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Unread 06-14-2019, 12:24 AM
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World Class Championship Wrestling

Tuesday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 4,500 (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 5.07 (964,210 viewers)
Show Rating: 78

The Show begins with Bill Mercer and Cowboy Bob Ellis in the studio welcoming us to the show in a very neutral and serious manner. We zoom in on Bill Mercer as he announces that last week, we saw Jose Lothario carried out of the arena by EMTs, "Well we have an update on Jose’s condition. Last week we speculated that it could be a very serious injury that could have kept Jose out of the ring for many months. Unfortunately, the situation is even worse than we originally speculated. The doctors have told Jose, that injury to his neck is so severe that he will likely never wrestle again. We would like to take this moment to wish Jose a speedy recovery from this tragic situation, and that Jose will always have a home in World Class.” After the speech Mercer and Ellis tell us that due to this tragedy that the NWA American Tag Team and World Class Television Championships have been declared vacant. World Class Commissioner Fritz Von Erich has announced that in 2 weeks, at New Year’s Star Wars, not only will we find out who will be crowned NWA Texas Tag Team Champions after the previous champions Mark Lewin and The Spoiler were stripped of the championships after they refused to defend their championships within the 60 days’ time limit. But now we will also crown New NWA American Tag Team Champions, and in the coming weeks we will determine the teams who compete for the respective titles. As for the Television championship, we will have a new champion crowned tonight. Gary Hart has vowed to make his feelings on the Television championship known.

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Chris Adams vs. Dr. Wagner, El Solitario and Villano III
In a pretty even match, The Fabulous Freebirds and Chris Adams defeated Villano III Real by pinfall in 14 minutes, after Terry Gordy hit the Kneeling Powerbomb on El Solitario.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Jim Harris
In a pretty even match, Kerry defeated Jim Harris by submission in 10 minutes, after Kerry Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on Jim Harris.

Gary Hart comes to the ring flanked by Killer Tim Brooks, and on his shoulder Gary Hart has the NWA World Class Television Championship, as he enters the ring followed by Brooks, he takes the microphone away from the ring announcer and Brooks menaces him "Shut up! As the greatest mind in wrestling, I have something to say. Last week after my men destroyed the American Tag champions so badly, that one of them left on a stretcher. I knew then that I had a winning combination, and as my men utterly dominated their opponents, I knew management would have no option but to bow to my demands. But I know Fritz von Erich is more muscle than brain, and that his libido overpowers his common sense so much so that his pride won’t ever let anyone that didn’t come from his testicles triumph. Fritz better watch out because if him or any of his dopey sons ever try to face up against my men, my men would hurt them so badly that they would never show their faces in public, and I don’t want that... yet. So, I did the sensible thing and went up to the board of directors and demanded a title match. But not a tag title match, Brody is too busy being the dominant American Champion, so I demanded a TV Title match for Killer Brooks, why? Because he liked the title, and everything Brooks likes, Brooks gets. The Board of Directors in all their senses made my man the No.1 Contender on the spot and face Mr. Lothario tonight. However, that selfish pig Lothario had to ruin it all and duck my man. He could not be true champion and face his challenger as all champions should. He decided to fake an injury. Because the only thing that broke on Mr. Lothario was his will, he lost his smile and took his ball an went home. Well once a coward always a coward. What else could we expect of such a weak man. So, what does that mean for the TV belt? It means that Killer Brooks is the new TV champ. Mr. Lothario was the champion and was scheduled to face the rightful No.1 contender Tim Brooks. But Mr. Lothario refused to face his number one contender because he is "injured" and his neck "hurts". So, in my opinion he has just relinquished his title to my client. But my man will prove that he is better champion than Mr. Lothario was. So instead of just getting the title handed to him, Brooks wants to do this the right way. So, I make an open challenge to anyone in the back who dares to enter the ring with Brooks for a chance at his TV Title. Or are all of you cowards like Mr. Lothario?" from the locker room emerges the former tag team champion El Halcón and following him is a civilian dressed Jose Lothario with a Neck Brace, it seems Halcón is here to challenge Brooks, and Lothario is here to counteract Gary Hart.

***NWA World Class Television Championship ***

Killer Tim Brooks vs. El Halcón
In a total domination, Killer Tim Brooks defeated El Halcón in 5 Minutes by Injury Stoppage, to win the NWA Big Time Television Championship, after David Manning was forced to stop the match due to blood loss from the forehead of El Halcon, and couldn’t react to a ten count after a pounce, after the match Halcon was Stretchered out with Lothario walking by his side taking care of his partner.

Chavo and Mandó Guerrero vs. Mr. Hito and Kazuo Sakurada
In a pretty even match, Chavo and Mando defeated Mr. Hito and Kazuo Sakurada by pinfall in 14 minutes, after Chavo Guerrero hit the Gory Bomb on Kazuo Sakurada.

***NWA American Heavyweight Championship***

Bruiser Brody vs. Mil Mascaras
In a one-sided beat down Bruiser Brody defeated Mil Mascaras bypass out in 8 minutes to retain the NWA American Heavyweight Championship after Mascaras passed out from a Bear Hug.

After The Match Gary Hart and his Clients walk into the Studio where Mercer and Ellis are providing commentary, while they are trying to get to the backstage are Ellis stops Hart and asks him for an Interview; "Interview, I’m too busy to give you an interview, I have better things to do than to say anything to this unworthy fans and this excuse of an announcer that you are, all I will say is I told you so, I told you my beasts were unstoppable, and you saw it today first hand, my guys came, put their titles on the line, and walked away fresher than a winter rose, Brooks almost killed a former Heavyweight Champion in El Halcón, and Brody just made piss out this "supposed" Mexican legend, this is my last warning, to all superstars, stay out of our way or you will face the consequences", they continue to walk off as Brody pushes Ellis to one side and they continue walking, now we return to the ring.

David and Kevin Von Erich vs. The Spoiler and Mark Lewin
In a pretty even match, David and Kevin defeater The Spoiler and Lewis by submission in 20 minutes, after David Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on the Spoiler.
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Georgia Championship Wrestling
Saturday Week 2 January 1980 at the Georgia Sports Arena
4,500 people in attendance (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 1.42 (271,060 viewers)
Show Rating:

Gordon Solie welcomes everybody to Georgia Championship Wrestling. He announces the main event will be Masked Superstar defending the Georgia Heavyweight Championship against an opponent of his choosing. Austin Idol will be defending the Georgia Television Championship. We will also hear from Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rich, and Mr. Wrestling II.

Mr. Wrestling II walks up to Gordon Solie after the introduction and urges Masked Superstar to choose him tonight because he can’t wait for The Omni to get his hands on him.

The Grappler defeated Ricky Fields by pinfall with a Loaded Boot in 12:05.

Ole Anderson is a the hospital with bandages on his head from the attack from The Russians last night and is by the bedside of Lars Anderson. Ole says Lars’ throat may never be the same again but he will be able to fight again. The doctors said he will be cleared and they will get revenge on The Russians at The Omni.

The Super Destroyers defeated The Miller Brothers when Super Destroyer #2 pinned Bill Miller with a Piledriver in 7:21.

Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey is in the ring with Crusher Blackwell saying he has built an army buying Crusher Blackwell, Frank Morell, and Abdullah The Butcher from The Great Mephisto. He also has a secret weapon for Dusty Rhodes as he promises his Army will take him down.

Crusher Blackwell defeated Gene Spurlock by submission with a Bearhug in 3:37.

A vignette is shown with Stan Frazier and Mighty Wilbur working at a farm as they become friends and are going to be a team in GCW.

Masked Superstar joins Gordon Solie saying he has his opponent picked out. He pulls out a list and tells Solie tonight he is going with the man in his mind that should be number one contender, Jerry Stubbs. Masked Superstar is asked about Mr. Wrestling II’s place on the list and he didn’t make the top 10.

Jack Brisco defeated Terry Orndorff by submission with the Figure Four Leglock in 12:27.

After the match, Paul and Terry Orndorff attack Jack Brisco until Jerry Brisco comes out to make the save and the Orndorff retreat.

A video is shown from Friday’s house show where Eddie Mansfield attacked Kevin Sullivan leaving him bloodied.

Eddie Mansfield defeated Jim Nelson by pinfall with a Powerslam in 6:17.

Tommy Rich joins Gordon Solie where they announce that Tommy Rich has been selected to face Harley Race at The Omni this month. Tommy Rich is excited about the chance and looks forward to it. Austin Idol comes out saying Tommy Rich got out of their match because he is afraid of him. Tommy Rich says he will face Austin Idol as well at The Omni but Austin Idol declines saying he doesn’t want to beat him up so bad that he can’t make it to his NWA World Heavyweight Championship match. Austin Idol then requests that Rich leaves so he can defend his title against someone who is a worthy challenger, Bill Dromo.

NWA Georgia Television Championship Match

Austin Idol defeated Bill Dromo by submission with the Las Vegas Leglock to retain the Georgia Television Champion in 9:31.

Dusty Rhodes cuts a promo saying this Friday night he will face Crusher Blackwell. And next Friday he will face Frank Morell. Rhodes said he has already defeated Abdullah but at The Omni he says he wants Sheik’s Secret Weapon. Any match he wants because he is ready for a fight.

NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title Match

Masked Superstar defeated Jerry Stubbs by pinfall with a Swinging Neckbreaker to retain the Georgia Heavyweight Championship in 16:33.

House Shows
Monday Night--76/B-
Tim Horner d Vinnie Valentino
Frank Morrell d Jim Lancaster
Kevin Sullivan & Ricky Fields d Eddie Mansfield & Koko Ware
Jerry Stubbs d The Grappler
Ivan Koloff d Tom Shaft
Ole Anderson & Koloff brawl until Ivan escapes
The Brisco Brothers d Paul & Terry Orndorff
The Briscos celebrate the win
Terry Funk d Bob Armstrong
To the shock of Idol & Masked Superstar, Tommy Rich is 100% and Mr. Wrestling II's tag partner!
Mr. Wrestling II & Tommy Rich d Austin Idol & Masked Superstar when Rich pinned Idol
Mr. Wrestling II & Tommy Rich celebrate their victory

Friday Night--74/B-
Austin Idol declares TV title isn't on the line due to no cameras rolling
Austin Idol d Jerry Stubbs in non-title match
The Farm Boys d Eddie Boulder & Hacksaw Higgins
Masked Superstar d Wahoo McDaniel to retain the NWA Georgia Heavyweight
Kevin Sullivan d Eddie Mansfield via DQ from foreign object
Tommy Rich drew with Terry Funk as time ran out at 30 minutes as Rich had Funk covered
Ole Anderson d Alexis Smirnoff via count out as Smirnoff intentionally stayed out of the ring
Ivan Koloff jumps Ole as Alexis gets back in the ring for a 2-on-1 beatdown
Dusty Rhodes d Killer Khan in Loser Leaves Town Match
Dusty and the fans say goodbye to Killer Khan as he's out of Georgia for good.
Bullet Bob and Big Bill d The Rougeau Brothers
Harley Race d Mr. Wrestling II in 16:02 to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title
Masked Superstar convinces Race to help him unmask Mr. Wrestling II. Tommy Rich runs out for the save.
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CWA Championship Wrestling

Attendance: 2,943
TV Rating: 0.20 (38,690 viewers)
Show Rating:

Phil Hickerson d Bobby Fulton
Ricky Gibson d Ken Wayne

Lance Russell and Dave Brown Run Down Card For Today’s show
“Hello again everybody. Lance Russell here with Dave Brown right along ringside with another exciting day of championship wrestling.” “I tell you, Lance, we certainly do have an exciting day. We have the last 2 quarterfinal matches in our Television Title tournament. The Fabulous One, Jackie Fargo is here today, and he’s in a very sour mood.” “Yes, Dave, we’ll be showing some of the video of his NWA World Heavyweight match that will explain just why he’s rightfully in that mood. The NEW tag team champions will be here. And Jerry Jarrett has a BIG announcement for the King. Stay tuned for all that more, right after this.”

Ricky Morton d Barry Horowitz

An exciting squash match between two athletic youngsters. Lance & Dave hype up the Fargo video and interview.

Highlight Video of the NWA World Heavyweight Match; Jackie Fargo brings out brother Don. Says if The Valiants want a war, well, they’ve got one, pally! Valiants come out to argue & brawl ensues.

“Jackie, I know you’re upset, but let’s show the fans at home the video of your match against Harley Race last Monday night.” The end of the match is shown as there are a few near falls between both men. Race ducks causing Fargo to hit referee Jerry Calhoun. Out from the crowd comes Johnny Valiant who nails Fargo with brass knuckles causing the loss. “I’d asked my long-time partner to be there as I went for the top title in the world one last time. After what you did, pally, I asked him to team with me for one last run as The Fabulous Fargos. The best tag team in the world.” “And I said YES!!! You want to attack him and steal the World title from his grasp? You’re going to pay!”

Jimmy and Johnny Valiant come out. “You’re the greatest tag team of all time? Oh, buddy, we sold out everywhere we went in the 1970s when you were already washed up. If you want a fight, we’ll give you a fight. Then, the two of you can go off to the retirement home and wheel around the nursing home because you won’t be walking out of the arena after we’re done with you.” And they jump the Fargos, but they’re ready for it. Both sides are giving it as good as they get as Lance is pleading for them to save it for tomorrow night. “We’ll get this all sorted out and be right back.”

TV Title Tournament 3rd Quarterfinal
Koko Ware d Troy Graham

Honestly, this match disappointed a lot. Troy toyed with Koko most of the match not taking him seriously. When Koko got fed up with it, he put on some electric moves leading Troy to start trying to cheat. Koko ducked a loaded punch and nailed a quick roll-up to advance to the Semi-Finals tomorrow night!

The Gibsons Celebrate Tag Title Win; The Bicentennial Kings Jump Them Challenge Them Tomorrow Night

Lance steps around the desk, “Now, it is time to introduce you to the NEW Southern Tag Team Champions, The Gibson Brothers!” All the girls in the crowd go wild. Robert and Ricky Gibson come out. “Thank you, Lance and all these fans. Winning these titles is sweet, but doing it with my brother makes it even sweeter.” “Yes it is Robert, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’re going to be fighting champions because we know there aren’t any teams here that can compete with us.”
Out come Condrey and Hickerson, the Bicentennial Kings, as they jump the Gibsons. They try to fight back, but they’re giving up a lot of size. Tojo grabs the mic from Lance “You fighting champions? You face us tomorrow night. Lose titles to the Kings. Silly little kids.”

Ken Lucas d Buddy Wayne

This wasn’t a squash, but it certainly was a showcase match for Lucas. Lance and Dave highlight his part in the war between Lawler and Jarrett which is coming up next!

Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett Argue about NWA World Title shot; Jarrett challenges Lawler to tag match with Hart as his partner with the winner getting the title shot in 8 days. Introduces Dundee as his partner.

“Okay, Jerry Jarrett. You asked for this time and for Lawler and Hart to come out here. What’s going on?” “Well Lance, my phone has been ringing off the hook all week because these two won’t leave me alone. Lawler deserves a World title shot. Why are you screwing Lawler out of the title shot? I’m not screwing anyone out of anything. I make the matches based on who should be on the card. You don’t have the Southern Heavyweight Title. Your manager works really hard at helping Jimmy Valiant get a shot at that title, but not you, Lawler.”
Lawler is laughing at him. “Jimmy and I know what you’re trying to do, and we wouldn’t need to be calling you if you’d just talk to us. You’ve decided to hate me. You’re doing everything you can to keep me off the top of the card. You say you want what’s best for business. Well, the King is best for business. You know it. These idiot fans out here know it. Even banana nose (Lance) here knows it.”
“How about you prove you’re the best? I’ve got a match contract right here. A tag match between you and Jimmy Hart and myself and Bill Dundee. The man who gets the pinfall victory faces Harley Race two Monday’s from now at the Mid-South Coliseum.” “You and that vanilla midget against me? I’ll take both of you out easily.” “Maybe your manager wants that shot or gives it to Jimmy Valiant,” Jarrett smirks and walks off leaving Lawler glaring at a protesting Hart who swears he’d never do any such thing.

TV Title Tournament 4th Quarterfinal
Bill Ash d Jack Armstrong

Two newcomers to the territory put on a pretty decent match. Ash outwrestled the bigger, stronger Armstrong impressing both Lance and Dave. The semis are set now with Eaton vs Sonny King and Koko vs Ash. Both matches are set for tomorrow night.

The Valiants and Jimmy Hart Rant About The Fabulous Fargos

The Valiants and Hart stop by to pester Lance and Dave before their main event match. “Oh, Daddy. The Boogie Woogie man himself is going to be the Southern Heavyweight Champion after Monday night. You, two old geezers, can’t hang with the two of us. I mean look at us. You two look like you belong in the crowd with the rest of these hicks. We’re the finest in the world straight from New York City.” “You’re right Jimmy. We’ll leave the two of you just healthy enough to make it to Monday night so your loser brother can watch you be stretchered out never to be seen again.” Hart just cackles in the background.

The Valiants d Curt Henning & Joey Rossi w/Jackie Fargo on commentary

This wasn’t the main event I wanted it to be. Johnny Valiant has evidently been skipping cardio as he was gassed at the end of the 16-minute match mod error as he has 29 stamina; fixed going forward. Curt looked good in his debut in CWA which is all that truly mattered. Well, that and Fargo got a couple of zings in on commentary.

House Shows

Monday Nights in Memphis--79/B
Harley Race comes out and insults Memphis and having to come here and wrestle an old fossil like Jackie Fargo. Fargo argues with him.
Ricky Morton & Terry Taylor d The Nightmares
Jimmy Hart Introduces His New Signings--The Blonde Bombers!
The Blonde Bombers d Jack Armstrong & Joey Rossi
Jerry Jarrett threatens the entire First Family with suspensions if any of them interfere in the NWA World Title Match
Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant d Bobby Fulton & Tuffy Taylor
Dutch Mantell & Bill Dundee d Gary Royal & Barry Horowitz
Robert Gibson Introduces His Brother Ricky; Rip Into The Assassins
The Gibson Brothers d The Assassins to win the CWA Southern Tag Team Titles
Harley Race d Jackie Fargo to retain the NWA World Title via interference from Johnny Valiant
Don Fargo joins Jackie and Jimmy joins Johnny Valiant for an epic post-match brawl

Tuesday Nights in Louisville, KY--72/B-
Jimmy Hart is joined by The Valiant Brothers as they celebrate out-smarting Jarrett and keeping the World title off of Jackie Fargo
The Valiants d Bobby Fulton & Tuffy Taylor
The Fargos & Bill Dundee declare they're gunning for The First Family no matter how many members they get!
Don Fargo & Bill Dundee d Buddy Wayne & Eddie Sullivan
Bobby Eaton & Koko Ware d Gary Royal & Barry Horowitz
Jimmy Hart hypes the main event CWA Southern Heavyweight Title match between Paul Ellering & Jackie Fargo
Assassin #1 d Scott McGhee
The Gibsons celebrate their tag title wins say they're putting them on the line against anyone in the back!
The Gibsons d Sonny King & Steve Regal via DQ as Assassins attack to retain the CWA Southern Tag Team Titles
Epic Brawl between The Gibsons and The Assassins
Jackie Fargo d Paul Ellering via DQ from both Valiants to retain the CWA Southern Heavyweight Title
Don Fargo & Bill Dundee save Jackie Fargo from The Valiants & Lawler
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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

Thursday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 6,000 (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 4.12 (784,020 viewers)
Show Rating: 74

Baron Von Raschke vs. Brian Adias
In an extremely short match, Baron Von Raschke defeated Brian Adias in 4:46 by submission with a Brain Claw.

Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling vs. The Thunderfoots
In a decent match, Weaver & Mr. Wrestling defeated The Thunderfoots in 7:59 when Johnny Weaver defeated Thunderfoot II by submission with a Weaver Lock.


Jim Brunzell vs. "Crazy" David Patterson
In a decent match, Jim Brunzell defeated "Crazy" David Patterson in 8:36 by pinfall with a Dropkick.

Ric Flair had an interview hyping his upcoming singles match with Jimmy Snuka.

Steamboat & Youngblood vs. The Mulkey Brothers
In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, Steamboat & Youngblood defeated The Mulkey Brothers in 7:08 when Ricky Steamboat defeated Bill Mulkey by pinfall with a Flying Karate Chop.

Ric Flair vs. Dynamite Kid
In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Ric Flair defeated Dynamite Kid in 13:26 by pinfall with an Inside Cradle.

Ric Flair is celebrating his victory in the ring. Jimmy Snuka runs in and attacks, beating Flair down into the mat.

World Wide Wrestling

Thursday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 6,000 (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 0.12 (23,630 viewers)
Show Rating: 61

Ray Stevens vs. Johnny Fields
In an extremely short match, Ray Stevens defeated Johnny Fields in 4:05 by pinfall with a Bombs Away.

Ray Stevens piledrives Johnny Fields on the floor.

Gary Hart is upset none of his men are in the Battle Royal.

A video plays hyping Ric Flair vs. Jimmy Snuka.

The Brisco Brothers vs. The Mulkey Brothers
In a good match, The Brisco Brothers defeated The Mulkey Brothers in 7:16 when Jack Brisco defeated Bill Mulkey by pinfall.

***NWA World Television Championship***

15-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royale
In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Eddie Gilbert won a battle royal in 22:10. The other members of the 'final four' were Dynamite Kid, Abe Jacobs and El Texano, with Dynamite Kid being the final elimination. El Texano got the most eliminations over the course of the match. Eddie Gilbert wins the NWA Television title.

The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart attack Gilbert after the Battle Royal.
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Championship Wrestling from Florida

Sundayday Week 2 January 1980
Attendance: 6,243
TV Rating: 8.41 (1,599,790 viewers)
Show Rating: 64

Gordon Solie opens the show and tells the fans that wrestling royalty is in the studio today, because National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion will be in the first match.

***NWA World Heavyweight Championship***

NWA World’s Champion Harley Race vs “Golden Boy” Chic Donovan
Donovan is certainly no slouch in the ring but he is not match for the brawn and experience of Harley Race. Race puts Donovan away after a suplex, knee drop, then top rope head butt.
Winner: Harley Race

Solie: Well there he is the double tough Harley Race picking up another victory.
Race: Mr. Solie you know when the NWA Office told me I was coming to Florida for the week I got a little nervous. Ernie Ladd is here, former champ Jack Brisco is here, Manny Fernandez is here, Eddie Graham, the list goes on and on. Then this morning I’m at my motel and a fan comes up to me and says “Good luck facing the dream on Tuesday”. One year ago! Dusty Rhodes made the biggest mistake of his life, he beat me in Tampa Florida for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. I ended up beating Rhodes 5 days later and regaining what is rightfully mine, but I never forgot the fact that he beat me in Tampa. Tuesday night I face Dusty Rhodes in Tampa for the first time since that dreary night in 1979…. If you are watching this right now I want you to read my lips…. I will embarrass Dusty Rhodes Tuesday night in Tampa. I will come more mentally and physically prepared than I have ever in my career. So Dusty, if you’re listening, you better have your boots laced up real tight, because I have something you want from me, and I have something I want to prove to you.”

Manny Fernandez vs Bryan St. John
Both of these men have great mat skills but it’s the brawling of the raging bull that end up giving him the duke. He puts St. John away with the flying burrito.
Winner: Manny Fernandez

Manny Fernandez walks over to Gordon Solie and gives a promo on having to beat good wrestlers to get a shot when the NWA World title comes into town, and Kox better quit getting in his business because he needed that win. Tells Kox to keep his eyes peeled.

Big Cat Ernie Ladd comes out and starts complaining to Gordon Solie again that a battle royal is pot luck and doesn't show true talent. Eddie Graham is walking out for his scheduled interview but Ladd won't quit complaining. Graham interrupts him, starts argument as we’re going to a commercial break.

Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Magic Dragon & Bugsy McGraw
The unusual pairing of the Magic Dragon with Bugsy McGraw causes a lot of mistakes between the two partners with Hiro Matsuda and Oliver Humperdink even arguing at ringside because of it. The Briscos are a well oiled machine and make no mistakes. Jack Brisco picks up the duke with a sunset flip over Magic Dragon.
Winners: Brisco Brothers

The Brisco Brothers give an interview talking about Hiro Matsuda’s real men and that being the reason they probably faced Magic Dragon today, they will soon have to face a new team in wrestling, the debuting Haku and a former Florida wrestler in Don Muraco for the vacant NWA United States Tag Team Titles.

Stan Lane vs Jimmy Garvin
In a match between two evenly matched opponents it seems neither man can keep control for long before one has a counter and takes over. These men have been wrestling each other all over and know each other well. It ends up being a 10 minute draw. Garvin goes to shake Lanes hand but he walks away angry.

Gordon Solie: “Ladies and gentlemen let us know go and look at the highlights between Dusty Rhodes and Leroy Brown for the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match.” Leroy Brown has had Dusty beaten down for the last several minutes and seems to really be on top of his game. Brown shoots Rhodes off of the ropes and goes for a back elbow but Rhodes ducks, Rhodes comes back off of the ropes and gets leveled with a clothesline by Brown! Brown picks up Rhodes and tosses him to the outside on the floor. Rhodes is down on the concrete floor covered in popcorn and spilled coke. Brown gets down onto the floor and picks up Rhodes and then drives him skull first into the ring post!! Rhodes goes down hard! The count is climbing past 5 and the champion gets back into the ring. Brown starts taunting the crowd with his back turned to Rhodes. Brown starts counting with the ref still with his back turned. Rhodes starts climbing back up the apron but keeps climbing up to the top rope!!! Brown is still taunting the crowd but when the ref’s count stops he turns around and is met by a flying crossbody!!

*Pin Fall*




Solie: And that’s how it went down in Tampa, now coming out, the new champion, DustyRhodes!

Dusty Rhodes gives a promo as new champ, he’s talking about how he could not have done it without his fans.

Harley Race comes out and throws water in rhodes face and slaps him!!!
Rhodes goes after Race but gets held back!! Race says Rhodes beat him last year for the title and it was a fluke, it's not happening again.

***NWA Brass Knuckles Title Match***

Killer Karl Kox (champion) vs Barry Windham
Kox is beating on Whindamn and using his rule breaking tactics and experience to man handle the young rookie. Kox has Windham in a chinlock when Manny Fernandez comes out and distracts him! Windham goes for a reverse takedown cradle but he only gets a two count. Solie makes the remark that Manny was trying to give Kox a taste of his own medicine. Kox goes after Fernandez and chases him around the ring!!! Manny crawls into the ring and starts running to the other side. Fernandez ducks and here comes Windham flying at Kox!! He caught him flesh with a crossbody!!

*Pin Fall*




The ref is yelling at Fernandez ejecting him from ringside while Kox is pulling a foreign object out of his trunks!! Windham goes to pick up Kox but gets nailed by a stiff right hand from Kox!!!

*Pin Fall*




Winner: Killer Karl Kox

Past weeks House Show Results
Week 2 House Show
***NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship***
Dusty Rhodes vs Leroy Brown - top rope crossbody
post match brawl
Eddie Graham vs Ernie Ladd - double dq
Manny F, Briscos def. KKK St. John & Magic Dragon
Bugsy McGraw def Skip Young
Magic Dragon w Hiro Matsuda def Dory Dixon
Bryan St. John def. by Barry Windham

This Week's upcoming Tuesday Night House Show
***NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match***
Harley Race (Champion) vs "American Dream” Dusty Rhodes (Challenger)
***NWA United States Tag Team Title Match***
Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Haku & Don Muraco with Hiro Matsuda
Ernie Ladd vs Eddie Graham
***NWA Brass Knuckles Match***
Manny Fernandez vs Killer Karl Kox
Leroy Brown vs Barry Windham
Stane Lane vs Jimmy Garvin
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NWA Detroit Presents
Big Time Wrestling
Jan 10, 1980
Tri-City Trade Center in Detroit, MI
Attendance: 300 SELL OUT
TV Rating: 0.01 2,360 viewers

In a good match, Fred Curry and Jerry Oates defeated Buzz Sawyer and Don Kent in 10:19 when Fred Curry defeated Don Kent by pinfall with a Dropkick.

Terry Sullivan Interviews Dory Funk, Jr.
Dory Funk Jr. says that he’s going to go through anyone in Detroit and the world to get his hands on the NWA World Heavyweight Title one more time. The behemoth Jos Leduc will be the first to go.

In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Dory Funk Jr. defeated Jos Leduc in 8:12 when Jos Leduc intentionally got disqualified after hitting Funk with the ring bell.

In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Bobo Brazil defeated The Wolfman in 8:29 by pinfall with a Coco Butt.

US Title - In an exceptional match, Dick Murdoch drew with The Sheik when the time limit expired at 15:00.

Murdoch and Sheik Brawl
The Sheik doesn’t recognize the meaning of bells, just that Murdock is still standing. So, the fight continues on, blood gets spilled, and Murdoch gives as good as he gets as the Texan fears no man. Terry Sullivan signs off the show hoping the fighting ends before next week.

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CWA January Supercard
Sunday Week 2 Jan. 1980
Attendance: 4,962
TV Rating: 0.11
Show Rating:
The promos are taped. They’re played over the sound system but with video for everyone at home. No jumbotron in 1980, obviously.

The Fabulous Fargos Taunt The Valiants

“You two claim to be the tag team of the 70s. Big shots from New York City. Pally, you’re here in Tennessee. We’re real men down here. We don’t bleach our hair. We don’t hang around with celebrities or cut rock albums. Men in TN drink beer, listen to country music, and we fight! Pally, we’re not having a wrestling match tonight. We’re going to fight, and we’re going to beat you back into the ’70s.” “And you’ll see plenty of stars. They’ll be dancing around your head.”

TV Title Tournament 1st Semi-Final
Bobby Eaton d. Sonny King

We opened with this as the first match of the night to kick the show off right, and these two did that quite well. An even match that went back-and-forth most of the 12 minutes. Eaton managed to hit his finisher to pick up the hard-fought win and advance to the Finals on Saturday.

Bill Dundee & Jerry Jarrett Hype The Main Event Tag Team Match

“Lawler, you can call me all the names you want, but I’ve been the Superstar everywhere I’ve been because I’m a hell of a wrestler. And I’m not a mathematician, but I count two wrestlers here against you and a loud-mouthed schnook so advantage us. One last thing to remember Lawler, we’re on the same page on who is getting the pin. I wouldn’t put it past Hart to steal it.” “Hart, you’ve been a cancer here in Memphis since Lawler plucked you from obscurity, and I’ll make sure that’s where you return soon.”

Ken Lucas & Curt Hennig d. Eddie Sullivan & Mike Davis
This is the definition of a filler match. Ken was going to be involved later on, and Curt is getting pushed. It was a pretty open match, but once the faces isolated the smaller Davis, it was pretty academic from there. Curt Hennig pinned Davis

The Valiants Taunt The Fabulous Fargos

“You two old fossils wanna fight? The two of us have been fighting since we were kids, daddy, and the two of you were washed up then. You smug southerners think you’re tough. Well, you have to be really tough to make it in New York City, and we ruled it! So, keep thinking you’re tough and we’re not. It’ll make the beating we’re going to put on you and that title I’m taking from you tomorrow night all that sweeter.”

TV Title Tournament 2nd Semi-Final
Bill Ash d. Koko Ware

Koko was clearly the fan favorite, and he rode the cheers to a strong start. This prompted Ash to break out every dirty trick in the book, and he has a lot of them. Koko tried to regain the momentum towards the end, but a single punch sent him to la la land as Lance & Dave speculated he may have used something. Ash uses a chain to get the victory, knocking Ware out cold. The Finals are set, Bobby Eaton vs Bill Ash

The Gibson Brothers Hype Themselves; Eaton declares he’ll watch their backs

“Just when you get done with two fat dudes to get these titles. We now have to fight 3 guys. But it doesn’t matter because we’re brothers, the tag team of the 1980s, and we have friends who’ll watch our backs.” Eaton walks into the camera shot. “I’ll keep an eye out for anyone trying to cheat you guys. You’ve got titles, and I’m going to have one too, very soon. Ladies will be lining up for miles.” “There seem to be Kings running around Memphis. Well, we’re the Gibsons, and we’re done with royalty. These titles are ours and will be for a very long time.” (Need to get them a manager soon)

CWA Southern Tag Team Title Match

The Gibson Brothers (c) d. The Bicentennial Kings w/Tojo via DQ from Assassins
& w/
This is what happens when you have two teams that are exceptional tag teams. We had a 12-minute tag team clinic with the smaller Gibsons fighting underneath the bigger Condrey and the really big Hickerson. Robert got the hot tag (it’s written in tag team law that Robert gets the hot tag even in 1980) and looks to be nearing the victory when The Assassins come charging out of the back and start beating down the Gibsons causing the DQ.

Bobby Eaton Runs Down With Chairs To Save The Gibsons from 5-on-2 attack

Bobby Eaton is not far behind with chairs in hand. Tojo eats a chair shot and Condrey has one nearly take his nose off as he dives out of the way. Phil gathers his two guys and heads for the back leaving a 3-on-2 situation. Unfortunately for Bobby, the Assassins had beaten down the Gibsons and were waiting for him. He slid both chairs between their legs and argued with them challenging them to come get them. Obviously, to everyone but those 2, he was buying Ricky and Robert time to recover. The crowd roar causes them to turn around and eat tandem chair shots. A couple of quick misses and the heels decide that’s enough and head to the back.

The Fabulous Fargos Drew The Valiants via Double DQ

Clearly, this was going to be nothing but a great Southern-Style Wild Brawl. Poor referee Jerry Calhoun had to struggle to keep it to just 2 men in the ring at a time, not to mention all the times the other 2 men were outside brawling. He finally gave up and just let them go at it, which the crowd wholeheartedly agreed with. We kept Jackie and Jimmy apart for as much of the in-ring action as we could since they were going at it again the next night. The end came when it was clear that neither Fargo was as washed-up as The Valiants claimed. So, they started looking for weapons, and we still had that pile of chairs from the tag title angle. The ref had to ring the bell as both teams started using chairs.

Jerry Lawler Cuts a Promo With Jimmy Hart and leaves. Hart Turns to The Blonde Bombers About a Plan

Jerry does most the of talking as he’s fired up. “Jarrett! You voluntarily agreed to let me get my hands around your neck, and it is going to feel so good to beat you to a pulp. If you’re banking on that vanilla midget, Dundee, to save you, I’ve got news for you. I carried that pipsqueak to the top of the mountain, and I had to do 99.9% of the work. The man is a terrible wrestler, but he’s better than you. So, Jimmy, you’re going to just stand there and marvel at how great a wrestler I am while I beat the hell out of both of them. Got it?” “You bet King! You’re going to get that NWA World Title shot Jarrett has been screwing you out of for months now.” Lawler walks off, and Hart turns off-screen “You guys know the plan. When I signal, you two come out and wipe those two out so Lawler gets the win.” You see just a little bit of blonde hair on the screen before the camera fades to black.

Winner Gets NWA World Title Shot Week 4 Monday
Bill Dundee & Jerry Jarrett d. Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Hart via botched interference

Most of this match was Lawler vs Dundee with the story being that since these two had tagged for the first half of 1979, they knew each other’s moves. When Jarrett entered and could sort of hold his own with Lawler, the match kind of turned as realization started to dawn on the King’s face that he was in a 2-on-1 handicap match. He finally started doing the typical manager spots where Hart would get tagged in to beat down on the downed face then run out when said face got back up ready to clock him.

It was the time when he didn’t quite get away that led to the end of the match. Dundee nailed him square in the jaw sending Hart flying out of the ring. Lawler ran into the ring and started brawling with Bill. Once Hart recovered a little bit, he started waving to the back as both Lance and Dave wondered what he was doing. Out from the back came Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham, The Blonde Bombers. Hart is distracting the ref as he’s still not in the ring and gets in at the count of 8. Ferris has nailed Jarrett making it a 3-on-1 on Dundee. Well, except Lawler has no idea why they’re there. They point to Hart, and Lawler gets beet red.
Dundee decides to be pro-active and whips Lawler right into the 2 of them causes him to bounce off and clip Calhoun. Hart is yelling at them to attack Bill, but Dundee ducks the double-clothesline. Hart didn’t duck it and goes down like a ton of bricks. Bill hits the stunned Bombers with a dropkick that sends them out of the ring. He takes a second to toss Lawler out too. The crowd counts 1...2...3. Bill Dundee pinned Jimmy Hart after the Blonde Bombers accidentally wipe out both Lawler & Hart while trying to hit Dundee.

Post-Show: Ken Lucas Rescues Bill Dundee from The Blonde Bombers; Lawler Just Walks Away

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The first 2 rounds will be completed in Weeks 3 & 4 of January. The quarterfinals will be completed in the weeks following that. Stay tuned to the weekly write-ups to see how the tournament proceeds.

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We decided it was time to post our rosters and select Creative Meeting info. That'll be coming one per day. As a note, any On Loan workers were removed so that info would be more reflective of their roster. So, when you see Andre on this roster, that's why he's not on the Franchise Players list.

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Just a personal aside, please look at my roster. Then, look at my NBT and Hot List. Insert the Snoopy crying comic strip. Also, Jackie Fargo is in Time Decline, the 3-4 year version.

Oops, left Graham as a personality. he's in for the Jr. Heavy Tournament only.
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One of us can keep to having tiny rosters.

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We're taking the Detroit rosters down. Levinux has decided to switch to WWF because Detroit is just too goofy to run, especially for someone who wasn't alive when it died due to The Sheik running it like a New Jack-level crazy fed. Once he gets his roster all shaken out, we'll get that roster and stuff out to you.

We also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the Diary of the Month nomination and all your votes. The others in the RW diaries are all very good.

Real-life has been hitting this diary hard, so we appreciate all of you who are sticking with us. Given that, some of the pictures are gone. Most are coming back, slowly. Hopefully, the shows will be coming out much more frequently now that the 4th has come and gone.

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World Class Championship Wrestling

Tuesday, Week 3, January 1980, at the Dallas Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas
4,500 fans in attendance (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 4.94 (938,990 viewers)
Show Rating: Too many matches & Too Few Angles

The Show begins with Bill Mercer and Cowboy Bob Ellis in the studio welcoming us to the show, and announce that "tonight we have the first 2 qualifiers in the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament, later tonight the second qualifying match will be Gino Hernandez facing up against Les Thorton, but before we can see that match, we will have our opener of the evening in the first qualifying match "Gentleman" Chris Adams facing up against Villano III, so let's stop wasting time and go directly to the ring".


"Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Villano III

In a pretty even match, "Gentleman" Chris Adams defeated Villano III by pinfall in 8 minutes, after Chris Adams hits a Superkick on Villano III.

NWA Big Time Television Championship Match

w/ VS

Killer Tim Brooks (c) w/Gary Hart vs. Hector Guerrero

In total domination, Killer Tim Brooks defeated Hector Guerrero in 6 Minutes by Pinfall after Killer Tim Brooks hits an Elbow Smash on Hector Guerrero, to retain the NWA Big Time Television Championship.

After the Match when Guerrero is lying on the ring Hart commands Brooks and Brody to attack him punishing Guerrero even more, and after a few minutes of toying with him Brooks throws him over the top rope before looking at the hard cam and screaming clearly who is next, while holding the Television Title close to his face.

After the beatdown, Brody goes out of the ring and steals the microphone from the ring announcer and gives it to Gary Hart, who seems more angry than usual, he begins introducing himself as usual before going on a rant that he should have seen this coming, the Fritz Von Erich is so blind as commisioner that he would go against the wishes of his son of facing Bruiser Brody, even when Brody is ready to put his American Title on the line, but Fritz Von Erich, doesn’t want to see his Yellow Rose mauled into dust by Brody, so instead of giving the fans the match that they deserve in the Main Event, David Von Erich vs Bruiser Brody for the NWA American Heavyweight Chmapionship, in the funeral the Brody would force David to live, he has underwater changed the main event of the New Year’s Star Wars into a 6 man tag team match, hoping no one was going to notice until the day of the show, exploiting the confidence of the fans with the Card is subject to change in the posters, but he didn’t take into account, Mr Gary Hart, so the Main Event is a sea of Nepotism, because he has changed the match to Kerry, Kevin and David, The Von Erichs vs NWA American Heavyweight Champion Bruiser Brody, NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion Mark Lewin, and a partner of Gary Hart and J.J Dillon choosing, Hart says he is sure Fritz has done this to put 2 other opponents so that David may win without having to pin or submit Brody, or maybe he hoped he and Dillon wouldn’t be able to agree on a third Tag Partner and his sons would have a handicap match in their favor, "but things aren’t going to be so easy Fritz, you forget that Dillon and I share a common goal, to destroy you and your offspring, that’s why, admittedly after a little bribe, Dillon agreed that I should choose the 3rd man in our squad, so I’m not giving you any advantage, I’m not going to reveal the 3rd man until that night. Now, who has the advantage, Fritz, I will give you a hint, Me, its always Me!" as he ends he begins to laugh in an evil way, after the promo Killer Tim Brooks goes to the back, and Dillon comes out with Lewin and The Spoiler for the next match.

w/ & VS

Bruiser Brody, Mark Lewin and The Spoiler vs. Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico and El Halcon

In a one-sided beat down Bruiser Brody, Mark Lewin and The Spoiler defeated Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico, and El Halcon by submission in 10 minutes, after El Sicodelico tapped out from a Bear Hug.


Gino Hernandez vs. Les Thorton

In a pretty even match Gino Hernandez defeated Les Thorton by pinfall in 12 minutes after Gino Hernandez hit a Suplex followed up by a Diving Back Elbow Drop.


David and Kerry Von Erich vs. The Midnight Express (Randy Rose and Norvell Austin)

In a pretty even match, David and Kerry Von Erich defeated The Midnight Express by submission in 14 minutes, after David Von Erich locked in the Iron Claw on Randy Rose.

After the match, the camera sends us to backstage to the interview set, where J.J. Dillon is standing being flanked by Texas Heavyweight Champion Mark Lewin and The Spoiler, he begins talking about how good his clients are in the ring and they have shown it in tag and singles matches, stating that Mark Lewin is a fighting Champion and that the only reason they have seen defeat is the fault of those dirty Von Erichs, and their nepotist ways, that have cost his clients their rightful wins. So if Fritz Von Erich is still going to screw the whole roster in favor of his sons, J.J. Dillon will have to take matters into his own hands, as he has done, because he has brought a third client into his Dream Team, one of the biggest wrestling stars in the Carolinas makes his way to Texas to help him keep the Von Erichs at bay and dominate all divisions in WCCW, and his name is Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Valentine appears and says he will show Kevin Von Erich why they call him the hammer in tonight’s main event and will make him not want to mess with the Texas Championship. The segment ends as Valentine makes his way to the ring along with J.J Dillon, and Lewin and The Spoiler stay back as Lewin protects his title.

VS w/

Kevin Von Erich vs. Greg Valentine w/JJ Dillon

In a pretty even match, Kevin Von Erich defeated Greg Valentine by Disqualification by Manager Interference in 18 minutes, after J.J Dillon hit Kevin Von Erich with a steel chair in plain sight of referee David Manning.
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