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Unread 07-30-2018, 05:30 PM
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Default AI control for player in main game

The actual meat of the game, Rookie to Legend and the various other options. You have to play every single match. They take maybe...20 minutes? An hour? Longer, even? Depending on the player's stats and the opponent. Which...if you're doing Rookie to Legend, means that it is going to take a small eternity to get out of the independent scene (let along into a major company), especially if you're one of the weaker choices like Spot Monkey or Entertainer.

My suggestion is to allow the player in the main game to switch to AI control and let the AI wrestle the match. Default is player controlled, of course. This way, it won't take weeks of dedicated playing just to get your rookie a job, and those of us with severe alt-itis (or just a lack of free time) can get somewhere faster. I've had this game for years now, and I know I'd have several retired PCs (legend or not? who knows?) by now with this one feature. I don't know if it's possible to do so or not, or if this has been suggested already. I looked, but didn't see it. It seems possible, based on how every other wrestler (in tag matches or simply exhibition mode) can be switched back and forth. But if it isn't, it isn't. Maybe in WreSpi4?
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