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Unread 04-25-2019, 03:09 PM
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Default CornellVerse 2018 Mod RELEASED!!

The mod is finally complete!!

Set in 2018, this is a continuation of the C-Verse with every single aspect of the database looked at and taken forward two years. With everything edited it’s not just moving people into other promotions. Stats have been looked at, reputations, storylines, title and employment histories, individual company hall of fame’s etc. I have also added many renders and changed as many as I can, if there are some changes you don’t like don’t worry, the originals are in the database too. I have kept it realistic, but at the same time I have tried to do some pretty big changes to make the whole C-Verse feel fresh.

There are 23 new companies, with 28 more active promotions at the start of the game. On top of that there are 426 new workers. I will be doing individual posts about each promotion in their rank order. I have done the first eleven, and will keep updating until all promotions are covered. At some point I will be adding more workers to fill out dojo graduates, help with game balancing and to give more free agent options, but this mod was supposed to be a brief thing so I could start a new game, and honestly I just want to release it now to get playing it properly, and just add people casually whenever the moment takes me haha.

Hope people enjoy, please post any feedback, or any errors you find with things like spelling, grammar, any employment histories etc. no matter how small please let me know so I can fix it


The zipped file will require winrar, although other programs might work, sadly I'm not an expert so I wouldn't know! I can't upload an unzipped version of the picture file as it is too big for Media fire!

BOH alter ego's now looked at so they will only be used in BOH, and 100% of the time rather than default profiles
some bio's rewritten and minor spelling errors fixed

Danger Kumasaka/Yoshiteru Itami relationship added
PGHW Glory Crown title lineage error fixed

Eric Eisen/Remo relationship added
Eric Eisen/Steve Frehley relationship added
Eric Eisen/Allan Packer relationship added
Jerry Eisen/Jack Bruce relationship added
Jerry Eisen/Remo relationship added
Jerry Eisen/Brandon James relationship added
Richard Eisen/Branon James relationship added
The Cali Dragons made active in SWF
RIPW title lineage added
Various tweaks to worker bio’s

Version 1.04 RELEASED 14 May 19
Busta Capp alter ego for SWF created (Busta Move)
Richard Eisen/Hannah Potter relationship added
Eric Eisen/Hannah Potter relationship added
Masked Patriots SWF gimmick “Vacant!” made an alter-ego with its own mask
Paul Huntington alter ego’s added
Remmy Skye and Big Smack Scott over SLIGHTLY altered (-1 in USA and -2 in USA respectively)
Lassana Makutsi alter-ego’s added
Miranda Breaks contract bio fixed
Halloween Knight III Mask added
Few minor tweaks of bio’s, grammar fixes and things like that

Version 1.05 RELEASED 12 JUNE 2019

BHOTWG Best Of The Super Juniors tournament wins now put in the right month (was June, should have been July, although not sure why the game has that event in July when every other tournament before 2016 was held in June!)
Gethin Jones name fixed
DJ Diamond now has the role of “wrestler”
Various bio edits, fixed bio mistakes, spelling etc.

Version 1.06 12 July 19
Various bio edits, fixed bio mistakes, spelling etc.
Cherry Bomb set as Harpy’s manager
Avery Goodlay now friends with Golden Goose, not Golden Delicious
Lots of default picture changes
A few guys been given different alter ego pictures too

Version 1.07 RELEASED 24 JULY 19 (Will require picture folder to be downloaded again as a few renders have been changed due to new ones made, and each new worker will need their picture)
Fizbo The Psycho Killer Klown name fixed
Joann Sheridan added
Martin McFly & Tamara McFly relationship added
Martin McFly & Sean McFly relationship added
The Fairy is now Asian
Erik Kim added
Giant Redwood Jr. added
Axxis The Third added
Champagne's Lovers Child added
Chocolate added
Vanilla added
J-Money added
Craig Little added
Princess Shufflebottom names changed to Princess Fluffybosom
Baby Dragon added
Chimera added
El Mayordomo added
El Héroe Encapuchado added
Gnasher added
Awesome Thunder II added
Insurgent added
Ninja Strike added
Raquel Rey added
La Mariposa added
Alicia Flores added
Kenti Santiago added
La Pelota De Goman added
Daisy Davis added
Kristin Crane added
Sylwia Kurek Added
Judith Long added
Deborah Tully added
Allison Rodriguez added

Version 1.08 RELEASED 11 AUGUST 19

General tweaks to stats to make the game better balanced (especially female workers)
Changed a lot of NOTBPW workers to now be based in Canada
Bumfholes now based in Mexico
Jeremie Courtney contract is now developmental
The Dragon’s Lair dojo now linked to PWW and focuses on high flying
Dev A. Station now based in Australia
Sammy The Sociopath added
Insane Ian added
Crazy Carl added
Jack Itin added
Face Rearranger added
Brain Damage added
Rob Bundy added
Father O'Malley added
Hardcore Harry Added
Retribution added
Pearl added
Kinzo Kaibara Added
The Webmaster added
Mike Funk added
Clifford Nash added
Iconic added
Lewis Frey added
The Lovely Lady Of Lucha added
Luchadora Felino Added
Angela Andres Added
Libertad Americana Added
Black Manta added
Kabuki added


British Samurai contract made PPA
The Millennials given low tag experience
Various bio edits, fixed bio mistakes, spelling etc.
Updated a few guys pictures thanks to latest renders

For version 1.09 the picture folder has also been updated, this will need to be downloaded if you get the latest game file or some pictures will be missing.

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Unread 04-25-2019, 03:11 PM
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United States Pro Wrestling


Current Champions:
USPW World – Bryan Vessey
USPW National – KC Glenn
USPW Television – Danny Fonzarelli
USPW World Tag Team – Cameron Vessey and Casey Valentine

USPW have continued to go from strength to strength, becoming an international company and they are by far the biggest company in the world. They have signed up more top names, giving themselves a fantastic main event scene. However, they have neglected their lower card workers and most of them are suffering from a lack of momentum. There is also a party culture seeping in, with lots of drink, partying and ego in the USPW locker room. With the likes of 21CW, NOTBPW, SOTBPW and RAW starting to get noticed in America, as well as SWF and TCW still looking to get back on top, USPW are going to have to keep going all out to remain the top dogs in the wrestling world. They have added a second TV show, a “B” level show called USPW Flag, Eagle, Fight!

In 2016 they added ex-football players Ross Henry and T-Bone Bright, with Henry being positioned near the top of the card on his name value alone. T-Bone Bright has gone on to form a good tag team with another ex-footballer in Julius Moor, known as The Bone Crushers. However, all their other big signings that year came from their rivals. In March 2016 they signed Brandon James from the SWF and he is now one of USPW’s top heels, gong by the name Big Money Brandon. Two months later they would also sign American Machine and Kurt Laramee from rivals SWF. American Machine hasn’t really achieved too much, but Kurt Laramee is an ex Television champion, winning the title in early 2017. However, the biggest impact has been behind the scenes, becoming on one of the biggest backstage bullies in wrestling, taking a particularly dim view to anyone who want drink with the veterans.

In June 2016 USPEW also signed a top-level wrestler from their other rivals, TCW. Sammy Bach was hired on a lucrative contract and has become a former National title champion and a main event heel. He has started dating Dharma Gregg and the two of them have started seeing themselves as a power couple within wrestling, and apparently their egos are out of control. Despite Bach now being a top heel for the company he actually debuted as babyface. His signing ended up causing shockwaves throughout USPW as Rick Law v Steve Frehley was booked as the headline match at Independence Day Slam! The next month, with Rick Law set to finally win the world title. However, Frehley used the fact that Bach was debuting to convince USPW to change plans, having the heel Frehley go over in order to feud with Bach. This would be the start of a real-life Rick Law and Steve Frehley feud and the start of the end of Law in USPW. Frehley would turn multiple workers against Law, and in June 2017 Law would quit the company.

However, back to 2016, after already tempting the likes of Steve Frehley, Rich Money and Brandon James away from SWF USPW would finally get their holy grail in Remo Richardson, signing him in August. USPW would reignite the Remo v Frehley feud, with Remo beating a now babyface Frehley in the main event of Thanksgiving Thunder! for the world title, a match that would end up winning the match of the year award in the end of year awards. Their last two signings of 2016 would both be from TCW. First, Titan, who would be put back together with Atlas. Second, Danny Fonzarelli who chose USPW over SWF due to the amount of money they were offering. In July 2017 he would win the television title and become the first man to win titles in USPW, SWF, TCW and DAVE.

In 2017 USPW made a couple of controversial decisions. First, they scrapped their women’s division, releasing all their female in-ring talent. This would end up having huge ramifications in the wrestling world. Once the women’s division was scrapped and they turned their attention to another plan of theirs, having a development company. Instead of simple creating their own with the money they had they instead decided to go after CZCW and MAW talent, hoping to put either company into bankruptcy. In January alone they were sign Cheetah Boy and Roderick Remus from MAW and Masked Cougar, Donnie J and Britney Hollywood from CZCW. Over the next few months they would sign a total of five talents from CZCW and seven from MAW. CZCW would be able to withstand the offers, but MAW would be forced to sell up and now they are an USPW owned company.

To go with these MAW and CZCW signings USPW also continued to sign more SWF and TCW workers, first hiring Valiant in March. His gimmick has fit in perfectly in USPW and he became very popular very quickly, however when his time to win the World title came Remo would use his creative control to block the title change, the second time in a row a heel had the finish of Independence Day Slam! changed. Valiant and Remo now have a deep hatred of each other and Valiant has seen his motivation take a hit, getting a bit of a gut and his performances are suffering as a result. In June they would sign Bryon Vessey from TCW, and he would end up being the one booked to beat Remo for the title, winning it in the main event of Thanksgiving Thunder! Their third massive main event signing of 2017 was Joey Minnesota, a man who did everything he could to be fired by SWF so they he could jump ship. A terrible backstage influence, Minnesota has also been joined by his protégé KC Glenn and the two of them are said to be causing no end of trouble.

While they were USPW’s three biggest signings of the year they would also sign the likes of Joe Sexy from SWF, as well as five different NOTBPW wrestlers. With NOTBPW starting to get noticed in the USA USPW would start to target their workers too, signing Might Cavanagh and Camerson Vessey. However, the next three they hired despite the fact they had already quit the Canadian company. Omar Brown, Harlem Haynes and Derek Frost would join USPW and have all settled in well enough. Their last signing of 2017 would be a shock one, as they would poach Manhunter from Australian promotion RAW. This would cause a war between the two companies that are hoping to go global. USPW are the only international company in the world, but they are looking to prevent any other company reaching the same status.

Despite these positives there have been negatives in 2017 for USPW too. Rick Law wouldn’t be the only wrestler to quit the company that year, in fact he wouldn’t even be the first. The month before Law quit Running Wolf would after an incident where Cameron Vessey would spike his drink with alcohol after being pressured into it by Kurt Laramee. With Wolfs Dad being an alcoholic Wolf is dead set against drinking, so he was furious at this incident and left the promotion. There is an on-going lawsuit stemming from this incident. There have been more and more reports of USPW workers getting drunk and partying constantly, with a really bad culture setting into the company. There have been many reports of workers getting pushes based simple n the fact they are one of the boys and willing to party with the vets. With many rifts forming it was no surprise that people were unhappy, but no one expected there to be a mass walkout like there was in August 2017 when Chris Caulfield, Jumbo Jackson, T-Rex, Petr Novak and Tribal Warrior would all leave the company, with Freddie Datsun backing out on joining them at the last minute. There final casualty of the year was Rich Money, who chose not to renew his contract in December and instead moved on to Total Championship Wrestling. Despite being loading with talent USPW is also full of big ego’s and things are in danger of unravelling backstage.

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21st Century Wrestling

RANK: 2nd

Current Champions:
21st Century World – Jonathan Faust
21st Century United Kingdom – Beast Bantom
21st Century Catch As Catch Can – Darin Flynn
21st Century Tag Team – Mark Adonis and Mass Hulk

21CW have continued to grow over the years, and have become dominant in both the British Isles and Europe. When the new NetStream service opened in August 2017 they began airing 21CW shows and now the British company has good exposure in North America and are looking to break into that market too. They hope to become an international promotion, but perhaps lack the star power that the likes of USPW and RAW have.

In 2016 they had a few additions to their roster, signing the latest National School Of Wrestling dojo graduates, and signing some top talents from Europe. They have hired the Johansson Brothers, Landon Mallory, Konrad Makinen and Michel Gregory. They also picked up Padraig O'Hearne after he left SNP. They also lost a couple of workers, first Wade Orson after he had given both Rolling Johnny Stones and Luke Cool concussions over the last couple of years, which led to complaints of him being reckless. Then in December 2016 Phillip Cooper was found to be a regular user of prostitutes so found himself fired. In June 2016 Grave Digger shocked everyone by defeating Adam Matravers for the 21CW world title, a title he would hold for over a year and a reign that turned him into a huge star.

2017 didn’t get off to the best start as Dark Angel and brother Harry Wilson both left the company to try and help rebuild the British wrestling scene. A couple of months later 21CW hired the 2017 Nation School Of Wrestling Graduates, their only signings all year other than Menace, who was hired in September. They would freshen up the roster in other ways though, writing out Joe Simpson, BW Eddie and Michael X. They were wrote out after a new stable formed, the European Upper-Class. Founded by The Red Dragons and The Ivanoff Brothers, the EU are a group of European wrestlers who are fighting back against 21CW for their European invasion. The EU’s founding was the begging of a massive and ambitious company wide civil war storyline that 21CW would attempt.

Begging with The EU forming and taking out members of the roster, the EU would eventually be taken over by Buff Martinez who is their current leader. The EU stable would eventually be countered by the Nations united stable, led by Sebastian Koller. They are a stable of wrestlers from different nations who are happy that 21CW expanded and just want to be a part of it. With two fractions fighting it out, neither of which are dominated by British wrestlers, Jonathan Faust started blaming all the violence of Jeff Nova, saying it was his European expansion that went against traditional British Values. Faust would start his own group, The Conventialists, a group that wants out of Europe is dead set against the North American Expansion. While some believe it is just Faust finding henchmen to keep the 21st Century World title around his waist, many people have bought into his message, with both faces and heels joining him for their own reasons. One man who completely disagrees with Faust is Tommy Cornell, and he has created the National Pride movement, another group of wrestling who have a more modern view of wrestling and want to take the company global. The two groups have been at war for months and it shows no sign of slowing down. It has divided friendships and spit families, as is the case with Tommy and Edward, as Edward as taken Fausts side. With only four workers not affiliated with a stable, the whole company is fighting to come out on top. It has ended friendships and teams, with Buff Martinez turning on J-B-Cash, Stevie Stout going against Faust and siding with Cornell, Edward Cornell choosing Faust over his own brother etc it has created many twists and turns and no one can trust anyone else. It has also made stars out of the likes of War Machine and Daniel Black Francis, with War Machine playing the hired gun role for anyone that’ll pay, and DBF being a fantastic lone wolf, taking no sides and fighting everyone equally. Brickhouse Balder is another who has moved up the card, becoming Buff Martinez’s number two and a very protected worker.

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Revolution Australian Wrestling

RANK: 3rd

Current Champions:
RAW Television – Skyscraper
RAW Quest – Nicky Gilbert
RAW Tag Team – Big Rig & Diesel Dan

Another company looking to go international are the Australian company Revolution Australian Wrestling. Their expansion is helped by the mainstream appeal of their two biggest stars, Captain Wrestling II and Swoop McCarthy. In April 2016 Captain Wrestling II left to star in action film Maximum Madness, a film which received some praise from critics but was a massive hit with action fans. He got himself into amazing shape and has the look of a true action star, and that helped him land a second feature film in 2017 too. Swoop however broke into the mainstream in a different way, releasing a modern classic rap album Straight Outta Melbourne, under the name Swoop Dogg. Both Captains film and Swoops album had worldwide success, making them genuine celebrities. This helped the A.S.N. network break into new areas, expanding into North America and Britain.

As for RAW themselves they have gone through a few changes, in February 2016 they decided things needed to be freshened up, so they hired ZEN head booker Cyanide to be their new head booker. His first signing would be Buckminster Snark, who is the latest member of the Wayne family, going by the name Karl Wayne. A month later the company was dealt a cruel blow as Loxley Robbins was ruled out with torn rotator cuff, and some botched surgery meant he is still out to this day. RAW would let Horton & Heaths contracts run down that same month, March, and in June The Brat Pack would choose to leave too. To help bring some numbers back to the roster they would raid APW, bringing in Nathan McKenzie and the God’s Gift tag team of Spiffy Stan Standish and Alexander Banks. God’s Gift were initially bought in as a readymade replacement for the Brat Pack, which unfortunately backfired for them as the fans just saw them as a cheap knock-off. A few months later in November 2016 RAW also raided Deep Impact Wrestling, taking both their current singles champion Tombstone and tag champions The Bad Truckers, almost killing the promotion.

2017 was less eventful in terms of comings and goings, they did hire a few wrestlers with rookie Turner Crash making the biggest impact. With a gimmick of a “wrestler hunter” he hosts his own TV show on the TV show where he attacks or provokes other wrestlers. RAW did lose Manhunter to USPW towards the end of the year, but that has actually helped Skyscraper become a huge solo star. With Loxley Robbins still injured, The Captain off making movies and Swoop on tour it has allowed Kerry Wayne to spend a lot of time as their time babyface worker, and allowed the likes of Frogue Element and new tag partner SubUrban Legend step up. Recently Echo was turned face to help balance the roster, although it is an unnatural role for him and he is struggling slightly.

With two huge mainstream stars, a tonne of star power, two A shows and a network that now covers four different areas RAW are in with a great chance of becoming an international or global company. The only issue they have is how unimportant Australia is to the wrestling world and they often struggle to stay above cult in their homeland.

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Supreme Wrestling Federation


Current Champions:
SWF World Heavyweight – Scotty Supreme
SWF North America – Reverend John Greed
SWF Shooting Star – Jimmy Hernandez
SWF World Tag Team – Scythe & Hellion

SWF have found themselves in a bit of a slump in recent years after the emergence of USPW. Losing so many top stars has left them a shell of what they once were, and in November 2016 the company had no choice but to give in to Jack Bruce's demands when his contract came up for renewal, as they knew losing Bruce could have been the final nail in the coffin. So that, my friends, is how Jack Bruce became the head booker of the SWF!

Now at cult level, the company is certainly in a transitional state right now. Over the last two years there has been no end of turnover on their roster, losing big names like Brandon James, Joey Morgan and Vengeance among many others, and they have signed or called up around 27 new workers. With a massive roster of 49 workers they have an active Shooting Star division, a thriving tag division and six active stables. Unfortunately, Bruce is still learning on the job so the company is lacking some direction, is it the land of the giants? Is it a place where high flyers can thrive? Is turning everyone heel really the answer to all their problems, or is it just creating extra problems? They have recently introduced a new “B” show, SWF Uprising, just to try and give everyone a bit of screen time.

There was also been a shift in focus towards more gimmicks, with the roster now including pirates (Hugh DeAske and Emmy) a rapper and his entourage (Lenny Brown, Cali Slick, Busta Capp and Lil Henry) Demons led by a cult leader (Rev. John Greed, Scythe, Hellion and Lassana Makutsi's new character "Effigy") and a terrible Live Action Role Play gimmick, Parker the LARPer, a gimmick that may be the worst in history and a potential career killer for Steven Parker. Oh, and the less said about the Unsafe Sad Pathetic Wrestlers (or USPW for short) stable the better.

So, while there is all change in the SWF midcard, the main event scene has changed too. In June 2016 Big Smack Scott turned down a huge, lucrative contract from USPW in order to stay with the SWF, and when the fans found out he began getting face pops no matter what he did. SWF went with this, eventually turning him face and changing his name to the one's the fans had started chanting "Scotty Supreme". Riding a huge wave of momentum Scotty Supreme rose up the card at lightning speed, and eventually captured the SWF World Heavyweight title in the main event of The Supreme Challenge, and is now one of the top babyfaces in North America. At the same event Skull DeBones had his last match in SWF, losing to Scythe in a passing of the torch moment.

Perhaps the most significant change in SWF has been the hiring of BHOTWG’s NEO stable, with Koshiro Ino, Yasuhiko Taira and Yasunobu Masuno becoming a hugely popular babyface trio. They not only add some much needed star power but they have put on some great matches too. With Angry Gilmore and the now Robert Retro locked in a fantastic heated feud Robert Retro is becoming a main event heel and putting on some great performances. With Des Davids playing a character that wants to leave for USPW, Eric Eisen playing the company’s defender, The Crippler and Rogue still going strong and Rev. John Greed breaking the main event scene things at the top of the company are looking good. If Jack Bruce can organise the roster, decide what he wants the company to be rather than a mix-match of clumsy big men and talented high flyers, and if he can resist turning the whole roster heel, things could begin to click as SWF plot their way back to the top.

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ZEN: Original

RANK: 5th

Current Champions:
ZEN:O Master – Kalliope Woodchuck
ZEN:O Conceptual – Killer B
ZEN:O Harmony – Super Zero and Vertigo

It has been an eventful few years for the small lucha promotion. In February 2016 the wacky ZEN promotion from New Zealand had their head booker, Cyanide, poached by Australian company RAW. Many felt that could have been the beginning of the end for them, but owner Halloween Knight took his time to interview multiple candidates to replace him, before decided on Pumpkin Jack. Jack stepped into the role flawlessly and managed to keep ZEN’s momentum going. A few months later ZEN received a sizeable donation to keep the company alive, and Halloween Knight came up with an ambitious plan. He created a tiny but global online subscription service called The ZEN Network. This gave ZEN worldwide exposure, and allowed ZEN to create new company’s in different areas of the world, that were all linked financially and could share talent.

The original ZEN itself has gone through some roster changes, they lost the aforementioned Cyanide, who took Buckminster Snark with him, and later in the year they lost SubUrban Legend too, again to RAW. They did brifly have The Brat Pack working for them, a tag team who instantly became their biggest stars, but they moved on January 2017. Perhaps their most successful new recruit has been Seeker, an Australian brawler who is also a good high flyer, his religious gimmick got him over, but a great run with the Conceptual title, where he claimed it was the word of god, but him on the map. ZEN have had some other unexpected issues though, with a hole in the space time continuum bringing through alternative universe versions of members of their roster, in a couple of cases female versions of their male workers, but also an evil version of Kalliope Woodchuck.

Speaking of Kalliope, she has become a top star for ZEN, after letting herself go slightly she developed a bit of a gut, but instead of being ashamed she acted proud, showing body confidence and showing that all people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Her feud with the body-shaming Damian Dastardly made her a star, and to his credit Dastardly sold her offence perfectly on his way to dropping the ZEN:O Master title to her. In December 2017 ZEN lost three of their top faces, Devilfish, Man O’War and Lone Shark, who had only returned in February, as they all joined the British version of Zen, ZEN: London.

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South Of The Border Pro Wrestling

RANK: 6th

Current Champions:
Lucha Libre Brand

Campeónato del Mundo SOTBPW – Velocidad
Campeón de Junior SOTBPW – El Serpiente
Campeanatos de Parejas SOTBPW – Demon Seed and Snap Dragon
Campeanatos de Tríos SOTBPW – Aniquilación and Hijo Del Mephisto and Destrucción

Televisión Brand
Campeonato Mundial SOTBPW – El Leon
Campeónato de Menor SOTBPW – Chess Maniac
Campeonato de Equipo de Etiqueta SOTBPW - Rudy Valasquez and Hector Galindo
Campeón de Tres SOTBPW - Samael The Accuser and Phobia and Lunatic

South Of The Border Pro Wrestling continue to rule over Mexico, by far the biggest company in Mexico it looks unlikely that anyone will be able to challenge them for a long time to come. With two “A” shows and a 80 man strong roster, SOTBPW bought back their famous brand split at the begging of 2017.

Things didn’t get off to a great start for SOTBPW in 2016 though when figurehead, top star and Campeónato del Mundo Champagne Lover got injured in a match against El Alborotador Confiado. Lover would suffer a major concussion, forcing him to miss a year of action, and despite the fact it was a complete accident Confiado would end up taking the blame and would lose his job. With no champion SOTBPW came up with a historic solution. Using talent from across the globe they took the best wrestlers in the world and put them in a 128-man knockout tournament, although technically it was 127 when it turned out Scarlet Scarab had entered himself twice, once as himself and also under a different mask calling himself Alias. The tournament took place over two months, with the final match taking place between Axxis Jr and Pablo Rodriguez at Batalla Real. Axxis was supposed to go over and become the new face of the company, but tragedy would strike as he slipped performing a shooting star press and suffered a career ending injury. SOTBPW officials weren’t sure what to do and tried to give Pablo the belt by forfeit, but in a completely unscripted moment he refused to accept the title.

That act would turn Rodriguez tecnico, and the losing quarter and semi-finalists would fight each other for the chance to face Rodriguez for the title, with Soul Taker coming out on top. At SOTBPW Infierno Pablo Rodriguez would defeat Soul Taker in the main event to finally capture the Campeónato del Mundo, but it would be the shortest title reign in the company’s history when immediately after the match Referee Ramirez would announce that Multimillonario had a title shot, and he would quickly defeat a hurt Pablo Rodriguez to win the title. The next night SOTBPW management for sack Ramirez and were about to strip Multimillonario of the title, but he would bring out his lawyer Padre Carrasco who made sure that his client would keep the belt. Multimillonario would become the number one heel in all of Mexico, holding the title for 14 months, but also forming the The Golden Kings stable with Padre, Pharaoh King and El Rey. At one point Multimillonario was even a triple title holder, holding the Campeanatos de Parejas titles with Pharaoh King and the three of them held the Campeanatos de Tríos. The booking of the end of tournament made Pharaoh King and Multimillonario huge rudo stars, and Pablo Rodriguez one of the most popular tecinco’s, and when Velocidad would finally end Multimillonario Campeónato del Mundo run he was a made man too. The booking team have been hugely praised for taking what could have been a horrible situation and dealing with it, not only overcoming two shocking injuries but thriving through adversity.

Many of the 127 men hired to take part in the tournament were hired full-time at some point after, leading the brand split. With Champagne Lover injured and unsure if he would return El Leon was chosen to be the company’s new figurehead and the Televisión brands first ever Campeonato Mundial. His performances throughout the whole of 2017 would help him win the wrestler of the year award. There are lots of new names on the SOTBPW roster, but perhaps two of the most exciting are two Americans they took from the SWF, Randy and Zimmy Bumfhole. The duo are two of the most talented wrestlers in the world and hopefully they will finally be able to fulfil their potential. However, Axxis Jr and Champagne Lover wouldn’t be the only wrestlers to suffer horrible injuries, in August 2016 Xtinction would suffer a career ending broken neck when the ropes would snap during one of his matches.

Eventually Champagne Lover would return, and so too would Xtinction albeit retired from in-ring competition. Xtinction would talk about a curse in SOTBPW, something he felt was proven in April 2017 when Champagne Lover would suffer another injury, a broken ankle on the set of a TV show he was making a guest appearance on. Eventually the former Mystery Man, now Aniquilación, and Hijo Del Mephisto would attack Lover with Xtincsion acting as their ring leader and forming the La Maldición de México stable. El Héroe Mexicano would join his mentor in fighting them off, but they would lose a tag team match when the former Jormungand, now Destrucción, would join the group. Xtinction would continue to talk about a curse, and the next month we would find out he meant there was literally a curse in SOTBPW as El Héroe Mexicano would turn on Champagne Lover, injure him again, and change his mask behind a sheet and revealing himself to be El Curso. This new rudo character is far removed from his tecnico one and could be his ticket to the top. Lover would actually bring in the Bumfholes, now going by the tag name The Killer B’s, to be his backup and this is now one of the hottest feuds in lucha today.

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Total Championship Wrestling


Current Champions:
TCW World Heavyweight – Wolf Hawkins
TCW International – Matthew Keith
TCW World Tag Team – Scout and Guide
Jason Azaria Trophy 2017 Winner – Wolf Hawkins

Total Championship Wrestling had a strong 2016 with Rocky Golden winning the world heavyweight title at their first event of the year, Malice In Wonderland. TCW’s tactic of making Golden the focal point of pretty much every TV show and event worked well and he is one of the main reasons that the company has been able to stay at national level. He held the championship until December of that year before dropping the title to Eddie Peak, who finally received a well deserved main event push. Despite a strong 2016 they did have some setbacks, the first one being Joel Bryant not renewing his contract as he was unhappy at losing the head booker role. Losing Sammy Bach to USPW a few months later was a big blow, and while Titan leaving for the same company was frustrating, it didn’t really have the same impact. In December 2016 Danny Fonzarelli would also leave to join the world’s number one promotion on a lucrative contract, although the joke was on USPW as they were planning on letting him go anyway to concentrate on youth. However, the biggest blow to TCW in 2016 was the sudden death of commentator Jason Azaria in August when he was involved in a car accident. A much-loved member of the roster, his death affected everyone and the company now hosts an annual tournament in his honour.

2017 did not start so well for TCW though, in January Ricky Dale Johnson called time on his in-ring career after never quite getting his passion back after Azaria’s death. He lost at Malice in Wonderland to Wolf Hawkins in a career v career match, however that wouldn’t be the only in-ring career to end that night. In tragic circumstances Troy Tornado would break his neck on the same PPV, cutting short his career. He now works backstage in TCW as a road agent. Brent Hill, who has retired the month before himself, was already planning a hiring spree of young talent, but was gifted some top workers from Japan too. In January 2017 Eisaku Kunomasu and Seiji Jimbo joined the company after leaving PGHW to help them deal with their financial issues the Japanese tsunami had caused. They have made an excellent addition to TCW and are settling in really well. However, it was the following month where TCW really shook things up, signing seven of the top young independent workers the country has to offer.

In February 2017 Davis Wayne Newton, Ernest Youngman, Jackpot Jordan, Jake Idol, Kirk Jameson, Nelson Callum and Roy Edison all began working for TCW. With Xavi Ferrara and Greg Gauge having already joined the company in 2016, and Hollywood Bret Starr, Logan Wolfspaine, Matthew Keith and Running Wolf joining later in 2017 TCW now has a roster full of young talents that couple develop into future stars. Despite losing the likes of Benny Benson and Edd Stone there is still enough veteran talent left in the company to help them along, and the signing of James Prudence in October 2017 could also end up being an important one as he works with the less experienced talent. At the moment it is Bret Starr, Jay Chord, Greg Gauge and Matthew Keith look the most likely to break into the main event scene and they are putting on some fantastic matches. However, there is also Roy Edison who could be a dark horse for future success. After a great spell in FCW he has become a technician, and his five-minute challenge segments, where opponents have five minutes to survive being in the ring with him, have been a big hit with fans.

While the midcard is dominated by young talents it is experienced veterans who have been able to break into the main event. In November 2016 Raymond Diaz signed with the company and began destroying everyone and his popularity exploding. In December 2017 he defeated Eddie Peak in an I Quit loser leaves TCW match and he is now one of TCW’s most popular babyfaces. However, nothing can compare to Rocky Golden and Wolf Hawkins. The two are the lead faces of the company and everything has been done to make sure they remain the most over workers in the company. The likes of Joshua Taylor and Human Arsenal have been turned heel just to give them fresh opponents and the formula has worked well. Another new face to the main event is American Buffalo, with TCW losing the likes of Troy Tornado, Ricky Dale Johnson, Joel Bryant and Brent Hill to retirement and Sammy Bach and Bryan Vessey to USPW Total Championship Wrestling were struggling to find fresh opponents for Golden and Hawkins, which led to Buffalo getting the biggest push of his career. Running a winning streak gimmick he was put into a feud with Rocky Golden, and while Golden would inevitably win the feud Buffalo was treated as a genuine threat and it made him a star in the eyes of the fans. The last and perhaps most important fresh face to TCW joined the company in November 2017. Tired of the politics and partying in USPW former USPW and SWF champion Rich Money decided to jump to TCW for a fresh start. He is apparently determined to become TCW champion too, feeling winning the top title in all three companies will cement him as a legend.

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North Of The Border Pro Wrestling


Current Champions:
NOTBPW Canadian – Johnny Bloodstone
NOTBPW Mens – Harrison Hash
NOTBPW Womens - Killer Kass
NOTBPW Tag Team – Julian Watson and Jared Johnson
NOTBPW Ed Henson Memorial Tag Team Cup – Jack and Steve DeColt (2017 Winners)

In the last two years no company has gone through a bigger transformation than North Of The Border Pro Wrestling, or have been as influential. It all started in March 2016 when the forward thinking and innovative Victoria Stone-McFly hired Joanna Rodriguez to join the company, but came up with the unique idea of doing so with camera's rolling. J-Ro's medical, contract signing and first three months with the company was all filmed, 24/7, for a reality TV show called "Fighting In A Man's World". The show was a complete success and made Rodriguez an instant star and bought more eye's to NOTBPW than ever before. If the show made her a star, it was the follow up film a year later that made her an icon, the likes not seen in wrestling since Champagne Lover in Mexico, and the whole thing has changed the way women's wrestling is seen, with more female based companies opening up in both USA and America.

In 2016 they also signed Jaime Quinn and Sara Marie York from AAA, two of the best talents of any gender in North America and arguable NOTBPW was begging to build one of the best women’s divisions ever seen in a major company. However, it was in January 2017 USPW ended their women’s division and NOTBPW quickly swooped up Melody, Missy Masterson and Tiffany Jade, as well as Alicia Strong the next month, that for the first time it was the females that were arguably beginning to out-shine the male workers in the company. With the success of J-Ro and the level of performances the women were putting on, Victoria made the brave and risky step of making the NOTBPW divisions completely integrated with the men. With men and women fighting on equal settings for the first time in a major company there was a real chance it could alienate fans, and three workers even quit the company over the decision (Derek Frost, Omar Brown and Harlem Hayes). It has proven to be a HUGE success though, and for the first time the Canada company looks to be competing with the top American companies on a global scale. The whole thing has boosted the entire wrestling industry in Canada and gates and revenue are through the roof.

While there has been a lot of new women signed, the roster hasn’t become bloated due to the amount of workers that have left over the years. Flash, Kinuye Mushashibo and Lord James King were released when their contracts ran out, Alexander Robinson was released when Lee Bennett retired. They have also lost Mighty Cavanagh and Camerson Vessey to USPW once they began to feel threatened by NOTBPW. Owen Love and The Natural decided also decided to leave for CZCW after over a decade each in the promotion. However, they have also added more talent previously unmentioned to the company, the likes of Killer Kass, some House Of Stone graduates and Kid Fantastic have all been signed, as well as highly respected veterans Bryan Holmes and Squeaky McClean from SWF, as well as Japanese talents VENOM and Yoshii Shiomi. However, it is three other more familiar talents that have had the biggest impact.

Until Joanna Rodriguez exploded in popularity Steve DeColt was without a doubt the biggest star in Canada and one of the biggest heel draws in the countries history. In 2016 he continued to dominate, winning his forth Canadian title in April 2016 and outing on sensational performances almost on a weekly bases, leading to him winning 2016;s wrestler of the year. While it was odd having a DeColt dominate NOTBPW it became even weirded in November 2016 when he was joined by his Brother Jack, following Jack’s falling out with CGC owner and their other brother Alex. Just like Steve, Jack turned out to be a natural heel and was able to garner insane heat almost immediately and has also became a major star for what was his family’s rival company. Jack would become a Canadian champion too in January 2017, dethroning Duane Stone. The feud of Duane Stone and Sean McFly against both DeColts would dominate the promotion throughout 2017, and things took an interesting turn in September when the last active DeColt, Ricky, would also join NOTBPW. Whereas his brothers joined the company’s as hated heels, Ricky made his debut by saving Duane from having his ankle broken by his brothers and spent his first month in the promotion trying to bring peace to the company. However, in the build up to the Nirvana In November event the DeColt’s would challenge Duane and Sean McFly to a six man tag team match, claiming their brother was joining their side. For weeks Ricky denied this, and while Duane and Sean, with partner Tim Westybrook, would be ready for the six man tag Jack and Steve stated partnerless. The commentators kept speculating whether or not Ricky would join them, and eventually the DeColts would have a chair wrapped around Duane’s head and Ricky would come out to stop them breaking his neck. With Sean McFly then thinking it was Ricky who had introduced the chair the two would brawl, when out from the crowd came Edd Stone who would come off the top rope with legdrop onto the chair to take out his brother, pick up the win and align himself with the DeColts. Edd is back to get revenge on the family that he claims abandomned him, and now the DeColts and Stone feud with off the charts and is another reason why NOTBPW are continuing to expand and grow.

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Yes!!! Been waiting for something like this!

Looks amazingly done! Going to have to check it out, major props!
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Happy to see this one is complete, I also have some morning read which is always nice
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Originally Posted by MortiSporti View Post
Yes!!! Been waiting for something like this!

Looks amazingly done! Going to have to check it out, major props!
If you do let me know what you think!
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Originally Posted by DatIsraeliGuy View Post
Happy to see this one is complete, I also have some morning read which is always nice
I actually thought of you when I posted it haha
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Inspire Diversity Group Strikes Back


Current Champions:
INSPIRES World Heavyweight – PRIDE Koiso
INSPIRES World Heavyweight Tag Team – Hiroyasu Gakusha and Toshiharu Hyobanshi
INSPIRES All-Asia - Taheiji Konoe
INSPIRES Strong Style – Jimmy Cox
INSPIRES All-Asia Tag Team - Eiji Hamacho and Chuichi Sanda
INSPIRES Japanese - Morimasa Kato
INSPIRES Knockout - Gesshin Noro
INSPIRES Leader Of The Pride - Sotatsu Sarumara
INSPIRES Middleweight - Kuemon Hotta

In 1992 former journalist Kaneie Komine was appointed president of Burning Hammer Of The Wrestling Gods and would go on to become one of the most powerful figures in all of Japanese wrestling. His run at the top of BHOTWG was one of the most successful and profitable in the history of the company as the promotion reached new heights in terms of both quality but also revenue. However, it all fell apart in 2006 when BHOTWG had their famous “INSPIRE” crises, where Tadiyuki Kikkawa formed the MMA-influenced promotion, weakening BHOTWG and allowing Komines at the time close friend Tetsuzan Kaneko to stage a coup and seize power, leading to Komine not only leaving BHOTWG but the wrestling industry itself, leaving him with nothing to do but plot his revenge.

Fast forward to May 2016 and tragedy would strike as a massive tsunami hit Japan, crashing not just the economy to the lowest level in recent history, but almost completely destroying the wrestling industry too. With Japan in a rebuilding process wrestling just wasn’t people’s priority, and gates would instantly take a nose dive, leading to top Japanese companies losing money at an alarming rate. In some cases owners even lost their personal fortunes, meaning Japanese wrestling was in danger of collapsing all-together. Komine would form a plan that would take him back to the top of the wrestling world. After gathering some unknown silent partners Komine would quietly purchase the rights to the INSPIRE name and image rights, and begin to come up with an action plan that would instantly put this new version of the company on the map. He would contact the biggest companies in Japan, knowing they were struggling, and using his partners money he would offer to pay to have their promotions biggest stars be let out of their contracts, although they would only receive the money if those same workers agreed to sign with his promotion. Due to the loyalty of many of the Japanese wrestlers most would agree, even if they didn’t like the idea of working for Komine, as it meant they would save not only their old promotions but potentially Japanese wrestling itself. Komine has been called the saviour of Japanese wrestling thanks to these deals, which he loves, but truthfully the main reason he did it was so that his rivals would know it was thanks to him that they are still in business, something he loves even more.

In December 2016 Komine would officially announce his new promotion, renaming Inspire Diversity Group International and announcing they would now be called Inspire Diversity Group Strikes Back, more commonly known as INSPIRES. This announcement would come during an elaborate press conference in which Komine would be joined by the ex-figureheads of CGC (Hiroyasu Gakusha), PGHW (PRIDE Koiso), WEXXV (Munemitsu Senmatsu) and he old enemy and original INSPIRE owner Tadiyuki Kikkawa (BHOTWG). This press conference, and more important the talent on show, told the fans that there was one place to see the top talent in Japan, and that promotion was INSPIRES. They have since gone on to add other top names in wrestling, such as Masaru Ugaki, Buddy Garner, Toshiharu Hyobanshi, Tasuku Iesada and Akinori Kwakami. However, they have also picked up big names from other sports too, such as original INSPIRE members Li Binci and Oleg Dorosklov, both former Olympians in judo and freestyle wrestling respectively. INSPIRES now not only has the names to succeed, but they also have some of the top talents worldwide and are able to put on some sensational matches.

Part of the reason Komine chose to reopen INSPIRE rather than starting with a new, fresh company was to prove a point. Not only is he one of the best owners of al time, he is so good he could succeed where others have failed miserably. In order to help him achieve this he has hired young colour commentator Naizen Uboshita to be the head booker of the promotion. He has proven to be an excellent choice, and despite INSPIRES preferring to sign workers over 30 years of age Naizen has really shown that he is in touch with what the fans really want and Komine has allowed him to make changes that should allow INSPIRES to thrive where INSPIRE failed. One of the biggest changes has been to the in-ring style, while it still has a hyper-realistic focus the main focusses has been on normal realism, with pure wrestling too. That has allowed the promotion to make their matches still look legitimate, but they are also more exciting than in the original. One of the biggest criticisms of the original INSPIRE was the fact they didn’t have any title belts, with professional wrestling being built around belts and titles for as long as anyone can remember, so this confused fans of INSPIRE. Now, the INSPIRES promotion has gone the opposite way, they not only have a main title, but they have a main singles and tag team title. Below that they have a midcard tag team belt and two midcard singles titles. It doesn’t end there, as they also have four low-level singles titles which are usually only defending on tour shows. With nine titles the promotion has gone from no titles at all, to potentially having the most titles to defend than any other promotion in history. One final change was to the companies schedule, while they are still a touring promotion they now have a “two on, one off” schedule, where they tour for two months but then have a rest month. However, in a big change to the way touring companies work they still run a big monthly event every month, rather than just during active months.

Helped by the fact their events are being shown on during prime time on PPV Japan, INSPIRES have quickly become the countries number one promotion. They have the talent and the money to stay there, the only question is whether Komine can focus purely on success, rather than revenge. While the company is thriving, and many talents are very loyal to him for saving them from getting a regular job, others are not so happy or trusting of him. This is not helped by the fact he has been apparently manipulating talents against each other, causing rifts in the locked room, or more specifically causing issued between wrestlers who used to work for some companies against workers who used to work for a different company. There are CGC cliques, PGHW cliques and of course BHOTWG cliques, and Komine apparently loves this.

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So I've tried to download it and I'm getting a message saying that the files are corrupted and need repairing? Any ideas?
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