself) just flourish and grow the tag division to a main attraction but I haven't decided yet.
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Unread 10-22-2017, 03:00 AM
ShibataHeadbutt ShibataHeadbutt is offline
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Playing as EVOLVE with a created product, sort of a NJPW meets WWE, some stories are outlandish but the matches are usually all serious affairs

Started in 2005, i run shows as i please, there is usually at least 1 show a month, but sometimes run weekly events or a mini tour

October 2006 The House that Halloween Built 2

Most matches were held under a stipulation, such as NODQQ or First Blood


Ladder Match
Omega Defeated Tyler Black and Ricochet (C)

Black and Ricochet have feuded throughout the year trading the belt several times, Omega won a fatal four way to be in this match, Omega was on the road to be a mega star but got injured at last years Bloack Wars and has struggled since, hopefully this is the start of his push again

Tables Match
Motor City Machine Guns Defeated The Shane Twins
MCMG have been dominating the Tag Division throughout the promotions start, Shelley has been plagued by Injury, he also in the game world stole Lacey from Austin Aries, and have played that real life situation into the game, while Aries will most likely never join, Lacey has been helping MCMG retain, Shelley was injured and now Sabin will find a replacement with Lacey heling Sabin, starting a rivalry between the two, when he comes back

Gail Kim and Daffney Defeated Stacy Colon and Faby Apache
just a standard tag, no story, just giving Kim and Daffney a win

Hardcore Match
T.V Title
Abdullah Kobayashi(C) Defeated Sabbath
Abdullah beat Sabbath last month and has started what he called a reign of Hardcore alll his matched will be under Hardcore rules, hoping to create a hardcore megastar in the vein of Mick Foley

Flair issues a challenge to Hulk Hogan
I got Hogan and Flair at the same time due to both being unemployed for so long, i want these two to have a final match at WRESTLEKINGDOM 2, yes directly stolen from NJPW, they haven't got it in the game

First Blood
EVOLVE Knockouts
Mickie Knuckles (C) Defeated Shantellle Taylor
Knuckles has been a fine champion and no one seems to be able to beat her, hoping to build up Kana or someone from outside the promotion

No 1 Contenders for Next Months EVOLVE show
Finlay Defeated Akira Tozawa, Tatsumi Fujinami and Prince Devitt
No Story just wanted a main event for next months EVOLVE before WRESTLEKINGDOM

Steel Cage Escape Match
EVOLVE Heavyweight
Luke Harper Defeated Samoa Joe (C)
Harper has been storming EVOLVE with Erick Rowan, Rowan departed for WWE, and i needed a way to stick Joe directly into the Main Title picture, Harper won without taking anything away from Joe

Last Man Standing
Undisputed Championship
Sting(C) Defeated Tommy End
End is one of my most reliable performers he won Blaock War last year and won our version of the Royal Rumble this year, both times he has been unsuccessful, Sting came in at the beginning of the year and beat Misawa for the title

Upcoming Events and matched Confirmed
Block War Winner: Steven Regal vs Sting
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Unread 10-23-2017, 08:25 AM
Captain2's Avatar
Captain2 Captain2 is offline
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I have a question to the user base here. Is it odd to evolve wrestlers to their iconic gimmicks/ look before it happened in real life?

The reason I ask is because in my now 2006 game I feel as though the current crop of stars (Orton. Batista. Triple H. HBK. Angle) are all kind of floundering in their roles of carrying the company or even their brand. As the majority of them have a popularity cap in the high 80s, put on consistently mediocre matches or in HBKs case have already entered time decline.

Would it then be weird to change MMA Shinsuke into Swagsuke, Nicky into Dolph Ziggler. Goober Reality star Miz into the A lister just go get some actual life into the main event or is that too unrealistic ?
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Unread 10-23-2017, 11:12 AM
HRTVAndrew HRTVAndrew is offline
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Things are getting REALLY fun in my COTT game. I'm in June of 2016, and I just pulled the trigger on Aaron Andrews taking the title off of Frankie Perez. The two had a series of tremendous matches (upper-80's for a cult promotion is pretty darned good), and the blowoff was a 26-minute dog collar match at the PPV that rocked. Andrews is now in the 80's across the US in popularity, while Perez, who was in the 40's just a few months ago, is now in the 60's and on his way to being a legitimate star.

Andrews will now feud with Rick Law, who beat Bulldozer Brandon Smith in an "I Quit" match at that same PPV. Law isn't a world-class worker, but he's got strong psychology and is almost as over as Andrews is, so he's the next logical choice for a top feud.

I've lost a number of bidding wars, and I've stayed away from some guys who are older than I'd like (my philosophy is to stay away from guys who are 40 or older). I lost out on Koshiro Ino (who USPW drastically overpaid for), Trent Shaffer, D.C. Rayne, and Atom Smasher, among others. However, I did land Paul Huntingdon, who instantly becomes my #2 heel behind Andrews, is a really good worker, and has plenty of career left (he's only 31). I also opted to take on Robbie Wright as a project. He's a tremendous talker and can work a bit, but is limited by ridiculously-low stamina. For now, I've put him in a midcard tag team with Greg Black, who had absolutely nothing else to do, and that should at least give Wright a bit of a rub. On the other side of the revolving door, I let Nicolas Lopez's contract expire, as he's starting to enter time decline. He gave Storm Spillane a rub at the PPV, and that's doubling as his last match.

What the "crazy booker" in me is most excited about, though, is our new, one-hour B-show. I'm using that partially as a way to get my younger guys some experience, but I've also been partially inspired by WWE's "Unreleased" collection to book off-the-wall matches that people would do double-takes at years later.

For example, Petr Novak was let go by SWF and is a free agent. I brought him in on a one-shot deal, and I had him work the main event of the B-show with Fumihiro Ota, who I'm throwing against pretty much everyone as he winds down his career (he's retiring next month despite not even being in any state of time decline). Petr Novak (who's far from a polished worker) and Fumihiro Ota (in the last month of his career) in a company designed around younger guys who can work? It's a head-scratcher, but the match wasn't bad, and the show-ending segment was Law and Perez making a surprise appearance to run Novak off. It was some of the most fun I've had playing this game, and it all centered around a throwaway show that had absolutely no effect on anything else in the game world!
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Unread 10-23-2017, 04:39 PM
Peria Peria is online now
Minor League
Join Date: Apr 2015
Posts: 425

I find it extremely difficult to book main eventers in weekly shows. Jack Bruce wrestles televised/PPVs in total about 20 matches a year.

Last year he went 17-2-6. W/D/L. Some special main eventers like Khoklov get even less matches.

Do you guys book like this as well? On TV shows I mostly let the Upper / Midcard work the main event or a "main eventer" (Rich Money, who is like 83 popularity, not a real main eventer but kinda is.) vs. a midcard. But my actual main eventers? The 90+ Pop. guys? They never really work TV shows except for angles.

I feel guilty about this almost as PGHW is legitimately running Kozue Kawashima to the ground alongside Yoshimi Mushashibo with like 70ish+ matches a year.
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